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When Every thing you do is Spam...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

When internet is flooding with get-rich-quick schemes, dubious products and effortless-business opportunities to make your dream come true, it makes it very easy for people not to trust you and your ideas and services you provide. You are regarded as a sales person who wants to force your visitors in buying some product from him, when your product is genuine and can help them. People tend to keep a suspicious eye on you, as if every time you talk to them, it is your own benefit. When you leave a related URL in a post’s comment which leads to your site/blog, you are doing comment spamming according to the owner to benefit from his blog to take advantage of his page-rank. It is not their or your fault, it is being happening on net over time.

What all is actually Spam?

Spam is forceful propagation of any content. In our world, it is excessive repetition: Multiple meaningless posts to forums and unsolicited mail are two frequent examples. For SEO experts it includes stuffing keywords in their blog/site, duplicate content, unnatural link structures and posting of irrelevant links in comments, forums, guestbooks and membership lists. Normally all onsite spamming is done to either gain links or traffic or both.

Kinds Of Onsite Spamming-

Wikipedia Spamming- Google is biased towards links from wikipedia. So how do bloggers and other website owners get this to increase their rank. Stuff wikipedia with their links because it is a user driven and edited resource. Normally such links get removed but some deeply placed links on the pages with fewer people visiting remain untouched. Others contribute to it just to get their links in the articles written by them.

Referrer Spam- This is the kind that is aimed at search engines.It manipulates search engine rankings by creating what are in effect fake inbound links. It is done by a spammer by making repeated requests to see your website using a fake referrer URL that points to the site the spammer wishes to advertise. For sites who publicize their access logs, end up linking to the spammers site which includes referrer statistics, which in turn would get indexed when search engines crawl these logs. This increases the incoming link count. Some sites/blogs are attacked so much by such spammers that their band width has no space left to handle real traffic.

Trackback Spam- It is again done to receive incoming links. Sites which support trackback are attacked by such spammers. They would either publish an article with no relevancy or usefulness what so ever just to ping to get a link back.

Comment Spam- The very famous and easy way to spam is comment spam. Leaving a comment just to provide a link to their own site whether it is relevant or not, to gain links from high page rank blog is one of the blog spammers favorite.

Everything is spam, if they call it spam

Now that everybody is so troubled and annoyed by spammers and wish to fight spam they have started considering every step you want to take as spam. Specially the big shots of the blogging industry would not include your comment if it contains a link to your blog or website whether it is relevant or not. So, from the next time you put a comment don’t include a link if you are not linking another A-list blogger or Google or Yahoo.

Digg is very conscious about getting spammed. They are by nature anti-marketing and anti-SEO, so the next time you might be writing a story on Search engine optimization beware, you might be tagged as a spammer. With all the earlier evidence they have against such stuff, it is hard for them to believe that you are sincere to your efforts.

The internet can offer an opportunity for companies to market themselves and their products inexpensively and effectively, but you need to exercise considerable care to ensure that your method, or your message, doesn't get you into legal or other difficulties.

The strength of the barrier that Anti-spam filters pose is so low that it can be over-powered by the sheer number of spammers. Spamming is so much economically viable and incur much less costs than advertising that anybody can be lulled into doing so. But beware even you can be termed as a spammer by the overcautious because of the overindulgent.

Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:42 PM


Its a tough world out there on the Internet with all the spam getting around.

I too, had encountered what you did - not getting comments approved because you wanted to recommend them your article and forums not allowing signatures, even if all you wanted was to post your primary website URL.

Another problem was with spam filtering. While most spam filters work well, there are some good blog comments that got listed as spam, and for a person who doesn't check his spam box very often like me, messages will just not get across.

I read a book recently and the author thinks that spamming works - afterall, if it doesn't, why are people still spamming? I guess there are just some people out there without the proper business ethics :/

Anyway, its the end of the year. Your blog has been a great read! Happy new year!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:58 PM  

Of course unethical business works. Crime pays, because if it didn't, there wouldn't be any.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:36 PM  

When we comment on each others blog is that "spam"? I think not! When we add our pitchs it just adds to the reader's options and besides isn't that what the owner of the blog is looking for (visitors)?
And now for my pithch: This is my invitation to you to join my community and visit my Blog: A Hannah Montana Fan Blog Please leave a comment, your opinion, suggestion or any tip on how to improve my blog.

We have been using LinkMachine for our link building and recommend it highly.

For those fellow bloggers and blog friends not into MyBlogLog yet check out the buzz on Hannah Montana. Come aboard, its fun and an interesting way to meet people online.

These comments were made for free however, the LinkMachine link is an affiliate link. MarkH

commented by Blogger MarkH, 8:38 AM  

When everything you do is Spam.
Certainly I agree to it somewhat, specialy when something totally unrelated to you blog or forum is attacking it or trying to create its own presence forcefully.IMO it is every individual's responsibility not to spam.

commented by Blogger Unknown, 2:54 AM  

Now i'm not in a position to leave a comment because akismet decided that I'm a spammer.

Everything is spam, if they call it spam, isn't it?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:12 PM  

Thanks for the additional mention of Spam Filters, Kian Ann. Search for the term ethical spamming on Google and you may find some incidents where spammers left a apology note after spamming, saying they are ethical Spammers.

Crime pays and spam works sometimes, but none gives you respect of the society, the choice is your Juha.

Mr. HM Fan commenting is not Spam but irrelevant comments just to promote you site where you have nothing important to say is one surely.

I agree to you Dave and Franciov you are always welcome to comment here, because I know that you cannot ever be a spammer.

Whatever you people wish to share is important for Blogging to fame.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 8:34 AM  

I am a newbie to blogging, and learning as I go. I don't want to behave irresponsibly or spam in the blogging world. Thanks for making me aware of some things to be aware of. I just enabled trackbacks in my posts in Blogger. Now I am worried that I am going to get spammed. What do you suggest I do?

commented by Blogger John's Universe, 3:11 AM  

Great article, especially after spending a day clearing up spam comments in my blogs.. :-(

commented by Blogger JCM, 4:46 PM  

Spam is sucks so bad because, from a consumer vantage point, I don't trust people with no ethics. They have already proven to not care about the sanctity of my email, my blog, my ....whatever.

Oh and for me to then purchase from them? Hell no.

Networking is totally different. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Let's just be up front with it.

We wouldn't call TV commercials spam because we know that's the price to get "Free TV shows."

By the way...you come to my site and you'll see some ads. I will NOT throw those ads at you in the form of email or spam your blog with them. It's disrespectful.

In one day I had over 1000 comment spams that my spam software caught at my wordpress blog. [http://samsara.ihostyou.com]

THAT is infuriating. The same IP shows up. I end up blocking them at the root.

I also have an advantage.

I am a member of the Stumbleupon community to which I lovingly thumb down websites and call them spammers publically - where a whole bunch of people get to see me do it.

commented by Blogger Samsara, 2:45 PM  

I amtrying to do some spam. I hope it will help me :d
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commented by Blogger hackaback, 4:40 AM  

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