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Optimizing blog by developing keyword relevance-II

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blog optimization graphic
The first line has always been difficult for me to write, so please excuse me for it. We were talking about how your blog design should be and how should you analyze your keywords. It is not always possible to write directly on a certain keyword. It can hamper your quality and that is not we are supposed to do. In direct terms, do not try to include keywords unnecessarily. So, what is the keyword relevance buzz all about? Its not about stuffing keywords for sure.

If you are being a nice boy/girl and doing your homework regularly which I gave you in “7 Truths for increasing your blog's social likebility! “, you would have gone through a lot of blogs by now. Whoa! Am I talking like a teacher here. Anyways, if you are doing it, and read a few posts sincerely, you would have noticed the posts that have a personal touch and quality of writing blended together in appropriate proportions are more fun to read. If I guess it right, by now you would have been a regular visitor to such blogs.

What is the best part of blogging? For me, it is when people come, read and comment on my posts. And, how will they come to me? Some through communities, some through directories and other resources, but a major chunk of traffic comes from search engines. With so many sites competing for the same keyword, keeping your blog keyword targeted helps you win the search engine game. The secret here is to make a cocktail of both the points I mentioned above. Keyword relevancy and your own personal charisma.

In earlier post we were talking about keyword analysis, where you need to search for keywords that are easy to achieve the 1st position for, in search engine result pages(SERPs). You got to do one more thing here. Search in and around keywords and for long tail keywords(long phrases, like “how to optimize blogging”). When searching for different keywords, make a list of all the keywords relevant to your primary keyword. Make sure that you include some of these while writing your posts. This will help to lay a foundation for your primary keyword and slowly building reputation, telling search engines about why your blog should be ranked well in highly searched keywords. The answer is simple, because you have developed keyword relevancy, which will bring highly targeted traffic which is easily convertible. People searching for long tail keywords are less in number but are more convertible. Their search is specific and ranking good for such keywords help monetize your blog.

Now, we will discuss our remaining elements:-

3. Title of the blog- What is your blog called? Is it by your company name or your own name? How long is it? Title is something that is noticed by both the search engine and your visitor. Having your Company name or your own name is good but it is not of interest to either of the two, if particularly they are not searching for it. You can include it if you want to but use it only at the end of the title, but firstly it should have your primary keyword. It is very necessary that your blog title conveys the reason for the existence of your blog, what is it all about. A short and crisp message can hypnotize visitors to read your posts.
optimize blogging graphic
4. Post Titles- While choosing your posts’ title it is essential to include your keywords in it. It should be attractive and curious enough to make your visitor read your post. Writing attractive and keyword relevant titles are harder to write but as they say hard work always pays. When a person searches for certain term search engines tend to look in the post titles and your post is displayed easily. Using long tail keywords as your post titles can be of certain help. Post titles are as important as good headlines.

What length should be your post’s title?
“It is like girl’s skirt, long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest”.
I think that answers it the best.

5. Keyword density- It means the ratio between your keyword and the total number of words in your post multiplied by 100. So now who will tell me what should be the keyword density of your page? Lets take it as a quiz. Common it’s a very simple question, answer me.

Till then
Happy Blogging to Fame!
Divya Uttam

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Optimizing Blog by Developing Keyword Relevance

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posted by Divya Uttam, 9:45 AM


There are two fazes required One is getting them there Two is keeping them there.

If you spend all of you energy on getting them there there is nothing left to spend on keeping them there. In this Keyword come second place to creating a headline that grabs your visitors attention. If this fizzy line contains a keyword tis is a happy bonus.

You've won a runner up on the banner imps contest BTW.

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 11:27 AM  

Headlines are an important part of the post and they should be carefully drafted.

To make visitors your readers first they should become your visitors. that is where keyword relevancy comes in play. Developing keyword relevance make a blog search engine more reasons to place you in compeling keywords.This way relevant content sites are placed much above the high page rank sites on the basis you have better content good for search engine's users.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:20 PM  

Having made the entry into this blog through a Community (MyBlogLog) and not thru a search, I wanted to have your opinion on the impact of this posts' headline on the traffic that you attract?...if so how do you measure it?

Another aspect about attracting/retaining visitors - how do you track the individual blighters?

But really glad to see your efforts.. must say you have hit upon the right subject; common to all who put a finger to the keyboard (^_^)... nicer that you happen to be from India.

commented by Anonymous Rajas, 6:51 AM  

Its true that for now most traffic we are getting most traffic from the communities I am into. As your concern is very appropriate for tracking the visitors. As for now we track using http://www.google.com/analytics/, which is very helpful and accurate. If you are syndicating your content then Feed burner would also be good to know about the traffic source as well who is syndicating your content.
With developing Keyword relevancy you get more in and around keyword top position for your keywords. As this blog is 3 months old, Google bot visit’s in a week’s time so this post is not yet indexed. I have been successful in obtaining good positions for few of my keywords just by developing keyword relevance.
If your headline is carrying your keyword, its always helpful from SEPV, and it have helped me. It’s the main reason for getting multiple result from the same website in organic rankings.
As far I have researched many times a website/blog outrank quite high page rank one’s, just because they are more relevant to searched term even though both sites are from same niches.
Retaining visitors comes under your strategy. An important aspect in Internet
Thanks for the appreciation and I look forward for your visits and suggestions.

Right now I am into development of my main website cum blog BloggingToFame.com.I am looking for the factors which determine a Bloggers success.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:26 AM  


Some of this might be a little off-topic; couldn't find another way to contact you.

You were the first to comment on a blog that will be shut down asap. My, and all of our, energies need to be concentrated to be most effective.

Now, to you and this post. Headlines and women's skirts. Never thought of it that way, but it has validity. If we make a big deal of putting all of our thoughts into the Title/Headline what's left?

I'm getting too wordy with my comment (again). Please visit me at Thoughts & Philosophies. I want to start interviews soon.

If my email isn't in my profile, yell out. It should be.


commented by Blogger Carolyn Manning, 11:06 AM  

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