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First week Slections- 50 Blogs at Blogging to Fame

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A step further to Blogging to Fame…

Short listed 50 blogs for the week 17 Jun, 2007 to 23 Jun, 2007 have been announced, and they can be found at pre-selections… These blogs will be part of the 500 blogs for the final Blogging to Fame Awards Contest.

While the Jury and the team were looking into the results, the cut off was lowered down to 28. ( One blog per author is selected if more than one blog was their in the top 40 list. Other blogs may get selected in subsequent weeks.) The blogs for the first week are:-

Life in the Fast Lane
Electronic Village
Greg Lunger.com

eWritings - Online Public Relations
Interesting Observations
The Thinking Blog
Duty Of Human Being
Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon
My Article World
Escape The Room
Necessary Skills
Upper Fort Stewart
Rumble of Thoughts
Dosh Dosh
My View of "It"
Untwisted Vortex
Today is that Day
Technacular : Home for all things technical

Marina's Bloggariffic
Debo Hobo
My Marrakesh
Make Money Online with a 13-year Old
The Friday Traffic Report
Estralato - O site das estrelas
Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog
1 Million Love Messages
Made to Be Great
Big Paw Blog
The Far Corner

eJabs...for knowledge!
Mind, Body, Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts
Polliwogs Pond
Smart Indian
Conceive, Believe, Achieve
The Diet Pulpit
Computer Mobile Corner (CMC)

Congratulations to the Selected ones...

If you are not here do not worry, there are 9 more weeks to go. Collect more fame for yourself and work your blog's Quality.

The blogs which are already selected need to work harder now as the competition is going to be tougher.

Keep on Blogging to Fame,
Best of Luck,
Divya Uttam.


posted by Divya Uttam, 2:00 AM


Excited about being selected and I am looking forward to October. Thanks for setting this all up!

commented by Blogger Brad Woods, 12:41 PM  

It sure is cool to see Upper Fort Stewart in that list. Thanks Divya and Judges.

commented by Blogger Ian, 6:29 AM  

oh thank you so so much ...:) I am really excited to be included in this list ...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:47 AM  

it seems "i fame you - you fame me" policy going on there... do something what technorati did with "add to favorites"...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:24 AM  

Thanks so much for selecting my blog BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOURSELF as one of the top blogs for this first week. I'm so honored and excited.

I have only been blogging since January, and when I started I wondered if anyone would even read my blogs. So being chosen by you for this honor is a huge validation for the time and hard work I've put into my blogging.

Thank you.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:46 PM  

This is great honor to participate of the BLOGGING YOU the FAME, our platform was always the support the cultural events in the Brazil, therefore we are respected by this work.
I thank all the received votes

Paulo Araujo

commented by Blogger paulofaraujo, 5:43 AM  

A contest for blogs,this is the first I've heard about it.
But its a great idea'.

Guru says GOODBYE to the search engines

commented by Blogger Ajcurtis, 2:30 AM  

I know it's a little too late, but hmm.. DoshDosh is doing quite well.. her site is a PR6! gosh and loads of traffic..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:42 AM  

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