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Blog Optimization: Its Just not Page Rank

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Power of Keyword Optimization for your Blog.

Page Rank defines your importance on net but it is very general overview of any webpage. Google’s Rank Analysis is far more complex than what you see in your Google Toolbar and it is definitely not all about 0 to 10.

Now a days even personal blogs have a high page rank. They have page rank because they are healthy and updated regularly and are recommended by many other personal blogs but from Search Engine ranking and visibility point of view they are found only by the name of author. Their ranking is not based on any specific keyword but it shows the overall structure of the blog.

Google Page Rank is the most generalized average of the various Ranking Factors. Your website ranking might be ‘six’ but it may not be found in the Search results related to your site theme, and a blog of page rank 4 might be on the top results. Sometimes you can find 0 page rank blogs on the top results according to their themed keywords.

So its not about Page Rank, its about Theme Sensitive Page Rank. It is web visibility, on your keywords.

With already available content and high paged ranked pages makes it practically impossible to start a blog. So how can you go for already existing competition or move ahead in business. The concept of page rank put forward by many search engine experts is far from reality. We have been discussing various trends in our previous posts. The extract from them is that the latest positioning of blogs/websites in Search Engine Results Page is based on Google’s new technology Topic Specific Page Rank, which can only be obtained through developing keyword relevance and keyword optimization of your blog/website.

Keys that indicate your Topic Specific Page Rank

  • Focused and targeted niches in large market.
  • The Title tags that are specific to each page and not common for the whole site.
  • Targeted keyword optimized webpages.
  • Inbound links from related authority sites.
  • Inbound links from the very related categories of human edited directories like Yahoo Directory and DMOZ.

Keyword optimization is not restricted to only onsite factors but also to overall structure as well as offsite factors of your blog. It depends on how effectively your blog handles your business issues. It is the tool through which you can relate your visitors to your business. How effectively it is told to them about your blog and market you deal with, through your keywords effects your success invariably. Only a good marketer will tell you how important a well keyword optimized webpage can be to your online business.

Blog can be keyword optimized by usual routine activities
  1. Developing focused category based folder and sub folder. http://www.yrdomain.com/index.php?action=resource to better ones like yrdomain.com/blogging/secrets.
  2. Getting links only from websites and blog themed to your blog, otherwise those Links are discounted by Google and other search engines.
  3. Getting various anchor text inbound links from websites related to your niche.
  4. Providing theme based and targeted, specific tightly keyword based Feeds from your site.
  5. Submitting your blog to multiple Search Engine Friendly Directories.
  6. Overall Website Structure should be evenly divided on all your important keywords.
  7. Use your keywords while you link to internal pages for more targeting.
  8. You should address to the deep issues in your niche, and not just the general ones. This would help you to become an important site regarding that niche from SEPV.

For the people who are really serious about their online business and have long-term plans for their blog should look ahead than just blogging platform and move forward to Content Management System. We will be dealing on these issues in upcoming posts.

For now,
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:25 AM


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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:06 PM  

Lts of good stuff here but I wonder why this blog is still a PR0? How old is it and do you actively try for backlinks to this blog?

commented by Blogger MarkH, 7:23 AM  

I did up a similar post.
It all boils down to your content.

If you want folks to link to you, give them a reason to with some good content.

There is no easy PR trick, it's all time consuming work.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:55 AM  

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