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Blog Optimization- Is Content the Only Real King online?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

One of the biggest myth people are told or made to believe is “Content is the Only King Online”. Well I agree its half truth. But by just putting content on to your website, will it start working? Do you suppose everybody on net has all the time to read what you have written? You might put in every bit of your knowledge and originality in your posts but would not be able to convert visitors to readers.

Some website owners and even bloggers do not bother to write on their own and would straight away copy A-list bloggers word by word. They just fall for so many means, developing all kind of content from crap to recycling of others information to the content of little use. Their content is meant for the search engines. As for my understanding of search engines, I can expect easily that if your content is not consumed or absorbed by the visitors, your staying up with search engine traffic would be doubtful. Sooner or later.

What is content?

Content can be text, pictures, and any thing, which can be consumed here on web by your visitor. Types of content in general:

Traditional Content- Content generated by media people, niche authority, and researches.

User driven Content or User-generated content- After all we are in web2.0 world it’s the user who drive content. When Ms Dewey search engine started it was not introduced with a big launch. People started talking about it in their blogs, forums and where ever they could, and made it popular. So it was the power of User driven content that made it in vogue. Pod casting, video casting and all the blogs suffice because it is user driven and easily consumable.

Usablitiy and Accessibility-

The old saying that customer is your God is the basic truth on Internet. Usability and accessibility is to be tightly focused and is key to the success for any blog or website. If my blog is about business blogging and I keep on telling you what it is all about, all the time, you would soon loose interest. You wont other times have the time to read every word I write even if it a treasure of knowledge.

Everybody is searching for something when he accidentally lands on your blog or site, through search engine result pages(SERPs). You would say blogs exist because of their content, I will say you are perfectly right, but how much your content is consumed depends upon its usability. The information you provide is apt, that is why you appear in SERPs, but will your visitor stay to read it and click on what you want him to click and get into your conversion funnel.

Learning from past

When we are pondering about the usability of the content, the first point to keep in mind is to make it accessible. It is very obvious you’re your content won’t be consumed till it is accessible. Generation of high quality content cannot be underestimated and becoming source of high quality would be always benefited. The point of concern is generally is traffic and on that targeted traffic, and creating more ways to get your content consumed.

Many content sites and blogs become an important hub by providing the quality content or even links from over the web through varied websites and blog by the power of syndication. This cannot be said to be very qualitative but many times the information/content is repackaged or scripted for better accessibility by the end viewer or to the consumer. It can even be seen in the growth of building quality directories (main reason why directories are rated so highly and this is why DMOZ is so highly rated.) People who are around here in web from time, do have an un-doubtful benefit of having quality content but even then they just have to make it more accessible in this era of content overload.

Infinite Content and Choice = Overwhelming confusion.

Work to remove these confusions by providing a clear picture of your business, creating as well providing more channels for accessibility to your content. You can get more qualified visitors and hence more targeted traffic to blog as well to your website. After making it accessible to the visitor you have to make it consumable, to convert him/her to your customer.

So how new startups can be benefited with and structure online presence.
It’s more than just important to have web presence. Its 2nd phase of Information revolution and establish business online is getting very essential.

Growing naturally and found in the appropriate places search engine develops more credibility for your website or blog and hence show you on more of their results. Search engines never reveal the vital information, and even keeps minute details of yours, you even might not be aware of it yourself. This makes us think more deeply on key issues of blog optimization like Link building or buying links from high Page Rank sites.

Still then who is the Real King as for now?

I would take that in next post. Few things for now-
Make your worth, Make your business Interesting, Make it viral (and it is only if your business is consumer benefit centered).

A word of caution: “If your Business model on web is boring and your website sucks, you are already out of business.”

For you success,
Divya Uttam,
Happy Blogging

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posted by Divya Uttam, 9:36 AM


All these points are great but

Value of a blog = Value of the blogger x time invested x promotions.

A domain expert ends up creating a better blog because of his/her own value. Some people are good at promoting it and I think there is a big scope for innovation here. Investing more time in research will bring in better post.

There is no short cut to fame, only hard work.

I will be writing at hedir for a month on blogs. One article that might help http://www.hedir.com/technorati.html

I liked your targeted blog. I will devote some time tomorrow.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:36 AM  

Divya, your topics continue to teach me. I want my readers to learn from you as well. I will add you to my blog roll. I am amazed by your use of western slang. Did you go to school in the US

commented by Blogger JD, 8:10 AM  

Thank you Ajin for your advice. I hope it will help my readers.

James, thank you for appreciating me, and I will try to take up as varied topics about blogging as possible, to cover something about everything. James there is one peice of advice though, enable your blogger profile so that I as well as others visit your blog. Or you can even drop in your blog's link.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 8:36 AM  

You have 16 blog raeders right......good job.

commented by Blogger Rony John, 11:18 PM  


your writing style is wonderful. Content rich. Well, I have my views on blogs to share. Will do it tomorrow. I write a blog on Technology. I am slowly making blogging my professional. Nice to meet you :)

commented by Blogger Ramanathan, 5:57 AM  

I am a novice in blogging but find your posts very useful. I am stuck with adding features like sidebar and layout even though I am a Blogger. Can you please suggest ways out of it?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:30 PM  

I have read a quote in some book saying: Abundance of information leads to scarcity of attention. I feel this is quite true for blogosphere. Increasing your blog visibility is not an easy task at the same time its not a rocket science.
Divya, Your blog has lots of content to help bloggers succeed.
I have few points to make:
If you are particular about a domain and you have enough knowledge in that vertical, it is pretty easy to get noticed.
1. Find out famous blogs in your vertical. Interact in the discussions through comments in the well known blogs of your vertical.
2.Try to interact quickly on your blog if there are any hot topics raised in your vertical.
3.Try to write a series of posts like, Daily Tip or Weekly Tips to convert new visitors into frequest visitors

Thats it!
Wish you Happy and Profitable Blogging!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:39 AM  

Great blog, interesting reading and unlike most, really good format.

Could you use some photos, make it even livlier, see wht I mean:



commented by Blogger txdave, 12:39 PM  

Hi Divya,
Content is definitely King. The real meaning to it is that when you generate enough good content it will bring organic traffic to your site over time through google/yahoo/msn etc. However, if you don't maintain the quality or regular updates to your site, then you will not retain them. Offcourse you can get them once as visitors but will not remain long on your property.

What are the techniques to retain the visitors?
1) First impression is the best impression. It is like 'Love at first site'. So, your website should be appealing.
2) Should have good titles/descriptions to make the user dig deeper.
3) Content writing should have a style.
4) If you are one person blogger on your site, then sticking to one or two topics is best instead of jumoing around and touch too many subjects.

Content is no doubt a king but should follow some discipline.

Best regards
bloggers (www.enewss.com)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:28 AM  

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