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Blogging to Fame Updates- Detailed Selection Criteria and Widgets

Friday, May 18, 2007

We have already provided a brief description of the Selection Criteria for blogs and bloggers on the site, here is a transparent process with detailed schedule of the selection procedure.

Following are the steps for selection of the Super and Famed blogs:

1. The selection process starts from 11th June 2007, where 50 blogs are going to be selected on the basis of overall votes obtained by them, every week.

2. The aforementioned process will continue for 10 weeks(i.e. up to 20th August 2007), resulting into top 500 blogs.

3. Now these 500 Blogs, will be distributed among the 5 Jury members(100 blogs per jury member), who will further pick 5 blogs per week each from their assigned blogs.

4. These Hot Picks (jury selected blogs) will appear in the individual Jury’s Hot pick pages. These Hot picks will help the selected blogs to get more fames for themselves.

5. The process will go on for next 5 weeks and will end on 30th Sep, 2007.

6. On 15th Oct,2007, out of the top 20 most famed blogs selected on the basis of overall votes, 4 blogs entitled for the awards will be announced on the site.

7. The winners will be send tickets to Chicago and reservations for the hotel would be made.

8. The Super Blogger would be announced of the above selected 4 at the venue. Surprise, Surprise.

Following are the steps for selection of Famed bloggers:

1. The selection process will start as soon as you nominate a blog, and will continue till 15th October, 2007. Blog nomination is mandatory to be a part of this section of contest as only this defines you to be a blogger.

2. The selection would be 60% based on the no. of fames collected by you, and 40% on the Jury decision, which will be on the quality of blogs you maintain, your style of writing and how sociable you are.

3. Results would be announced on 15th October, 2007 as mentioned above, and your tickets would be sent to you with reservations made.

New widgets for more fame-

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the bugs, and non working widgets, we have got the problem solved and are providing you with some fresh ones. Use these widgets to send your visitor to your profile and your blog profile to fame you. You can visit your profile page and opt for Fame tools. Select the widget you want, generate code and copy and paste it onto your blog's code wherever you want it to appear.

For any further queries contact us.

Best of Luck,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:05 PM


Thanks for your service.I'm your reader,I always concerned about your content.I have a question about Blogging to Fame.How to deal with those who use other languages to write the blog?Because I am Chinese,I use to write Chinese blog.

commented by Blogger 禾草唐楷, 11:14 PM  

Nice article!!!

These tips would surely help in getting fame :)


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:16 PM  

Hello, Thanks for your support and involvement.

Dugangs, It would be helpful if you can re-frame the question. What do you mean by dealing with those who use other languages? Kindly do the needful so that I can answer your query.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 12:11 AM  

@ Dugangs - You could install a translating widget so people can translate it in their languages to read your content! I installed one a few days ago - of course you would have to head over to my blog ;) to see it..

commented by Blogger wj, 10:13 AM  

Hello Harleyblues
here I finally "GOT IT" how to implement the wiget,.

all the best Harleyblues

commented by Blogger Unknown, 1:25 PM  

Hmmm...I just registered but can't figure out how to get to my profile page to download the widgets.

commented by Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh, 12:25 AM  

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