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Keyword targeting and understanding trends.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Best of all I can recommend now.

I was a part of this project from last 5 months. It has come really cool and lot beneficial.

I have been a part of the beta testing of this project and now it’s for launch within next 24 hrs.
I cant give you access into the members area but I can surely tell what you can get there.
This website host lots of great tools that helped me lot good in optimizing. Here I can always access my rankings with each post at this blog, and even get my adwords campaign profitable.

Here is the list and some details what you can expect in members area -
With the Keyword Discovery 4-in-1-premium tool, you can dig deeper and discover the top 1,000 - 10,000 keyword phrases for your primary keyword. The types of searches you can do are...

(1) The Regular Search - obtain a list of keyword phrases which must contain the root keyword you entered,

(2) A Related Search - generate an in-depth list of other related industry terms to uncover new terms, or

(3) A Spell Search - enter a keyword and get a huge list of common misspellings, and you can super size your request with a

(4) WordTrend™ Visual Keyword Report that further breaks down the 12 month count total into monthly figures to easily spot trends.

Other interesting tools you will get there:-
  • Deep-Digging Tools
  • Keyword Discovery 4-in-1,WordTrend Keyword charts
  • Quick-Digging Tools
  • Keyword Discovery Keywords, WordTracker Keywords, Overture Keywords, WordTracker
  • Thesaurus, Find Niche Products
  • Google Tools
  • Google Keyword Ranking, Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Projects
  • My Keyword Basket, Keyword List Cleaner.

This can only been given by beta testers. I thought it will be of use to you. Check out here for special invitation and you can see the preview video here and sign up for special invitation.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 6:06 AM


A great trend rider is to ride the popularity of more popular brands. Then compair your to theres. Be factual but choose any areas where you do well. Then over time you will rate well for this other brand - plus it will be relivant and a good advert.

By the way you written style is coming on really well. By the way you can use HTML to make numbered bullet lists instead of "ul" use "ol" in your pointy brackets.

I'm off to check out the stuff you have linked to.

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 8:13 AM  

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