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So am I Blogging to Fame?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is one question most of my friends ask me and have fun around it.
Nobody would ever deny about it. Simple I love to blog and I am having and few new one coming.

I have seen many blogs around this theme and you can learn about them by just searching “Blogging to Fame” in different search engines to learn more on this.
While doing this, I suddenly came across something that was written about my blog. All my enthusiasm about my Blogging to Fame turned out to be really vague. And yes this THINGS DO HAPPEN IN EVERYBODY'S Internet career and you should always know how to come out of it. For if you are serious about your things, your blog and if you are doing it for some fame and creating good name, turn all negativities into stepping stones for your success as well as source for some free lessons.

Here are few things I do blogging for Name Fame or money or …

Well nothing of all above but I am blogging to learn the depths of all Blogging Platforms. I am admitting it frankly. Mean while I am sharing my experiences and would definitely share some truths for how to actually Blog not just for Fame but as for all the Money and all the Name you ever want just using Blog.

Along the way I learned how useful it is to be polite and cool headed, and how much it is important to listen to other's opinion. Mr. Lord Matt that is the name he has given to himself as a blogger, visited my blog one day. His blog is based on reviewing other blogs. Well, thank goodness, he did, because it is for him that I realized how much I was in love with these ...................... dots. Yes, please don't laugh. There is more to come.You can visit what he wrote about me here.

So now you will probably wonder that how I learned about being polite and cool headed while blogging and how is it going to help you. It is not only while blogging that you should be generous but also in real life Humanity is what the world needs. When you will read the post you will realize that it was written in a bit harsh manner. I thought at the first read that may be using that many dots was an offence in that part of the world. I at the first instance wanted to shout on him, and read the post again. It was correct where I was wanting to create a flow in my writing, extra usage of those dots were actually abusing it. I know, it would have been pretty annoying to read while swimming across them.

While blogging keep in mind to check your grammar and spellings. Not that I did not know about it before but this incident made it apparent. I could have been rude to Mr. Matt but I realized how important his guidance has been. I thanked him sincerely for his review which I think made his heart melt for me. He realized that he could have been a bit softer on me. Check this out. You can see the change. That is why I mentioned it is very necessary to be polite and cool headed.

As far as the question goes About blogging to fame... I created a bit of fame for myself even by commiting this mistake...lol

To your success
Divya Uttam.
Happy Blogging
posted by Divya Uttam, 1:24 AM


If you don't mind I'm going to "adopt" you blog. This is a fuzzy idea just currently whereby I'm available to offer my skills (or lack thereof) to this venture.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:22 AM  

No obviously I dont mind.Go ahead.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 3:40 AM  

One of the most inportant blogging "tricks" is frequency. People generally expect to see updates most times they visit. (hint hint).

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:52 AM  

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