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7 Truths for increasing your blog's social likebility!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

better blogging graphic
How much is your blog successful and popular is defined by the amount of traffic it receives, and the conversion of visitors to readers and in turn readers to prospects if you own a marketing blog. Blogging to fame is all about making your blog healthy, wealthy and wise. It would be very obvious to say- Its all about targeted traffic.

We had already discussed previously about Substance and Suspense in blogging, another very important element of blogging is:

You have started a new blog, put in lots of information, presented it well, how do you imagine will people come to know about it. Search engines index you after they are satisfied that you are a relevant site and there to stay, not just another money earning venture using spamming and illicit software to optimize website. When we are talking about sociability of your blog it is also necessary for you to visit other blogs. We can apply the saying ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ with our blogging techniques. A clear mix of the following will make your blog being talked about in blogosphere you will be able to convert your visitors to readers.

1. Comments- Visit other blogs in your niche or a parallel one. Comment on the posts. Just a ‘Hi, loved your blog visit mine...’ Does not work much. Be sincere with your efforts. Put in a useful tip, compliment where you liked the post and tell where it got out of track. This would build a first good impression. Never ask them to visit your blog, but be sure to leave your link from the second comment in that particular blog. If you are able to build your rapport, you have gained a long time reader for your blog.

Now coming to your blog, we need to make it interactive. I have been mentioning again and again that blogging is a communication tool and you need to be interactive with your readers. The more you get your reader involved the more are the chances of his return. Ask for comments, be open ended, leave space for opinions and remember to make commenting on your blog easier.

2. Community Blogging- This is a very efficient way to attract more visitors to your blog. When you build a blogging community, your readers are bound to you. There are several sites where you can build your own community like www.mybloglog.com. People visit your profile and can join your community. Your visibility increases and you tend to have regular fan followers.

3. Blogging directories- Submit your blog to the blogging directories. A few of them are mentioned in the side bar. Adding yourself to the directories make it easier for the people to find you. As you will be listed under categories either by the type of market you cater or regionally, it sends you targeted traffic. A blogging directory with a high page rank can do wonders to lift the traffic of your site. Some of the directories offer free service, others may ask for a link back and yet others may charge you for the listing. Sometimes it may not send much of traffic but getting links from high page rank website boosts your page rank in search engines point of view. Either ways, it’s a win-win situation.

Though there is a loop hole here. There are MANY places where you can get your blog listed to get more attention. If you get obsessed while doing this you may end up spending all your time here. So, aim for high ranking sites like www.technorati.com and get yourself listed there.

4. Social Bookmarking- It provides a way for users to store their bookmarks and links to their favorite sites online, so that they are easily accessible from any computer connected to the internet. These social bookmarking sites, of course, use tags to identify each web site link, and that makes them a powerful tool for smart marketers. Activities like social bookmarking give users the opportunity to express differing perspectives on information and resources through informal organizational structures. This process allows like-minded individuals to find one another and create new communities of users that continue to influence the ongoing exchange of traffic and information.

5. Tagging- Tagging has recently gained ample importance. Social bookmarking sites also provide an option to categorise posts or to say put tags on them. Not only does the tag help you easily find the web site, but it helps everyone else find the site as well. It is easy to see how this type of tagging can generate traffic and improve search engine ranking. Tags work in much the same way as keywords in the world of the search engine, and they have a great deal of potential when used properly.

6. Blogrolling- This is a collection of links to other web logs, which is found in nearly all web logs. There are different ways and reasons blog owners create their blogrolls. The most common is to indicate the favorite links that they visit and or read often. Another criteria may be link exchange. Some bloggers also add people and sites that they admire, but not necessarily read or visit. A blogger can create a blogroll either manually, via an automatic link manager, or both. One of the most popular link managers is Blogrolling.com. To use Blogrolling.com, all you need to do is sign up for their services, add your favorite links, and get the code to add to your blog where you want your blogroll to appear.www.link2blogs.com is another very good option which generates blogroll related to your blog automatically. When its blogroll is displayed on your site having links to other blogs, your blog ends is shown on theirs.

Not only does this create links for you but also provide your readers with information on your related or favorite blogs.

7. Trackbacks- “TrackBack is a mechanism for communication between blogs: if a blogger writes a new entry commenting on, or referring to, an entry found at another blog, and both blogging tools support the TrackBack protocol, then the commenting blogger can notify the other blog with a "TrackBack ping"; the receiving blog will typically display summaries of, and links to, all the commenting entries below the original entry. This allows for conversations spanning several blogs that readers can easily follow.” as defined in Wikipedia.

Trackbacks makes your blogs social and popular. When other bloggers write posts on your article linking to it, your visibility automatically increases as well as if somebody is reading your post he can find related information at other blogs.

If you have other ideas on how you can increase your blogs sociability do post it here.

Till then Happy Blogging to Fame,
Divya Uttam.

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Blogging Fame For A Common Employee.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blogging ideas graphic

Real People.

Some days back I was in a car manufacturing plant. I was accompanied with my brother who is a senior person there. I was lucky as I was able to meet one of their engineers who were working in some product R&D department. He was leading a team whose main job was to customize the cars engine in a way to get best of mileage. After a detailed discussion I was so much astonished to learn so many simple techniques he knows to optimize our cars performance or how we can get our 5-year-old car running like new. He even accepted the fact that there are many simple industrial solutions to car problems that car manufacturers don’t reveal for market reasons.

I can go on about my experience there but coming back to our main cause i.e. blogging.
I have been blogging for sometime just got the idea how a common man working at some firm can gain so much from Blogging and give so much to community.

Now suppose, my car is giving me some ignition problem. I am working on an important project and do not have time to take the car for servicing. Does it sound familiar? So while I was surfing for some information regarding my project I decide to browse for that particular problem I am facing with my car. I find a blog which is maintained by one of the engineers I talked about above. He gives some good insight on day to day problems that are faced by car owners, and I find a handy solution to mine. What will happen next? He will have me as a permanent reader of his blog.

Next Thursday my friend calls me up and asks for the URL of the blog because now her car is troubling her. After listening to my solution and how I got it for my own car, she found that the blog can solve her problems, too. Here comes another fan-follower. The blogger is on his way to fame.

A common employee who is well versed with his field and knows about the latest development of his industry, has effective at-home solutions to our daily problems becomes a famous blogger just by sharing his experience with the people which in turn benefit them.

Even though Blog provides a very good platform, it is strange that only a few professionals are using this for advancements in their carriers and help generating passive income.

You can easily become renowned person in your particular niche and establish yourself as experienced industrial professional. See beyond your job to be world wide known personality and make yourself rich and famous.

Have a clear vision of what you want your future to be like. Blog your way to it. After you have established yourself and become famous, your dreams would be at an arm’s length. Go and grab them.

For your Success,
Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging.

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What you can learn from T.V Soaps while Blogging?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogging tips|blogging tricks graphic
Last night my favorite program ended and I was so desperate to get into its next episode. I am so much into it that this morning my mind reminded me not to forget the telecast. But gosh it’s not to be coming today. It’s Sunday.

How involving and mind occupying can these daily soaps be?
T.V soaps have their regular viewers.

SO does your blog have regular visitors?
What’s the percentage of visitors of your blog are repeating.

And does our Blogging carry that type of zing.
Have answer for these and you might be getting a better blog.
Right now this blog is not carrying that, it’s more like a lecture session. But hey guys, just take my words that it is going to be big FUN, wait for it its just on its way.

As I always say your blog should have more than just a good post. It should be involving.
So if you are willing to get more visitors and convert them to your customers or join your community or whatever desired action your visitors should take, you should get them involved into your blog. Brain tends to take more desired action, when it’s fully involved or say brain is


Getting it to be more involving gets us to one more “S” of blogging and that is Suspense.
This is a key ingredient of blogging as well for marketing these days. Suspense is used to create Hype for launches as well as gaining regular visitors. Boring blogs are least visited and very rarely re visited.

So if you have a message to be given to your community or your viewers, you should be innovative enough to be interesting and have means to create Suspense.
Here is one of my favorites line-
“Surest way to be Dull and Uninteresting is to say it all”

Lot’s more coming to get your Blog gets Blogging.

P.S- I am being criticized for not using my own stuff of things what I write, But hey guys then you will have to wait for my blog doing these things.

P.P.S- When in Doubt, DO IT!

Read these posts for more knack of blogging:-
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Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam


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Does your Blog carry Blogging Sense?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blogging tips|blogging tricks graphic
The time has arrived. The role of a blog in any online marketing is on rise. It’s even important for individual marketers. Most bloggers are blogging about their personal life. As I review many blogs, very few actually make up to the things which we can call good blogging.

For the people who are thinking of making big doing itzsi-bitzsee things have to take my sorry for it. I don’t consider black hat techniques to work for long, as they will not take you long before it’s caught and you are thrown out of your main source of traffic.

I consider Blogging as a successful Internet Marketing Tool. It helps you in making your own circle of Influence. Blogging can provide your marketing efforts a personal touch, which no other marketing tool can provide. It provides voice as well as sense to your marketing efforts. It’s a wonderful way to have communication between the authority and its community. This will make more sense if we take a example.

Lets take a mobile company, which is going to launch a new mobile in next 3 months. Then a blog would be a most ideal place to create a buzz, get prospects review and comments for pre-launch amendments and for using it as platform for releasing mobiles first pictures etc. This way mobile company will not only improve its brand awareness but will be able do more personal marketing which is so very important in growing competitive environment.

“Blog - An online marketing as well as business platform for professionals and corporate sector. A good first step towards online business ventures for newbie.”

There are many ways to use blogging for your marketing, but in no ways a tool for personal communication if you are business blogging. People don’t understand this is not a place to put your personal pictures and other related stuff. There are many cases when many good bloggers start losing there community or circle of influence as soon as they start bringing things about their personal life into their blog.

So getting personal with your community is not about sharing your personal life but it’s more about your influence in their personal life or basically getting into their mind. And if you are not marketing even then you should have better reasons to start blogging. In most cases you too will have to use same set principles of blogging as used for marketing for if you have other reasons to Blog.

White hat techniques are better, long lasting more rewarding and will always work better even after any changes in any of the current ranking criteria of most search engines.
Most bloggers have common problems. Lets take one of the most common.

Current Problem “Improving Your Findibility.”

Due to immense increase in websites and blogs its getting harder and harder to get good visibility. What’s more hard is when search engines have stopped ranking on your content in first place but gives so much importance to
  • Websites linking your blog
  • What type of websites linking you with how much variety those links have.
  • Relevancy of links linking you.
  • Number of Inbound links.
  • Age of links.

Due to all this the term “Socialization of your blogs” have evolved. As you got to socialize with other blogs, and all this is bringing so much of traffic to most social book marking websites, like technorati and things like My BlogLog have came into limelight.
But But BUT…

Search Engine’s still loves good content. A wrong concept has been evolved in last few years is that content has got to be new. But the truth is it has got to be presented authentically and should be presented in a way to help readers. A good page rank by Google doesn’t mean top position for your desired keywords. Its lot more to all that.

I rank no.1 in search results on few of my keywords in just 1st month of this blog just on the basis of my content.

Yes there are ways to get into top results even for your most desired keywords but before that you should be good and appropriate for that keyword at your place and before anybody finds you.

Very clearly I can state that due the latest methodologies by most search engines you cannot make fame and fortune just by fooling around. You got to provide solution to most people who have come to your blog either through your Blog Content or at least providing some instant
Good content blog that gets updated quite regularly will get more frequent search engine visits.

So It’s Time To Develop Blogging Sense.

We will be taking more of this aspect but consider reading following posts –
While I was Blogging To fame …
Exact mindset for Better Blogging.
5S of B.S.- OOPs!!! I meant Blogging Success.
Till then, have a nice prosperous time and do All your blogging To Fame.

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Substancial Blogging- 5S' of Blogging Success-Cont...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the last post I was talking about the substance your blog should be made of, the content and the quality of it. Content is just not the text we write in the posts and it is also not just the links and the design of the blog.

So what is CONTENT?

Content in blogging or any other site have many key factors to it. Just writing information won't do you any good. When we were talking about attracting visitors to change them into readers our content plays the most important role.

Content is the correct intigration of design and text to create a feel in the blog or site. It consists of every minute details that your blog consists of, where what has been placed, is the blog a selling tool or is it communicating effectively.

Content = Design + Text

It defines the look of your blog and the way your visitor would feel after having the look at the first frame that appears on his browser. It would generally consist of the following things:-
  1. The Title of the Blog
  2. The little description written under title
  3. The headline of the first post
  4. A few links
Those few seconds decide the future of whether the visitor is going to stay or will he cruely click the close button without even thinking for a second how much hard work it took to create your blog. You will do anything to keep him, to make him read atleast your first post. Only after he has made a decision to stay will your text matter.

Hypnotise your visitor from the first instance. Make him feel that this is the only place where he could get everything he is looking for. How? Well, it is not that difficult as it may sound. your blog should look professional even though the style being personal. You are doing business blogging, remember it. Don't get confused here because it is a very important point.

I had already talked about a style that talks to the visitor as if you are directly talking to him. Even though there would be hoards of traffic coming to your blog a particular visitor would be alone reading your post. So, now it is clear that you should maintain the conversation one on one. Now because he is there to search some particular information or to find a solution to his problem he is looking forward to professional assisstance. So the first feel he should get is that he has landed at the right site or blog.

I hope I made it clear what the content of your blog should be like.

Next time I would be talking about the second element of blogging success.

Till then continue blogging, blogging to fame...
Any questions? You are always welcome to ask.
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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5S of B.S.- OOPs!!! I meant Blogging Success.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Like those 4P's of Marketing- Product, Price, Promotion and Place(distribution), 5S' of Blogging Success are of great importance. These factors make your blog sustainable and effects its market presence. Simply put, we need to create and maintain a Blog which in the first instance will attract visitors and then encourage them to particpate by replying to our posts. Following on from that, we need to ensure it provides sufficient value or creates enough interest to make these visitors return and become regular readers as well as recommend our Blog to others.

The 5S' being :-
Substance - Suspense - Sociability- SEO - Syndication


Our first challenge is to get someone to read our blog, and that depends on the substance our content is made of. The quality and our way of expressing of what we write in the posts will be most important. We have to attract the readers to our Blog so that they can find out what we are writing about and how substancial it is!

The first thing that readers notice is the name of the blog and the Title of the post. They should also be suggestive of what you are going to tell and how useful it is to them. These are effectively the headlines which should capture the attention of the readers and, as any good copywriter knows, the headline is crucial in getting people to read the rest of the article. The titles should be attractive and hypnotic, suggestive of the substance your visitors are about to read.

Your content should be optimized with optimum keyword density and placement. Do not stuff keywords. This would degrade the quality of your content. Optimizing though is very necessary for search engines to find you.

Link to other Substantial blogs. Visitors will leave you sometime or the other, even if you bribe them with a Pizza, atleast they will go to sleep and eat(Life's basic neccessities need to be performed!!!). Give them opportunity to find more information about what they are searching for. You may not want to link to your competitors, but, you can link to blogs of parallel market. Like Internet marketing blogs can link to Search Engine Optimization blogs.

Do remember to give your readers a reason to return back. Give them an option to subscribe you through RSS. Or create suspense for your next posts. Ask them to give you feedback by commenting on your posts. Give them something that is thought provoking. Be personal with them. Don't ever talk to them as if you are talking to ten others. Get them one on one.

Key elements: consistent quality content, attractive title, optimised posts, good blog promotion

Now its your time to give me feedback. Stay with me to get more on this series.

Till then,
Happy Blogging
Divya Uttam.


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Does your Blog Giving back everything, you ever wanted…

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

…Or else you would regret later.

We all learned and obviously know from our recent experiences that blogs are gaining importance in so many forms. So many are able to create all Fortunes and all Fame, Followers, they could ever get from their lifestyle or working culture.

This is basically due to the basic inherit feature of Blogs. Internet is known to spread things fast and with coming of blog and using it effectively can spread your word most virally.
Have I asked, “Does your blog carry fire?”

That is, it makes you more visible. The more visible you are, the more reputation you get(exceptions are always there and this could do against you as well) and this will make your stand for doing things much better than people not visible.

A Blog can do lot for you but, Before that you will have to do your LOT!
Right spirit, insightful knowledge, correct approach and a proper blogging strategy are among Key features you should be clear before you can put your coins.

Proper Niche command + Blogging Strategy
Your Blog Verve
Your Blogging Success

Yes you need to have a proper Niche command, PLUS Blogging Strategy, which includes all basic principles and techniques of blogging, PLUS your Blog Verve that is your blog should show Exuberant enthusiasm and Liveliness, should be striking and have its own unique style.

So what more it takes to make a blog do what it meant to do?

Have you heard of some small communities or even cults?

What made them grow?

It’s their unique voice or cause that helps them grow and gain millions of followers and that didn’t happen in a nights stand. Though blogging helps you to spread your word you will have to have your word that in any Niche you are good in or you are passionate about.

Bloggers who do lot of absurd things to gain fame will find hard to get any followers except asking their friends to join their community.Blogging about improper subjects can create quite embarrassing situations, which are not good for blogging community and would definitely be regretted by those bloggers later.

Now if you don’t have something unique or if you are not clear with your long term or some times short term strategies you should be away from starting your own blog.This is not to dishearten anyone but could be part of your strategy.

It would be much better if you could start participating in other blogs, put your comments, be genuine and not like spammers. Be known in your community, interact with experts in your niche and mean time you will definitely develop good ideas for you to start.

Don’t fantasize of gaining thousand readers in one go but start developing your community, increase interaction among different blogs in and around your niche. This will help you in spreading your word and even word about your blog.

If you can get this right you will definitely gain most out of this technology, and learn other techniques to gain readership.As I said in my previous posts Technology will help you in spread your word but it won’t generate word and feel or your Blog Verve.

Do consider reading my previous post “While I was Blogging to Fame…”to get one more aspect of this.

Understanding the thought behind a blog will always help in Better Blogging.
I will be writing on how to gain most from your blog, Be There.

To make your blog do what it requires to do, first do what the blog requires from you.
You must have heard “First Things First”.
All The Best.
Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging to Fame

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Exact mindset for Better Blogging.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blogging strategies graphic

Blogging Strategy should be more than just Great Content!

As we are basically focused on fame and fortune we should always develop a clear mindset for us as well as for readers for exact desired results. So when you are blogging you should have clear strategies for how to improve your blog readership as well as how you will monetize it. You should develop clear intentions of what you want from your readers and what your Blog readers will get in return. Clear intentions will take your word fast; make your blog more focused and result oriented.

Developing focused Mindset while blogging will Benefit you in many ways:

• Gets your blog away from unfocused unclear blogs.
• Helps you in developing your own fan club.
• Create vision for your project and your dream.
• More targeted visitors.
• Get more repeat visitors.
• Makes your business look more professional.
• Set yourself as an expert in your field.
• Get yourself separated from rest, set your rules play the Game.
• Lots more when you get your ideas into action.

So know we are getting closer to the lesson:

As we are always heard never make an isolated website. It’s same for your blog. What exactly should be done is to Integrate your Blog into your complete marketing plan of you organization or with your website. Though blogs has its lots of benefits. But design your blogs in a way to make it result oriented.

Can we say a Double Edged Sword?

A better blog will incorporate new strategies with focused motive can do lot more to your business than just web conversation but your most important Marketing Tool.
Leaving Technological aspects, you should know how to take most of your hard earned visitors. Your Blog should be able to direct them to your desired WebPages and make them take actions.
Until you are doing this most of your efforts would go in vain.
This is the most important factor which most important for any blogger to attain success as well as fame and fortune.

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam


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Intricate these elements to Blog to fame

Friday, October 06, 2006

You must be wondering where was I for all these days when I have been talking a lot about frequency and regularity... Doctor forbade me to use computer, to watch television, even to read for a week, the cause being an eye-infection. Oh! Only I can imagine how I passed my time.

I had been thinking a lot about our latter conversations about how to blog, how was I blogging to fame, and every related thing on earth. But what if you are not able to find a topic to blog about. Though Blogging should be about the topic you are interested in and passionate about, I have still tried to configure some topics that can be used by you for business blogging:-

a. Industry News/Company news- Information is good but news is better.

If you find a news article that is related to your product or service, report on it. Hyperlink the mention of your product in the sentence. Did you make changes in your website on a client request or are you coming up with a new product? Are you providing discounts or anything related to your on company can be covered in your blog. You can also share your opinion about the latest buzz in the industry. Blog is a platform where you can build relationships with your customers/prospects. Just be sure your post is not a sales-letter. Talking about your product and the way it can help people to solve their problems would not reduce your blogging karma.

b. Articles- You love the flow of your pen. Write some good articles or post your older ones. Good, useful and relevant content is loved by everyone.

When others can benefit from the free content you write, you have even more right to do so. You can even benefit from the other people's willingness to provide with free content. Don't mess with the resource box though. If you want original content you can review their articles and post your opinions about the information shared.

c. Tips and tricks- This one is among the favorites of surfers/readers.

Tips and tricks about your own industry are obvious elements of your blog. If their are some special ways to use the product or service your company is dealing with, where people could benefit, go ahead and share the news. It makes your reader curious and will publicize your product in the market.

Be a resource to your readers. Share the ways which can provide solutions or make their work easier. Be unique and you would be sure to have repeat visitors. You can also blog about tips and tricks related to parallel market which increases your scope as a marketer. If you are in internet marketing you can also talk about search engine optimization.

d. Featured site/blog/article/product- This can be a major attraction of your blog.

A weekly or daily based review where you can talk about the a blog, site, an article or a product related to your industry. This will add to your own credibility where your readers can share your awareness with you.

You can integrate these elements in your blogs and make them effective. They can be used separately as well as blended together. Doing stories also create interest among your readers. 'How tos' and 'did you knows' also form attractive features.

Continue Blogging, Continue Blogging to fame...

For your success,
Divya Uttam.

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Is your blog not yet Indexed?

Monday, October 02, 2006

We have been talking about the ins and outs of how to post, when to post and how much to post lately... In my latest discussion with you a lot of importance had been put upon the frequency of posting. There is another thing I would like to mention here and that is- Regularity. This idea was generated by Mr.Lord Matt and to quote him here "It is vital to be regular! If you normally post on saturday evening then readers will come to expect this. Don't let them down."

I hope that is a good enough explaination for regularity. Post frequently and regularly. How often should you post if your blog is not yet indexed? When I started blogging, I was indexed by google before I even realised it.

Was it by luck or was it pre-planned? The mantra is patience... I thought.

I had researched a lot on this topic and learned accordingly. I had all the plans and strategies in hand before I even started blogging. Only then you would think... It was not it. Before even applying the so-called tactics I could see myself indexed.

My little Secret-
So you want to know all about it. Its a long story and it may continue through a few more posts... Just kidding. Well everybody wont make it this simple for you. This little secret is something you have already been told about. It would take three rules which are easier to break than kept. Let me talk about it here to make it clearer...

1st Rule-

It is all about frequency and regularity. This is the most important one and you need to follow it orthodoxly. For the first 45 days, post daily(it may differ a little for you). This is to be on a safer side. Posting daily will give search engines new and unique content any and everytime they visit. Search engines would love you for this.

2nd rule-

Generate incoming links. Submit your blog in blog directories. You can use the ones given in the side bar. Write articles related to the niche of your blog and link back to your blog. But keep one thing in mind- Don't overdo it. This will help search engines locating your blog easily.

3rd rule-

Keep your blog focused on your niche. This would help you insisting on the keywords and you can optimize your blog according to them.

These rules though pretty obivious are often forgotten easily. They generate results everytime they are used. I just keep these in mind while working on my blog. So, if you are not indexed still, Hurry!!! It is very easy.

Happy blogging to fame.
Divya Uttam

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