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Start Blogging-What are You waiting for but dont forget to...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yes, its time for you to start blogging now, but how should you proceed with it? After deciding the answers to the 9 most important questions about blogging how will you actually start it. So, I am here to guide you how to do it...
Make your intentions clear about what you will be doing through your blog and not just to yourself but to your readers. Tell them through your initial posts what are going to provide them. Like I am going to guide you through your Blogging and you can leave your comments and ask me if you have some specific problems, creat a relationship with your readers through first posts itself. You can also tell them how often you will be posting in your blog.

Spend time planning your initial posts because that is the foundation of your relationship with your readers and that is also the most important time for building trust. Don’t worry though, the more you write, the easier it will become, and you will find that you soon settle into a rhythm and develop your own approach to the Blog.

Some elements that you should remember and which will help you in this are:
a) Plan out your initial posts
you have to be very careful in your first posts. Start with the topics you are most comfortable with. This will help you to tune into blogging mode. Bring your notepad and jot down the details of what you want to cover in first few days and weeks. Try coming up with something innovative if possible, but only continue with it when you have totally settled down with blogging. This will provide you with a framework to work with and will allow you to concentrate on your writing.

b) Decide how often will you post
This is also very important point. It is important to set a schedule of how often you will post or can post. There is no particular guidelines of how often you should post, the sooner the better. But dont overdo yourself. You can post whenever you have something important to say. But if you have promised your readers something than fulfil it. The minimum should be once a week and maximum would be twice a day. Why this is very important is because it will define the time how often your visitors would revisit your blog. Maintain the quality of the posts, because your readers are going to judge you on it. Dont post just for the sake of it.

c) Be a stylist- write in your original style
Be Original. Be yourself. Your readers visit your blog because you are you and not some professional representative of corporate website. Even if you are one, be personal while blogging. Copying somebody wont help. This will differentiate you from others and will give uniqueness to your posts. While you can develop your own style and tone as you go along, try to settle on one you are comfortable with early on.

d) Take up a few foudation posts...Plan a Series
Your initial or foundation posts should tell the readers what you will be taking on the whole. In the first 3-4 posts you can outline what you would be covering in upcoming ones and expand the points in them. Plan series will help you to continue well. Writing a series of posts on a subject which is important to your overall subject area is a good method of getting you going and establishing a relevant area of focus in your blog, which will be very attractive to Search Engines.

e) Be well informed about the latest happenings of your niche.
If you are going to be a primary source of information for your readers in your industry or niche then you will need to keep up to date with developments in it and be prepared to give your opinion on them. In any case, this will not only help you to add relevant content to your site but will also add value to your readers and build their trust and confidence in you and what you have to say.

f) Avoid trying to directly sell or directly market
WARNING- Dont Sell Directly Or Market Directly. It is very tempting to use your Blog to sell directly. Dont Do It. A blog is a communication tool and not a selling tool. Your readers will come to your Blog because they are interested in what you are writing about and want to find out more about the subject – this will allow you start to engage with them. You can recommend things or products important for your readers. Remember you build customers from your readers by gaining their trust through your blogs.

g) Make sure you have key elements in place
There are some key structural elements in your blog that you want to make sure you have such as a profile to help your readers easily identify whose blog they are reading and a way to contact you, and a prominent positioning of your RSS feed to allow them to subscribe.

Follow these points and you can build an excellent foundation for your blogs. Blogging is not difficult and everybody can do it, but there is certainly a way to BLOGGING TO FAME.

For your success,
Divya Uttam
Happy blogging.
posted by Divya Uttam, 3:48 AM


Avoid trying to directly sell or directly market - totally! Blogs full of hard sell are such a turn off.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:58 AM  

Thank you Matt, to finally agree with my point.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 7:31 AM  

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