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Neither Content Nor Links

Monday, December 18, 2006

Blog Optimizaton Graphic“Blog Optimization”- Understanding the blend of quality content and link building.

Experience and self-practice are the best tools that you can develop. All marketing strategies and black hat techniques can only work in your favor if they are meant to help end user. Focus on this point and nobody will have a problem with how much profitable it turns for you and it’s all your praise.

Present scenario:

There is far more content and information available on the net today, than we had a few years back. It is the time, when distribution channels are overloaded with content, which is also known as information overload. This makes even more important to develop a more proper mechanism to get this content consumed.

Readers and visitors have lot less time to read your content because they have other options to find the information they need and in an easier way. They want to move forward. They are looking for instant salvation. But before we move to improving visitor experience at your business blog or website, we take the obviously important: “get visitors to your blog”. This point was also touched in the last post when we were talking about Accessibility.

Have a clear focus on what you want from your blog/website and what your reader needs!

Which is more important to you?

Alexa ranking or Google ranking, traffic or relevant content.

This makes it even more important for us to use every channel for getting visitor to our site/blog– organic search engine traffic, traffic from ppc search engines, and contextual ads, traffic from websites linking to yours.

Get innovating viral techniques to get readers in your blog. If it is effective enough they are the ones who will carry it forward for its quality. A few more linkbaiting ideas will be required here. Then again, this will only work when they will reach your blog. The biggest question for average website/blog owners is whether or not would they ever going to get any audience to their website, and optimizing the worth of each visitor.

Keys to improve your web-presence for your blog:

  • Developing content, which is for direct benefit of user.
  • Syndicating the latest developments, and how user can be benefited from it.
  • Developing Link structure. It should look more natural, look like recommendation and not like advertisement or sponsors for maximum advantage. It is also lot more beneficial if your links are coming from varied sites with varied page rank pages.
  • Using Press releases for getting inbound links from authority sites. You can use it for your website launch, for any development, if handled properly, can give your business a real boost.
  • Improving social worth of your blog.
  • Providing only outbound link when required. Just linking to other sites could make your blog to be taken as hub site and search engines would stop displaying your pages on search request.
  • Never leave your free traffic, and this is all the more applicable for the paid traffic, without getting them in your list. You might be leaving lots of money on the table, there. With the blog and other conversion channels on your website, your ROI would be much better, than it would have been otherwise.

It is very important to give more reasons as well as ways to the people to come to your website. After getting them there, a proper strategy would be required to funnel those visitors into your conversion funnel.

You will have to keep a check on the future changes in search engine ranking algorithm as well their way to provide search results, and how your business is going to be affected. If you are Blogging to Fame and considering Internet as place where you want stay, you better develop clear strategies to contour these long-term problems from day today.

Linking has been crowned the present king by the search engines. It has come over ages. From links just from any website back in time to the consideration of relevant and quality links today, their importance have been maintained throughout. But, something changed in the strategies of search engines. They have become more aware of how and from where you get links from. They focus on providing useful search results to their visitors. A link from a high ranking gaming site will have no relevance for an internet marketing or a news site. So buying links from any site would not work for you now as it had been once.

Linking and its importance cannot be discussed without dedicating a full post to it. But, in short people will link to you, only if you have something important or interesting to share with their visitors. They have their image at stake when they refer you. So, how will this be achieved? By providing them good content. Your visitors decide whether to link to you or not, or whether they want to subscribe to your feeds by reading the first 200 words.

So the key is to get valuable content at your website. We have discussed in some previous posts on how to write content, one of them is Blog Optimization: Content and its Supremacy. Build some web2.0 features for your website, and make it sociable. Give proper updates through your blog. Content is an Emperor, because it helps you gaining links. Alone it will have no value till you work to get it consumed and use its power.

Divya Uttam,
Happy Blogging

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posted by Divya Uttam, 4:36 AM


I'm always impressed by your blog articles!

Anyway... my thoughts - some may argue that business blogs are used to create conversations and feedback.. but I think ultimately the goal of most business blogs ties in back to the revenue. :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:21 AM  

I had an opportunity to work on SEO related issues for last few years.

Content rules but you will have to have patience and forgiveness as anyone can beat you with more links and less content. In long run you will win but none of us can have the patience.

Do link:http://yoursite.com -link:http://yourcompetitor.com -site:http://yourcompetitor.com keyword in yahoo to get the best links. Most of the times either it is a paid one or exchanged one (mainly for commercial keyphrases).

Building links with innovative ways and sometimes with traditional ways, blogs are better at getting links.

Thats the reason we say

BLOG == Better listing on Google :).

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:06 AM  

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