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Start Business Blogging today

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Till now I have been talking a lot about blogs and blogging, giving tips about optimising your page. I hope those droplings were so confusing. Well I just wanted to introduce myself.
There are two types of blogging-Personal blogging and Business Blogging.
  1. Personal Blogging- Personal blogging is each and everything about anything a person wishes to write which can involve his feelings and daily happenings in his life just like a personal diary or a scrapbook which can be fun to read and write. Topics can change with each post according to mood and inclination. There are now tools which are freely available to allow anyone to set up a personal blog quickly and simply. The most well know is Blogger, owner by Google, though there are others which are as good if not as well known.

  2. Business Blogging- Business blogging is a very power marketing tool focused on your industry and its needs and the solutions you can provide. Business blogging also provides a powerful platform to communicate with your customers and enter into dailogue with them and helps to create relationships and networks online. For this type of blogging it is not advisible to use the above mentioned tools simply because they provide you with lesser control over a tool which will eventually become your key business.
Talking about personal blogging or business blogging there is certainly not much requirement of technical knowledge. While blogging takes a personal turn it is certainly upto the your choice of what you wish to publish and there is not much to talk about. You can put in photographs, animated pictures, audios and videos, it is all upto you.

As this is 'blogging to fame' we will be particularly talking about business blogging (not that you cant be famous with your personal blogs).Business blogging does need a few things to be kept in mind before starting.There are a number of elements that you need to consider in order to ensure that you give it every opportunity to be a success.So before starting your blog ask yourself a few questions-

a) With what objective you are starting business blogging?
b) Who is your target audience for your Business Blog?
c) What results are you looking to achieve through blogging?
d) How will it integrate with your other marketing activities?
e) What Blogging software to choose?
f) What name should you choose for your Business Blog?
g) Where are you hosting it?
h) What domain name or subdirectory name to use?
i) How should your Blog look and feel?

These Factors will make your blogging more efficient and focused. A strong foundation work will be achieved for a successful business blog.By doing so, you will find that it will save you a lot of time and inconvenience in the future and will make the blog that much more effective in what you are looking to achieve.

I'll be taking up these points in detail in the next post and enhance it further.
Till then
Happy Blogging
Divya Uttam


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posted by Divya Uttam, 6:28 AM


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