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Keyword Research and Adsense Income.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rules to Know before you play the Brain’s Game

If you have a little knowledge about the kind of shots taken in a film I’ll call this a cut-away post. Here I wont directly be talking about what to do with your blog or how to optimize blogging but something that almost every blogger who is using adsense should know.

While working for the same keywords and under same niche I serve Google Adsense as well place our Google Adwords, I made a few major discoveries. Both of these services are very important to internet marketers as well as bloggers and they serve as the two basic streams of online income to most. We basically give a dollar for our ads placed and in return giving a click to Google for same ad we earn 40- 50 cents. That can be counted as 2:1 ratio. For every adwords visitor we need the two clicks on the adsense to cover the expenditure.

So I had two different prospective of working under same niche and want to earn and be profitable from both.

From my prospective of advertisements I want keywords that people are looking for aggressively, convert well and turn out to produce good ROI. Before you place your money on those adwords a bit of keyword research is necessary. You should keep in mind the following:-
  1. Pay far less prices for your adwords clicks.
  2. Bid on good converting keywords and leave negative keywords.
  3. The conversion of your landing pages should be administered and it would be much better if you can design keyword specific landing pages. This can be done by grouping specific types of keywords and developing more relevant landing pages. This way your quality score would be much better thus improving your bid prices.
  4. Here is one more $100 tip for you. This would even help you in building your list quite easily. Most of the times gurus tell to go in for long tail keywords. Don’t do this if you want to place your ads on search engines. Optimize your site for these kind of keywords rather than wasting your resources on them. You can get this traffic organically from search engines by developing keyword relevance. But how can you benefit for your Adwords campaign. Here is the trick. Go for long-tail keyword and intentionally opt for content ads, and now your ads would be placed on more relevant websites and you can snatch their traffic quite easily. This would also reduce your pay per click amount. With your savings you can go in for other convertible keywords.

For Adsense prospective we had to concentrate on these main issues:
  1. Continuous stream of targeted traffic.
  2. Without loosing your own traffic which could either convert as your customer for your products or a future prospect, we need to produce clicks on adsense.
  3. Developing more keyword relevant blog/website to get more and more targeted web traffic by organic search engine optimization, which would prove beneficial for long term. This would again be done using keyword relevance.
  4. Making good landing pages. Having search engine friendly websites helps a lot in making high quality score landing pages.
  5. How to combine Adwords account with your Adsense to literally place your ads just not free but for net profit. Have a thought about Google Arbitrage.

A typical keyword analysis would provide you with enough knowledge not just to get similar traffic for less amount, which may be literally free for your website and later you can get all this traffic which could be acquired for quite high paying adwords ads, organically. It is extremely important to understand your competition, the profitability and the amount of money and time you invest. Using industry-developed tools for specific jobs can make it easier for people to be more professional. It can all be done in a lot more aggressive and result oriented way.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 9:53 AM


hello divya... Am arpit from ur city. Thanks for the information on adsense

commented by Anonymous Appu, 12:06 PM  

I have read your article twice and am still digesting it. I think I will have to read it a third time at least to absorb all the goodness it brings.

Giving examples pre-schoolers would understand will help. :P

Thanks for the post!

commented by Anonymous Mambo, 11:21 PM  

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