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Is it time to change your Blog Keywords?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

  • Does it seem hard to get desired rankings for your blogs?
  • Does the keyword your blog is based on does not bring in expected traffic?
  • Do you want to find how hard your competition is?

Then do this----------
  1. Go to Google to find your API key(if you already have one then skip the following steps and read below).
  2. By following the instructions google is providing you will recieve this key in your email account.
  3. It would be string of characters we will need while checking the tool for google for your blog keywords.
The first tool is a keyword research tool which will tell you how hard the competition is for you. It is Search Guild's Keyword Research Difficulty Cheker. This page at Search Guild access Google's database of search terms to determine the difficulty level for ranking for a certain keyword.

After putting in the API key and the keyword in required boxes you would get a score. The higher it is the difficult it is to get ranking for that term. It would also return a ranking of "HARD", "INTERMEDIATE" or "EASY", for your blog keyword.

I am not saying you should not aim at all for such keywords, but it takes time, and as we all perhaps know the fact that TIME=MONEY, it is better not to waste time. For the begining aim for more targetted and less competitive keywords in your market for your blog. When the traffic starts coming in you can target for broader keywords.

What is API?


(Application Programming Interface) A language and message format used by an application program to communicate with the operating system or some other control program such as a database management system (DBMS) or communications protocol. APIs are implemented by writing function calls in the program, which provide the linkage to the required subroutine for execution. Thus, an API implies that some program module is available in the computer to perform the operation or that it must be linked into the existing program to perform the tasks.

Divya Uttam.
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