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Selection Process begins for First week

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its been time that I have written any post and I do apologise for not giving much Quality content...

Things have been busy lately, there are a lot many ideas I am working on to make the event better. So here is a little update about the Contest-

As been told previously, and for a reminder the contest is divided into two parts-
1) For Blogs
2) For Bloggers

The Contest for bloggers will go on till 1st November, 2007 where you can keep collecting fame for yourself till then. The selection for the bloggers will depend on their-
a) Social Popularity
b) Blog Popularity
c) Style of writing
The 5 Bloggers who will win the contest will get $5000 each.

The Contest for Blogs is a bit complex, where in there would be a selection of 500 blogs in an ongoing process of 10 weeks. After it, we will assign 100 blogs each to 5 Jury members and the rest can be read at the Contest rules. These would be eligible for winning the grand award of $25,000 and three $10,000 awards.

As for our final 500 blogs and 10 weeks process, Week 1 has started and selection is going on for first 50, wherein the fames collected and the quality are both taken into consideration.

The Process Is Defined as Following:

1) All Blogs who have fames above 30 automatically come in our selection criteria, out of which Top 40 will be selected.

2) 10 will be selected from the rest on their Quality. Quality parameters have been decided with the Jury.

So you may even get selected if you have just entered the competition and have only a few fames for your blog depending upon how you write and quality you maintain at your blog.
The results for the first week would be announced at the site on 25th June, 2007.

Get there and get going, collect more Fame for yourself and increase your chances of becoming an A-List Blogger.

Best of Luck for the Contest.
Divya Uttam


posted by Divya Uttam, 6:13 AM


Hi Divya!!

I am participating in the blog with the great enthusiasm since i knew about it. And according i am getting the fame too.

But from most of the readers I am getting the comments like my blog template is not good and so on .

I like your template so much .can u help me out how can i change my templates somehow like urs!!


commented by Blogger Asis, 3:29 AM  

Hi Divya,

I found your article very use full and its outstanding. I wish i just could make something soo nice i would like some tips and help to make my blogs better, will you please check mine and let me know if you can help me in making it better.

commented by Blogger SUNIL MOHAN, 2:58 PM  

Hi Divya,

I read your article and found it very very usefull be become a A rate blogger as you are.
I foun it to be the the best bloog that i have gone through, I would to like to request you if you could help me in becmong and average blogger as that my intrest, I have created few blogs and i wish if you could check them and let me what are things that i can add to make it better, i hope you will help me.

my blog:http://tigersofindianforest.blogspot.com/

commented by Blogger SUNIL MOHAN, 3:05 PM  

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