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What makes a blog great?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

And how you can have one of them.

The author who benefits you most is the one who tells you something you did not know before, but the one who gives expression to the truth that has been dumbly struggling in you for utterance. - Oswald Chambers.

We bloggers are so much addicted to our blogs, our community, and try to give our best to Internet. We are the source of great user developed content on Internet that has helped many people. Before us Internet was such a dull place.

I tried to write this post with some serious matters like Link Building, Link Bating, Web2.o and a few case studies on how great blogs are made in short time. But I scrapped the paper and threw it into the bin. Because optimization doesn’t make a blog GREAT. It’s that SIMPLE. So stop wasting your precious time and working too hard on optimization( a little is useful, a lot is a waste).

Blogging is meant to be interactive and thought provoking. It’s time we need to grow from bloggers, to great influencers for people coming to Internet, looking for direction.
I recently did a post on why you now need to be different otherwise you can’t be anywhere in the picture. Check out the post here.

You might be happy with your links, and might have a good Technorati ranking, but did you check your traffic statistics? HOW MANY VISITORS does each link send you daily? Most of them send you spiders. I still wonder how much juice that spider gets me from that link. I suggest you that you can still work less and get links, which actually send you visitors. REAL people.

Great blogs definitely influence our lives online and offline, and we unknowingly create paths to send them our readers, through links and forum discussions. That’s the way it is meant to be.

Go to these blogs, by their outstanding authors and you would feel the difference .

1.Life in the Fast Lane- Deborah discusses art, news and business, but she has been good enough to work for a cause. Check out the post about Kids with Cancer society.

2. Upper Fort Stewart- A blog about books, bookish things and Libraries and yet Stewart’s style of writing keeps it lively and fun to go through. Note that he does not sell you any Amazon books, though might refer them.

3. Cre8buzz- Take some seduction from ant man. A Great blog. From personal experience, I don’t care how many people link here. Neither I bother about page rank of this blog. But I always go and read it. And the obvious reason is it’s sheer quality.

Normally bloggers forget that blog is a best platform to influence people by their thoughts, experience, or in their way of thinking. There is a big mistake by throwing ads on their visitors. How can you let a visitor get out of your influential circle for few cents?

Everybody is predicting, a soon to be coming REVOLUTION in blogging. As the long tail of bloggers is getting thicker, it’s a definite place where big corporate companies will be looking for bloggers start focusing for their online presence.

Now if you seriously think blogging and a few bucks really don’t matter to you, then start challenging yourself. There is a need to grow your influential circle, and try to keep each and every visitor coming back to, giving value to your words.

Why is this important?

Not all are going to be successful. Only few best are going to be in serious business.
So it’s always better to first establish yourself as an acceptable blogger as well as your blog in the blogosphere before thinking for monetizing your blogs.

We can expect Network blogging to come up more effectively, more optimized content management solutions, with some more breakthroughs to happen in coming time.

Now its time for you to get out there and provide content worth you reader’s time. I can assure you he will keep coming back to you and bring in more of his friends, and will repay you with link love. Link exchanges and memes are out. You are going to be loved for your quality and efforts to help other with the information you provide.

Be Contagious, and make your blog addictive and be ready to get more Fame.

Register here for Blogging to Fame Contest.

Best Of Luck,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 10:46 AM


Wow, Divya, I sure appreciate the spotlight on Upper Fort Stewart and my efforts. I have to say: I'm super flattered! I've already proudly emailed your post to my wife and shown it to my pals at work.

I have a note about advertising, though. I do use the odd Amazon text link here and there. But I usually make a point of labeling it as an Amazon link. And at one time I did have a list of amazon affiliate "recommended books" in my sidebar. There again though, I had them labeled with a long, rambling disclaimer pointing out their affiliate-ness. But I'm glad someone noticed that I don't clutter up the old fort with a bunch of ads!

Thanks again!

commented by Blogger Ian, 12:11 PM  

I had to Laff at Ian's comment cuz like most Newbie Bloggers a Year ago i started out hoping to Earn a little $$$!! Whatta oncept!!

It's not an overriding factor in my Blogging efforts tho & i just enjoy gettin Fun stuff up & interesting Visual Images in Photos from Flickr*

I agree totally Divya on yer smart observations on Links + Rankings + all that Baloney!!

One thing i have to give Props to is MyBlogLog + Blog Catalog + SpicyPage!!

They have been responsible for Bringing Traffic + Visitors to See my Blog! Also i've been able to discover all the other Amazing Bloggers + Blogs out there!!

Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;))


commented by Blogger BillyWarhol, 10:39 AM  

Deborah has been doing very well, particularly as a new blogger. I like how she has embraced the blogosphere and opened up her blog to go well beyond general business topics.

The Article Writer

commented by Blogger Matthew C. Keegan, 2:12 PM  

This is a very informative blog and u r a nice writer and this post of urs has touched a chord within 3 months of serious blogging i have gotten into the lure of monetizing and optimization and forgetting my purpose of blogging thnx fr pointing me out in the right direction

commented by Blogger Unknown, 1:43 PM  

Really impressed by Stewart's clean blog. Divya, I don't blog. But your blog have made me so much addicted to blogs. Great post again. Just registered with Bloggingtofame to fame Stewart.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:18 PM  

Hey, Vijaya, thanks for the fame and (more importantly) the kind words. And thanks again, Divya, I really appreciate the spotlight you've put on my blog with this post. Cheers.

commented by Blogger Ian, 9:33 PM  

eek, I don't know how to optimize my blog and not so sure about how I get traffic or how readers find my blog. There must me a method to this madness! But I 100% agree with you on the ads. They look awful and adsense are particularly deadly since you don't know what will come up.

commented by Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh, 12:10 AM  

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I really like this article! I hope all suggestions I will use in my blog-creation process.
I've posted it to Writers CLub, you can go from link here:


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:44 AM  

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