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Why it is so tough to be an A-List Blogger the Google Way?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A New blogger works hard to get to the top of Google on his selected keywords which are more often than not, tough keywords to compete. Such keywords are generally dominated by the already established A list bloggers, which have a hold of Search engine Optimization, and a number of quality incoming links. Whereas Google gives importance to your blog just not by its content but by the Number of links, coming to your site, naturally, as well as the quality of those links and anchor text used for the links. It also gives importance whether the link is coming to your home page or some specific post. The visibility of your blog improves when you get inbound links to specific posts. If you start new and you read so many books on SEO, link building and everything to improve your online visibility, nothing seems to work. You always wonder why?

The reason is quite obvious. It’s the already existent blogs which keep on attracting more links, more response and eventually more web2.0 traffic. Their posts keep on getting them more comments and more viewers even if a new blogger provides much better content. So whatever you do and whatever you try, it would be very tough for a common blogger to compete with the well established blogs in terms of web Traffic, recognition, revenue generation from their blogs. All these things effect the overall quality of their blog.

Moreover most newbie bloggers try to get their links either by participating or starting kinds of Memes or links exchange through blogrolls which do not pull the quality of the blog. It neither helps them in search engine positioning and rarely get them some good traffic, just helping them to rope a bit in Technorati points. Whereas, A list bloggers get varied links, from good web2.0 sites , journals, other A List Blogs, and not just from blogrolls and memes. New bloggers need to learn how to make their graph much steeper.

Bloggers need to participate in other platforms, that can bring Fame and Traffic to their blog. One Such Platform is BLoggingtoFame.com

Do not forget to give fame to your favorite blogs and nominate your blogs here.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:56 PM


hey, thats pretty good info..
But till now i dont able to understand how it all works..
Anyways, take care..

commented by Blogger Shruti, 11:33 PM  

Can't believe you do not have any comments on this yet. I have read ti twice today.

I got here 2nd time from your message at MyBlogLog.

Good luck with your project.

commented by Blogger Unknown, 1:55 PM  

hi please help me i need to know how to stop un wanted comment

commented by Blogger Sachin Samy, 10:52 PM  

Hi Divya...just wondering if you have a backlink to this post. Don't seem to find one. Like to backlink that entry of yours to my http://ebizuniversity.blogspot.com. Your blog is good to share with my visitors.


commented by Blogger Franco Yong, 9:56 PM  

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