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Intricate these elements to Blog to fame

Friday, October 06, 2006

You must be wondering where was I for all these days when I have been talking a lot about frequency and regularity... Doctor forbade me to use computer, to watch television, even to read for a week, the cause being an eye-infection. Oh! Only I can imagine how I passed my time.

I had been thinking a lot about our latter conversations about how to blog, how was I blogging to fame, and every related thing on earth. But what if you are not able to find a topic to blog about. Though Blogging should be about the topic you are interested in and passionate about, I have still tried to configure some topics that can be used by you for business blogging:-

a. Industry News/Company news- Information is good but news is better.

If you find a news article that is related to your product or service, report on it. Hyperlink the mention of your product in the sentence. Did you make changes in your website on a client request or are you coming up with a new product? Are you providing discounts or anything related to your on company can be covered in your blog. You can also share your opinion about the latest buzz in the industry. Blog is a platform where you can build relationships with your customers/prospects. Just be sure your post is not a sales-letter. Talking about your product and the way it can help people to solve their problems would not reduce your blogging karma.

b. Articles- You love the flow of your pen. Write some good articles or post your older ones. Good, useful and relevant content is loved by everyone.

When others can benefit from the free content you write, you have even more right to do so. You can even benefit from the other people's willingness to provide with free content. Don't mess with the resource box though. If you want original content you can review their articles and post your opinions about the information shared.

c. Tips and tricks- This one is among the favorites of surfers/readers.

Tips and tricks about your own industry are obvious elements of your blog. If their are some special ways to use the product or service your company is dealing with, where people could benefit, go ahead and share the news. It makes your reader curious and will publicize your product in the market.

Be a resource to your readers. Share the ways which can provide solutions or make their work easier. Be unique and you would be sure to have repeat visitors. You can also blog about tips and tricks related to parallel market which increases your scope as a marketer. If you are in internet marketing you can also talk about search engine optimization.

d. Featured site/blog/article/product- This can be a major attraction of your blog.

A weekly or daily based review where you can talk about the a blog, site, an article or a product related to your industry. This will add to your own credibility where your readers can share your awareness with you.

You can integrate these elements in your blogs and make them effective. They can be used separately as well as blended together. Doing stories also create interest among your readers. 'How tos' and 'did you knows' also form attractive features.

Continue Blogging, Continue Blogging to fame...

For your success,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 5:20 AM


I feel it is best to write about something you can be sure to cover with some ongoing success. Something you are passionate about or something where you have access to plenty of source material. So your suggestions are really helpfull here. Look to the printed industry because the same basic topic rules apply.

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 12:58 AM  

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