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First week Slections- 50 Blogs at Blogging to Fame

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A step further to Blogging to Fame…

Short listed 50 blogs for the week 17 Jun, 2007 to 23 Jun, 2007 have been announced, and they can be found at pre-selections… These blogs will be part of the 500 blogs for the final Blogging to Fame Awards Contest.

While the Jury and the team were looking into the results, the cut off was lowered down to 28. ( One blog per author is selected if more than one blog was their in the top 40 list. Other blogs may get selected in subsequent weeks.) The blogs for the first week are:-

Life in the Fast Lane
Electronic Village
Greg Lunger.com

eWritings - Online Public Relations
Interesting Observations
The Thinking Blog
Duty Of Human Being
Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon
My Article World
Escape The Room
Necessary Skills
Upper Fort Stewart
Rumble of Thoughts
Dosh Dosh
My View of "It"
Untwisted Vortex
Today is that Day
Technacular : Home for all things technical

Marina's Bloggariffic
Debo Hobo
My Marrakesh
Make Money Online with a 13-year Old
The Friday Traffic Report
Estralato - O site das estrelas
Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog
1 Million Love Messages
Made to Be Great
Big Paw Blog
The Far Corner

eJabs...for knowledge!
Mind, Body, Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts
Polliwogs Pond
Smart Indian
Conceive, Believe, Achieve
The Diet Pulpit
Computer Mobile Corner (CMC)

Congratulations to the Selected ones...

If you are not here do not worry, there are 9 more weeks to go. Collect more fame for yourself and work your blog's Quality.

The blogs which are already selected need to work harder now as the competition is going to be tougher.

Keep on Blogging to Fame,
Best of Luck,
Divya Uttam.


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Selection Process begins for First week

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its been time that I have written any post and I do apologise for not giving much Quality content...

Things have been busy lately, there are a lot many ideas I am working on to make the event better. So here is a little update about the Contest-

As been told previously, and for a reminder the contest is divided into two parts-
1) For Blogs
2) For Bloggers

The Contest for bloggers will go on till 1st November, 2007 where you can keep collecting fame for yourself till then. The selection for the bloggers will depend on their-
a) Social Popularity
b) Blog Popularity
c) Style of writing
The 5 Bloggers who will win the contest will get $5000 each.

The Contest for Blogs is a bit complex, where in there would be a selection of 500 blogs in an ongoing process of 10 weeks. After it, we will assign 100 blogs each to 5 Jury members and the rest can be read at the Contest rules. These would be eligible for winning the grand award of $25,000 and three $10,000 awards.

As for our final 500 blogs and 10 weeks process, Week 1 has started and selection is going on for first 50, wherein the fames collected and the quality are both taken into consideration.

The Process Is Defined as Following:

1) All Blogs who have fames above 30 automatically come in our selection criteria, out of which Top 40 will be selected.

2) 10 will be selected from the rest on their Quality. Quality parameters have been decided with the Jury.

So you may even get selected if you have just entered the competition and have only a few fames for your blog depending upon how you write and quality you maintain at your blog.
The results for the first week would be announced at the site on 25th June, 2007.

Get there and get going, collect more Fame for yourself and increase your chances of becoming an A-List Blogger.

Best of Luck for the Contest.
Divya Uttam


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Blogging to Fame Jury Members 1

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why do you need a Jury?

1. Jury Members will help in the selection of your blogs and to take the competition to the final stage. Blogging to Fame has decided to have Jury so the selection of blogs may not be biased and prejudiced. The selection of your blogs will take place under the strict invigilation of the eminent Jury members.

2. We have always talked about writing quality posts, but there are no rules to define quality, not at least in blogs. One may argue, what might be quality to him, might not be to someone else. So we have Jury members to decide unanimously about the quality your blog holds.

3. Apart from selecting blogs Jury will also provide tips and tricks to the 500 selected bloggers and ways to improve their blogging. Having a Jury panel gives us the privilege to share their knowledge, experience and expertise.

Introducing Our first two Jury Members-

Our first two Jury members are Mike Sansone and Jeremy Jacobs. Experts in creating conversation and public relations they make interactive enthralling persona. And the best part is they both are bloggers.

Who is Mike Sansone?

Mike with 2100+ readers has been into blogging from only a little more than one year. He coaches business leaders to promote blogging and using Social Media to Converse with their customers and amplify their business.
From his Biography:

“Mike Sansone is an independent business consultant specializing in business blogs and conversational copywriting. His experience in public speaking, sales and marketing, writing, and real-time online communication are strengths Mike relies upon in his role as a Conversation Conductor. Prior to starting his own business, Mike helped to build thriving online communities with America Online, Real Fans Sports Network, Ignite Sports Media and HeyMax. He also has coordinated the growth of offline communities as a property manager, volunteer, and minister.”

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Who is Jeremy Jacobs?

Jeremy has joined the blogging league pretty recently, and proves his expertise in his Niche of Public Speaking. He also has been actively involved with Breast Cancer Campaign.

From his Biography:

“Jeremy’s experience lends itself to a variety of professional arenas. With success at the BBC, on-going requests from Public Sector bodies and large corporate clients, Jeremy is establishing himself as a versatile presenter and speaker. Be it via TV, corporate video; radio, motivational speech; MC, meeting facilitator or Chairman, Jeremy has experience of each. For example, his time spent as a sports reporter for BBC local radio and Capital Gold. His strengths? A real ‘home grown’ talent with the versatility to inspire viewers and listeners. A deep, authoritative but friendly voice and an authenticity built on meeting life’s challenges and opportunities spanning 25 years in business-to-business sales.
A winner of hearts and stimulator of minds Jeremy’s take on presenting is. “The presenter is key to getting your message over yet the Message is the most important element of any communication and that is my focus, finding a way that works best.” ”

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So all the best for the Blogging to Fame Contest. If you have yet not Registered, do it now.


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