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How you can give more to Your Readers

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I want to make a point here, so do go through every word of this post.

There is a clause though, you’ll have to change, change the way you think. If you are going to read this post you have to be flexible enough to adapt to it to change the future of your blog, the way you look at your traffic. Renew your philosophical approach to change your relationship with your readers.

The traffic you receive may how minimal it would be, repeat visitors should form at least 50% of it. Let me repeat this more bluntly. You are actually loosing a lot if you do not have repeat visitors. Giving your visitors to turn into readers take great effort. Remember, what you have been told since childhood in one way or the other- Treat others like you want to be treated. Its about treating your visitors and giving them a reason to return.

People who come to you, and read your posts, see you and your company as advisors. Now you have to see yourself as trusted, respected and expert advisors. This means you can do nothing less than what an professional is supposed to do. Its your responsibility and obligation to counsel them about what’s best for them. You would never try to manipulate them to benefit you in return either by buying something from you, giving you monetary help or joining your community. Its when you lack the professionalism, these things come into play. You’ll always be aware of the fact that the more value you add, that is perceived by them the more success will it give you and making more of blogging sense.

Your Readers are not your Customers.

There is difference between customers and clients. Don’t let yourself believe the wrong thing. Customers are people who buy a commodity or service from you, but it is the client with whom you have a relationship, who is under your care and protection, who will look up to you for anything. These are your readers, your repeat visitors.

Internet is a place where you can portray yourself as giant as Coke Company and even your competition can do the same. If you understand your visitor and do not just try to make customers but clients, where your ultimate passion lies in your niche, and you provide the very best, the richest information which is more enjoyable, profitable, productive, a wholesome enriching experience, you are going to rule your Niche, because your competitors do not look in the same way. Its your own Attitude that matters.

You can put this as a long term strategy and among the best examples I could give you is SEOMoz.org and the amazing way they have developed business. Seomoz.org are among those blogs, who are able to build a successful business out of a blog, implementing not only linkbaiting but a system to get more repeat visitors.

Why did I ask you to change in the beginning? In a race where everybody is doing the same thing, its you who should draw a line and differentiate yourself, and only who are able to do this get as big as TechCrunch and SearchEngineWatch. The way to do this is change your attitude towards your visitors, and yourself. Start thinking about your relationship with them. Provide them with an experience of a life time. Your Time Starts now…

Happy Blogging,

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posted by Divya Uttam, 10:31 AM


Very nice. Can you please look at our blog and give me 3 suggestions on what to improve? Thanks Divya
Good blog. I am recommending it to several views.


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:27 PM  

Nice article. You made me realize some of the flaws in my blogging style. I just posted my own article on one of my blogs that referenced this one. If you're interested the direct link to that post is: http://www.blisslogs.com/2007/03/03/blogging-for-your-readers/

commented by Blogger Bliss99, 4:06 PM  

You have a good blog, i have learned much from this blog. Thank you very much for your advices

commented by Blogger Ajith, 8:54 PM  

You have a good blog, i have learned much from this blog. Thank you very much for your advices

commented by Blogger Ajith, 9:09 PM  

Thanks for a great article. I'm learning to place a lot of emphasis on repeat customers.
Mark McManus

commented by Blogger Mark, 3:21 AM  

You really know how to make us read your posts and not skim through it! Nice one =)

commented by Blogger ilker, 8:49 AM  

hi divya
tks for stopping by at my blog over at funhunt.
u sure hav got a great blog here. i ll be a reader not a visitor :). I promise. And to top it all u've got a great template.
great going, divya.
kamaal ka blogging, sherni!

commented by Blogger Bhalla saab, 9:29 AM  

Blog food for thought.


commented by Blogger Paula Neal Mooney, 9:31 PM  

Great advice. How you stand out from the crowd is one of the keys to blogging success. Be different. Be original. Break some rules.

commented by Anonymous jfsellsius, 8:30 AM  

Like MarK, I'm also trying to focus on providing a blog platform for returning visitors. But this is prooving to be a formidable task. Perhaps you can suggest to us how to convert visitors into readers.

Happy Blogging.

commented by Blogger Sania Wyatt, 3:34 PM  

Like Sonia & Mark I am striving to have repeat readers. My blog site is only about 3 weeks old, and we are getting lots of links, but not the comments I was hoping for.

I would like to "second" Sonia's request for a way to turn visitors into readers and how to recruit customers at the same time.

After all, I hope that we can make money while providing original and valuable content.

That should be the goal, right?
Thanks everybody, I hope I'll actually help you through my articles. Sania and Mark I'll sure do a post on Turning Visitors to readers soon. Stay tuned.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 7:01 AM  

Man I love your blog.. Think you have some awesome tips and I you have a stunning writing style. Powerful and Strong! I'll be a reader of yours for a long time to come!

commented by Blogger WizardMan, 1:46 AM  

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