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Design Your blog to get most out of it

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Complying with the trend has been the most efficient way of a business to survive. Since Web2.0 has arrived blogs have been ruling, but as we have discussed it earlier, the ampleness of them have made it even more difficult for bloggers to make a mark on the industry. So here is Blogging to Fame with another series about Blog Design...

Content is supreme but apart from the content and the amount of information you put in, you need to make it more accessible and consumable. Like they say, Food that Looks and Smells better, Tastes better. Anyways the look and the smell also increase the appetite! What Say you Foodies?

Focus on Content-

Lets get the First thing First. Content is Supreme. However creatively you design your blog the main point of blogging and its essence lies in the content it holds. The food Should always taste Good, whatever way it is dressed.

A blog’s design should allow your user to focus on it and make sure not to divert his attention. Huge headers that take the whole space above the fold can be one reason for it. Next can be using lots of graphics and banner ads.

Place links to most popular articles or recent entries where readers would first see when they visit your blog. This makes the rest of your blog more accessible and the older content will eventually get consumed.

Deck them up…

This for all the users who are still using pre-made themes by Blogging Platforms and other designers. If you are a beginner you should concentrate on the content, but the next step is always the presentation. Using pre-defined themes makes you look the same as everybody else’s on Blogger and Wordpress.

Pre-defined themes are free, and easily available on net, but remember the good ones get more frequently used. You can get unique themes at a price as low as $300 and as high as $6000.

If you cannot spend that amount, here is a tip-

To make a non-unique theme to a unique one get your favorite pre-defined theme and modify it to an extent that it does not resemble the original anymore. With a little knowledge of HTML it would be really easy to tweak changes. Change the Color combination, and the picture used in the header. You can also change the placement of elements and graphics. Do it till you are satisfied...

Catch Ya with more Soon...

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