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Blog Optimization- For Everything you should be concerned about.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Technorati has 55 million blogs and 75000 blogs are added daily approximately, yours may be one of them. How do you make it different so that people searching for your niche come directly to you? Various other search engines also index blogs. You need to be different and as you need to optimize your website, similarly you need to optimize your blog.

Why Optimization?

1) Increase rankings of the blog on BOTH regular search engines as well as blog/RSS search engines.

2) Increase traffic to the blog from multiple sources such as social search (Yahoo MyWeb, Google Personalized Search) and social bookmarking sites (del.icio.us, Digg, Furl or Blogmarks).

Your blog can easily appear in search engines like google and yahoo and as a matter of fact, they must. It is not at all difficult for you to make your blog attractive to search engines as they love new content. Keep in mind that your actual audience are people. Many marketers while optimizing their sites forget that, which proves to be very crucial mistake of their business life.

A blog is just a website that uses a content management system, so most standard SEO tactics apply. There are also optimization tactics specific to blogs. These tactics differ because your content is not static. So, while optimizing blogs one has to keep focus on how to use blog optimization while writing posts. As it is a very important topic of discussion we’ll be taking the elements of search engine optimization in details from the next post onward. These are:

  • Blog Content
  • Domain name
  • URL / Address of the page
  • Title Tag
  • Description Metatag
  • Headings and Bold
  • Image tags
  • Internal linking
  • External inbound links

There are other elements also which are more specific to blogs which we will also be discussing in the due course.
Till then Happy Blogging to Fame,
Divya Uttam

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