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True Indications for Blog fame.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Better Blogging graphic
With the ever increase of blogs and even more increase in the number of BUSINESS BLOGS, are you able to get some kind of attention from blogsphere? Here are true indications that influence the increase of your blog influence-

1. Getting traffic from search engines. It’s important, and as we know the search engines have literally stopped sending traffic to irrelevant web sites. You should always track your visitor’s movements. Google analytics is free and good tool that provides a quite comprehensive information.

2. Getting at least 30% of repeat blog visitors. Its key to your blog's success, if thats not the case, sit back and structure your blog again. These repeated visitors are people those make your BLOG LIVE and going.

3. Track your visitor bounces. If it’s getting on higher side like more than 50% work on this. If it gets more than 80% you might be thrown out of search engine, as they are very particular about visitor satisfaction.

4. Blogs are quite effective in creating buzz and improving online visibility. New innovative ideas to create the right BUZZ and should be integrated with your blog promotion. Your blog should be effectively made to handle and exploit the traffic you get because of this buzz.

5. Blog content is rightfully syndicated. Its a key for generating good inbound links. You don’t have to worry about where it is getting syndicated.

6. Blog design is a very important aspect for coming time. Business blogs should understand the latest trends of Web2.0 world. Navigation, links to relative content, contact information, and other related information that a visitor can look for, should be easily accessible. For your business, it is mandatory that you should be able to get the visitor information as well as direct him into your business funnel.

7. Getting blog just to get an Adsense income is a bad idea for any business blog. In long terms, you are loosing your prospect for few cents. A bit of innovation is required for small business blogs who want to support their blog through Adsense income. Even if you are talking the Adsense language, let your blog talk about information or News, anything that is useful to your visitors.

These are few important points to ponder and good to be accounted for a blog success. Few people do question me why I am not effectively using these points for this particular blog? To see these working, they will have to wait till my Branding Weblog is launched.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:10 AM


I work for a search engine marketing company and creat blogs using blogger for our clients. I really like your layout. Especially the clean adsense approach at the top.

commented by Blogger IMAutoPilot, 8:38 PM  

You are amazing, how do you have such keen insights, thanks for being a friend

commented by Blogger James, 9:07 AM  

Thank you imautopilot and james for your appreciation. I hope my blog was of help to you.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 5:07 AM  

Good Blog

commented by Blogger Deepesh, 6:02 AM  

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