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Blogging model for quality Business Leads.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Read it only if you are here to do business.

We have been taking about the growing emphasis of blogging and its role in online marketing. This blog and more of our ventures are in getting and improving is to get your blog more and more result oriented marketing with the power of blog.

In comparison to normal websites, which we found so difficult to even get indexed, blogs are a boom for Internet marketers and all those who have much to contribute. Blog have more ways to leave its footmarks(or I should say... Bookmarks) to let search engine to follow and index them but giving enough reasons to get their much loved frequent visits.

Here we will be discussing and discussing the in-depth analysis of many other blogs and how to make your blog more success to get fame. And key to help you as much possible in your business ventures using blogs.

Before even starting there are two things to be taken.
1- Marketing your blog.
2- Marketing through your blog.

Now I don’t know how I will be taking these issues but both are Important and to be taken care of. We will be dealing on both mentioned above and other important issues as they come by, as this is a blog and not a book.

Marketing is done best among the people who you know and influence. Marketing to the people who you link best, lowers your customer accusation cost. Big mistake most online marketers do is to take online marketing as just fun and do irrelevant stuff, or some putting lots of effort but in many direction and loose focus, hence never getting the disered significant results. Blogging in a same flow requires focus whether you are doing for yourself or for your company. You should be providing answers to problem or interests for which the visitors are at your blog after all their searching. You should be clear and have proper mindset for blogging.

Blogging as I always said is a double-edged sword, rather its getting multi edged sword. It takes time to get your blog start working as your marketing agent and get most from your marketing efforts. Here are keys to gain more highly targeted leads for your business.

As we all know Blogs are darling favorites of our Favorite Search Engine. Moreover if you bookmark and Tag (which eventually are your keywords) your blog at most social book marking websites. Now from all these places you are getting laser-targeted traffic. These visitors are from the sources they trust and so you get some credibility.

Now starts the other part of the whole marketing. You have the visitors from the most favored sites. We even can say a reliable visitor who can be a good lead or prospect for your business. This visitor has come all the way searching from search engine to your blog or from search engine to social book marking websites to your blog.

So we can say blog can be your company’s landing page in action or dialogue. Yes you can have most targeted traffic and most convertable prospects, but the thing to remember is a blog is not a sales page. You can discuss about the features of your product and how it has been helping people, though. But it would be worth mentioning again- NO DIRECT SELLING, PLEASE.

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Till then,
Happy blogging to fame,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 8:05 AM


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