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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blog is short form for 'web log'. Through blogs you can reach out to millions of people with your views and ideas. Weblogs, or "blogs," as they are called, can best be defined as Web sites that are easily created and updated by those with even a minimum of technology know-how. What used to be a messy process for Internet publishing is now almost as easy as sending e-mail; no code, no file transfer, and in many cases, no hosting setup. Just login to your site from any Internet connection, enter the content in a typical Internet form, press a button, and your Weblog is updated. And it's not just text. Blogs can display pictures and video, include audio and Flash, and even store other files like PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets for linking.

Apart from creating web presence blogs can even earn you a bit of pocket money. It can also get your site registered within three days which can else be a bit tedious task. Blogs are also traffic pullers for your site, it can promote your product. I hope these reasons are enough for anybody to start blogging. Read the entire submiision for knowing hows and whats of blogging.
posted by Divya Uttam, 5:48 AM


Kodoz to reach the Blogging Fame..!!! You can do better with the template and font... this is my personal opinion...

commented by Blogger Benedict Herold, 2:47 PM  

What a wonderful template Divya Uttam!
I like it. I have also been blogging for money successfully since May last year.

commented by Blogger Rangan Badri, 8:23 PM  

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