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Blog Optimization- Content and its Supremacy.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Continuing with what I was talking earlier on blog optimization, and what everybody knows, content has real power to make your post appear when a relevant keyword is searched for. Yet, there are a few hidden factors that can optimize your content to make it more powerful so that it has an edge over the information floating on net.

Anybody who is searching for information about a product or a service is indirectly searching for content. Search engines also look for the same, while indexing a website or a blog. The advantage that blogs share is that they are primarily made up of content, unlike the other websites that constitute a lot of graphics, which are inconsiderable for search engines.

Business blogs which are focused on a particular niche are better of in this context. When you write some post regarding a subject it consists of all the relevant content which search engines are in love with. In turn it makes it easier for your blog to rank higher in search engine placement for your keywords, even higher than some good rank websites.

Quality, the supreme master- Apart from what will make you a darling of search engines your blog is actually meant for the visitors that come to your blog. What you write and how you write is why your visitors become your readers and then fan followers. So when you are focusing on Blog optimization, you need to keep in mind that your post should be “attractive” enough, to bring readers to you in the first place and then keep them there. Don’t try to stuff the keywords. Read you post twice before publishing. If possible let a friend or a colleague of yours read it first. This way you can make sure that you are not over optimizing. Their remarks can help you know how useful your information s to others.

Key Ingredients you are supposed remember always:-

Keyword density and placement-
This is the number of times a keyword phrase appears on the page divided by the overall number of words it contains. If you are serious about optimizing, It is stated that a post should have between 500 and 800 words of quality or more, unique content. It should be divided into 3 to 5 paragraphs. Short post can also be optimized well keeping in mind that the keyword density must be somewhere between 2% to 8%, but its always better to have 4%-5%. However, do not churn out text which is keyword rich but doesn’t engage your readers - if you do, then it doesn’t matter if you are highly placed by a Search Engine because people will arrive and then immediately get turned away by the content.

As for the keywords, they should appear at least once in first phrase of the first paragraph with other two elsewhere in the same; thrice in last paragraph(once in the last phrase); and twice in every middle paragraph. Remember don’t overdo it. A lot of vitamins even are bad of health.

Bolding, Italicizing, Underlining, Strengthening-
The place where our keywords need more importance they should be bolded, italicized, underlined or strengthened. But there is a point that should be ALWAYS kept in mind, do not use each of these effects more than one time in the text otherwise your site can be considered a spam. So, apparently you have four places to do so. If you cannot find that many places where your keywords should be emphasized two effects can be used together, such as bold or strong with italic and underlined with any of the rest three.

Post regularly-
New content has a place in every search engine. The more you update the more likely is it for the search engines to keep on indexing your blog and your posts. So make sure that you maintain a flow of new and relevant postings.

Make sure that the idea is of quality content for your readers so don’t post just for the sake of it as this will reduce the overall quality of your blog. Write when you have something essential and relevant to.

All this may bring a sense of déjà vu, if you would be a regular reader of Blogging to Fame. But, this is to let you get a hang of it, as this is the most important aspect of Blog optimization.

So Happy Blogging,
To your Success,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 7:10 AM


Hi Divya.

Came here for the first time through my Google Alert. Great blog. I wrote about your recent post at this link.

commented by Blogger Amrit, 11:41 PM  

Came from MyBlgLog. I also want to ride the fast train. Neat blog here.

commented by Anonymous shii, 9:53 PM  

This is a really good blog. Very relevant to what I am trying to do. If you have time please go to my blog at http://xy35.blogspot.com/ and comment or give me some tips on my website. I'm just starting out. I'll be sure to be a regular here. Have a great day.


commented by Blogger Mark, 10:20 PM  

I will sure visit your blogs and thanx Amrit for writing that little post. Mark you can even subscribe to the RSS feeds available to keep up with the articles.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 3:25 AM  

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