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Optimize your blogging and blog for more traffic and profit

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blogging to fame logo
If you would have already read about Search Engine Optimization which you can find in this blog itself, it would not be hard to optimize your blog.

Title Tags- The title tag is inserted in the HEAD area of the web page.
Normally people tend to use only two common titles that are-‘Welcome to our blog’ and ‘Company Name’. But both of them are wrong titles as they do not contain any information of what is your site all about and search engines got to know it before they rank your site higher.
Things that should be remembered before writing the Title tag-
• A correct title should contain only your keyword.
• More than two keywords should be combined if possible.
• Always replace “and” with “|”
• Try to use the minimum no. of words in the Title.

This is very important for both your website as well as your blog. You can check out this by typing "Blogging to fame" into google. It will appear on either first or second position. This is because of the Title tags that I have used in my blog, which is also my keyword.

Header Tags- The most important header tags are H1 and H2. The main header tag is H1 which is used only once a page. It should appear on the top left corner of the page and should include the main keyword at least once and maximum twice (keeping in mind that the sentence formed is meaningful and as short as possible so that you do not confuse your human visitors and search engines regard you as a spam).
The second header tag is H2. This must lead any of paragraphs and should contain the main idea of that paragraph. At least 50% should have your keyword in them. This should form longer sentence including various words as compared to H1.

The name of my blog is Blogging to Fame which also happens to be my keyword as i mention above. Using your keyword in the header tag boosts your page rank and optimizes your blog all the more.

ALT Tag- Use ALT Tag for all your images. It explains the search engine spiders what the image is all about. The secret is that it can also increase your keyword density in turn increasing your page rank. With the keywords the words like “graphics”, “image”, “picture”, “design”, “photo” and “logo” should be used so that search engine do not consider it as spam. As well the viewers who have not enabled their graphics should know about what your graphic was. The length of the tag should not exceed 7-8 words, keep that in mind.
For example-
- “ Travel to Australia logo” is perfect
- “ Travel to Australia” is not OK since it doesn’t contain one keyword
- “ Travel to Australia and Travel to Sydney and sight-seeing in Australia pictures” is not OK since it is too long.

You can check the above image for the alt tags.

Bolding, Italicizing, Underlining, Strengthening-
The place where our keywords need more importance they should be bolded, italicized, underlined or strengthened. But there is a point that should be ALWAYS kept in mind, do not use each of these effects more than one time in the text otherwise your site can be considered a spam. So, apparently you have four places to do so. If you cannot find that many places where your keywords should be emphasized two effects can be used together, such as bold or strong with italic and underlined with any of the rest three.

These are very important factors of search engine optimization for websites as well as blogs. Just keep in mind that though you can bring visitors to you blog by using online optimization, you should engage them to keep them reading your blog and subscribing to it... which I will take up the next time.

Till then Happy Blogging to fame
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 9:53 AM


hi divya

you didnt reply to my mail
your blogs are better and better with time and so is your rank.
i always felt i would have a better rank than you as i was having when i first mailed you.
divya i need some help from you
plz tell how do you get such good content and if possible plz advice some niche topic for me.

also if possible send me some pics of yours,i want to add them to my blog and also let me know if you have an orkut account.

take care


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