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Blogging ->Does Frequency REALLY Matters ?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yes, I know a very interesting and a tricky one. Are you expecting a simple answer for this one... like '“once an hour', '“once a day'”, '“once a week' ”, 'once a month' or just '“once'.

Lord Matt, coming up as a good critic said One of the most important blogging "tricks" is Blogging frequency. People generally but Search engines surely expect to see updates most times they visit.Increased frequency always encourage repeat visitors as well repeat search engine crawlers. Jonathan Schwartz posts on his blog at Sun once a week more or less, whereas Darren Rowse at Problogger serves up several posts on a daily basis. Both are well read, well respected and successful.(Adopted information)

I blog twice a week, but I am working on increasing my frequency. There are two reasons for it:-
  • To provide more information to you.
  • To increase my search engine visibility and ranking.
Different people have different objectives and expectations from blogging. If you have a already existing blog which is indexed by search engines you can follow these points:-
  • Keep your promises- post as often as you have promised your readers you would. Stick to your commitment and they would stick to you. If you plan to change your frequency then you should inform them about it, and try sticking to the new one, because its all about communication.
  • Post when you have something relevant/important/interesting to share- This may take breaking the rules set above. No, not exactly but better than that. Suppose you come across some latest and useful information that you feel your readers should know about. Post it instantly. Don't wait for the next 'posting day'. Well, this may increase your posting frequency, isn't that for better?
  • Never compromise on the quality- Don't post just for the sake of it. It is because of quality that your readers would love you. It is quality through which 'blogging to fame' can be achieved. It will get you noticed and people will develop relationships with you. That is what you want, I suppose. Blogging twice a mdefinitelyfinately fine, till you maintain your excellence.
Apart from the above mentioned points you also need to know the kind of information your industry requires. There are a few areas where an in-depth analysis or research or highly effective information is required and it is not possible to post much, other topics may need a constant flow of information where the latest trends and techniques are of value. It is upto you to decide which feild you are catering to and decide how often should you post. Ask your readers for their opinion on it - talk to them. Ask for their feedback.

So readers how about giving some feedback to me...
How often should you post when you are still not indexed?
Stay with me to know more...

Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging
posted by Divya Uttam, 12:09 AM


A fine article that is well alid out and very pro-looking. A tiny fuzzying of the difference between how regularly and how frequently but it harldy shows. I started an article all about this blog but it ended up being 80% about another as a case study. It's back at lordmatt.co.uk if you are interested.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:05 AM  

I am always looking forward for your suggestions and advice.I am doing more study on regularity and frequency while you are blogging.
I have a different issue while blogging in my next post which i think is very important than just seo-ing your blog.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 3:44 AM  

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