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The Death of Search Engine Domination in Web2.0

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In the past, most webmasters and bloggers were so much concerned about what Google is thinking and for ways to manipulate it, and how to get more traffic out of it, but now, social media optimization has been a very highly talked about and discussed venue for traffic. Social media is becoming more mature and developed as well as crowded. New social media websites evolved, either with an original idea or clones of successful models. A wonderful system from where the world of socializing of Internet marketing started. We can say that these websites evolved out of the need of generating more traffic in a much effective way.

The flaws in search engine that caused the evolvement of Social Media sites:
a. Search engine results cannot be updated instantly.
b. Keywords based traffic. We needed Tags.
c. No value to user developed content. Many times search engine considered such content as duplicate content.
d. Search engine robots and their algorithms rated the content of website.
e. Search engines inability in re-using the same traffic effectively.
From a marketers or bloggers context, social media sites can be divided into two broad categories-
● Content driven, where a member is known for how many stories he is providing and how much people appreciate them. These are like Digg, Netscape etc.
● Community based where member is known for number of other members supporting his particular blog or services. Instead of stories, blogs, services and person behind them are voted. Example MyBlogLog.com or LinkedIN

People learned using these types of sites for generating traffic to their websites or blog. MySpace was no more a website for younger generation but marketers started using so effectively for getting large amount of targeted traffic. Marketers learned to create their communities with similar interest.

With the evolving media of Social Media Sites, and with so much of traffic these have, the need to have top rankings in the SERP's has decreased and the need to optimize content for sites likes Digg, MySpace, del.icio.us etc. has become a very important factor. We have learned to get traffic as well as develop content, which appeal masses.

In most cases if you live to these social media, then you are automatically optimized for search engines. So basically gone were the days of Search Engine Domination and SEO experts domination. Recently I was in one of the forums, I read a story where a discussion was going on Why SEO firms should close.

Why use upcoming Social Media Sites?

1.Increase your Audience Circle:- Increase your visibility, Accessibility and Traffic to your site. Should I speak any more? With you participating in Social Media Networking, you increase your consumer base, visible to more people with varied interests would visit your blog/site(and find their way through whatever you would have written).

2. Linkability goes roof high- You want it, I know. Everybody does. Me too. Just do not speak that you do, and do not ask for them. Though being socially active you will have lots of opportunities to ask for a link exchange, but it will be hundred times better that you don’t, because then people will link you for your quality, your words and your presentation. The marvel of this is that those would all be incoming links. You can reward your friends by linking back by writing about them or adding them to your blogroll.

3. Bookmarking becomes easy- No need to remember your favorite sites, just log in and surf from where ever, is the motto. You can give your readers the option to add you to the Technorati Favorites or on Delicious. You can also provide icons like these under each article to help your visitor easily make you available through his account.

4. Relevant tagging- Though Tagging and bookmarking go hand in hand, I took another point to describe it just to tell you how and why tagging is more important. Creating relevant tags will help search engines find you easily for the content that would have been bookmarked by your visitors, under the tags. Its obvious but worth to mention.

5. Make your content travel- When you have portable files of PDF Reports, Podcasts and Vodcasts travel very easily over the network. Its almost like providing freebies, which can act as a buzz for your fame.

6. Get targeted visitors- You will attract targeted visitors automatically, when other members will either search a tag or visit your profile or by the article you submit.

7. More Comments- More visitors, the more discussions about what you write and more comments on your story. Just keep in mind to be a part of discussion at others blogs and reply at yours.

As Internet gets mature, it gets more important to get traffic from as many places and make their content reach to the mass audience. People get choosier in selecting stories. People, who know their stuff, are smart enough to manipulate their stories, their blogs to get most from the traffic from these social media websites. They know how to put right buzz (hyper link) in their blog and cash the maximum traffic.

A Few Highly rated Social Media Sites.

1. Netscape: (Alexa ranking- 471)A system bit similar to Digg but not its clone. Better anti spam policies and profile pages are very much valued by search engines also.

2. Technorati: (Alexa ranking- 204) Most effective tagging. Helps you know who is linking to you on real time basis(most of the time) along with easily bookmarking options.

3. Digg: (Alexa ranking- 74) Its like ‘the coke’ of Internet. Original and the best. Digg provides lots of traffic and many like to link the top stories. So good source of getting too many targeted in bound links.

4. LinkedIn: (Alexa ranking- 179)Among the best place to put your resume. You can tell about yourself here, as well tell ow many people recoomandes you. It's Who know who feature is really cool. again very much valued by search engines.

5. PlugIM: (Alexa ranking- 29,594)Type of Digg clone but just for marketers and marketing content.

Other interesting ones I work on and will be working to build influence are Reddit, Squidoo, Del.icio.us, MyBlogLog, Stumble Upon and news wine, and I would keep telling my experiences to get maximum out of these social media sites.

To be more equipped and to learn how things work on these different social media sites, all you need to do is be a part of it. The most important cause of social media traffic is helping to get your content to the mass audience. It sounds really easy to get traffic from these places but you need to be smart enough to get most benefits , and build your blog/ websites accordingly. With time only best stories will be able to get maximum exposure from these sites and only websites carrying right buzz will be able to get maximum repeat traffic from here.

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:00 PM



Great article. In my opinion we should not discout the search engnes yet. I completely agree that search engine are behind when it comes to timely updating contents of websites/blogs. Google is doing some what good job via their blog search. I believe that in future we will see the shift in the search engines approach to accomodate web 2.0.

I like your blog. Great Job!

commented by Anonymous VladTheAffiliate, 4:03 PM  

Thanks Divya. As always, your content is so helpful. Each time I visit your site, I appreciate your writings.
Take care,

commented by Blogger Coop, 6:21 PM  

Another great post Divya. I'm glad I found your blog recently, it's been great reading through it the last few days.

Also thank you for the PlugIM shout out. It's obviously in it's infancy but the membership base is starting to come together (you're the 250th member!) and I'm really excited about the direction we're heading. Thanks again!

commented by Anonymous Dravis, 7:35 PM  

Thanks for the tips! I'm a new blogger writing about design. I'm just figuring out how to gain readership and you've been helpful. Plus I keep discovering new sites through the new blogs I find!

I wish that Google wouldn't separate their blog search from their normal search. When I search for content online, I don't care whether it is on a blog or a website. I do use Google's blog search but I find myself doing two searches, normal and blog flavor. It's kind of annoying.

commented by Blogger Steve Lowtwait, 10:44 PM  

Tremendous information, I will share with some new bloggers I know. Your effort is appreciated

commented by Blogger James, 9:09 AM  

Interesting thoughts, Divya.

I agree that the social network is going to play a much larger role, however, I don't think search will EVER go away entirely. Think about even 2 of the commenters here - both have talked about Google blog search and it working a bit better (more timely) than the traditional search.

That tells me that there is still some work needed to help users FIND the content they need. All the cross-promotion and viral self-networking in the world won't help in this aspect.

I see a marriage between search and the social network as being the best for the user.

Interesting also to note - I remember the early days of web 1.0 when all webmasters tried to get their site posted to as many locations (and get as many "webby" awards as possible) to accomplish the same goals that you are now working towards.

We have much better tools now, but what you're describing is what has already been - a giant popularity contest.

commented by Blogger malatobah, 9:39 AM  

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:43 AM  

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Your feedback is welcome. Please keep up the good work.

commented by Blogger Thomas, 2:24 PM  

What's the difference between tags and keywords ? Seems to me a tags is a keyword ...

commented by Anonymous Jonas Geiregat, 2:35 PM  

Wow! This was really, really helpful to me. I've just started using social networks to get more traffic to our site. Thank you for the advice.

I'd love it if you could take a look at my blog: www.fusionbox.com/journal

commented by Blogger Ivy :: Fusionbox, 2:44 PM  

Divya: A meaty article. And just as I begin to understand search, I discover the importance of sociabilty!

I'll be reading more of your writings!


commented by Anonymous Roberta Murphy, 7:11 PM  

Great article Divya!

Posted some thoughts about it here:

commented by Anonymous Paul OFlaherty, 8:53 AM  

Jonas brings up a very good point that I have not seen anyone address: What is the difference between keywords and tags?

One assumption when categorizing a page with tags is that they could easily be derived from keywords on the page. If this is the case, tags don't add any value.

However, more often than not, some documents do not contain keywords that could apply to tags.

For example, suppose I were to write a page with dummy text like this:

"[h1]This is my Dummy Text Page[/h1] [p]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Duis egestas suscipit lectus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Vivamus risus ipsum, ullamcorper et, congue in, hendrerit sit amet, augue. Donec eu dolor.[/p]"

I could easily take the keywords 'dummy', 'text', and 'page' to use for tagging.

But there's really so much more contextual information that I could use as tags that are not found in the document: 'latin', 'cicero', 'treatise', 'document'.

commented by Anonymous Marc, 7:58 AM  

Good. I agree on most of the points and made a blog post in my blog.
Here is the permalink:

commented by Blogger Malathy, 8:45 PM  

Wow, that is an extremely interesting post!
Well-written! The kind of post you read and then can't help but question yourself! Good job!

commented by Anonymous Jonathan-C. Phillips, 4:37 PM  

social bookmarking all the way. good article.

commented by Blogger gambling uk, 3:45 AM  

Hello Divya

how does one actually add a tag link to ones blog?

commented by Blogger harleyblues, 2:02 PM  

great post, I think social bookmarking is what people looking for, they start removing google from their default homepage

commented by Anonymous future gadgets, 8:29 AM  

As an seo I gradually see the shift in people recognition and acknowledgment of the multi benefits they gain by participating in social bookmarking sites. From my perspective, search engine would adapt when they see it is worthy and believe me eventually they will. Then the search results will mix up together and form the perfect match for what the searcher looked after.
Search is powerful and Google will not afford to lose the competition.

commented by Anonymous Seo guide, 12:20 PM  

Yeah Social Media Marketing now is one of the top method to boost your traffic. One example is DoshDosh..

commented by Anonymous Michael Woo, 5:36 AM  

Same ques as Jonas Geiregat.

How are tags and keywords different??

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