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Enough… Make your blog work.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Word of Caution:- Core and serious bloggers might find the information in this post disgusting.

In many of my post like exact mindset of blogging, I said that it’s your part and your job to make your readers read your content. But How to get your blog content more consumed?
Blogging can be done for many reasons, like for improving visibility of your website, for improving Adsense revenue, making yourself more known by improving your feeds distribution and building incoming links.. All these are the reasons why most of the people start blogging.

It is more for providing more relevant information, more instantly who subscribe to those blogs. This is best handled by technology blogs who actually do have most frequent updates, this makes people more and more attracted towards starting technology blog. The game is simple for many who know how the direction of the tide and the way to ride it.

How do bloggers earn Adsense income using blogs without even writing posts, most simple but effective way?

Though this is not my favorite way and neither do I recommend it, but bloggers do follow it and earn in thousands using adsense.

If you simply want to earn good Adsense income and revenue by just putting ads in your blog, it can be done by using the given in these steps:
  • Look for best content blogs who owns the fresh content as well can be trusted source of information.
  • Subscribe to their feeds and put them into your blog. Its important to give link back to the websites/blogs from where you are taking the feeds. You can very easily manage a blog by directly feeding your blog using “RSS to HTML”
  • Put your Adsense ads between these feeds. Bloggers generally match them and many quite questionably put their ads before their content, on the top. Put your some brains, a little bit of innovation, no breakthroughs required and you are done.
Writing posts is a very obvious way to create good name on internet. You can even follow both methods using your niche related RSS feeds and writing good and relevant posts. Optimize your blog. Publicize your own feeds, ping quite often, even twice a day if you have that many updates, and if you already own an optimized blog, which show up in search engine results, it could turn into a money machine.

For most people its fine but there is a totally different group of bloggers who are into totally different plan.

Almost every blogger wants to be an Authority blogger but in order to do so a few loose their track by making their blog too complex. They try to be far more idealistic than realistic.
They lag in most important concept of civilization i.e. Communication. Blogs are for communicating which should be in a simple and an effective way. Things, which are very successful, are very easily acceptable by the community. So many times on the Internet anything appearing to be complex from outside are of no use when thoroughly explored. Most carry Hype and then turn out to be a total waste of time and effort it took to create all the hype and seriously out of business.

I was into a good read few days back where I learned how communities in Digg and in similar sites are created by just building democratic groups. Most people vote for each other stories so as to gain position on their desired keywords or tags. Many bloggers keep on trying to make their post more diggable. Many have written and most people keep on writing about how to get your post dugg.

Here is a crude truth and should be known by all new bloggers, who want to create good income through proper blogging.
  1. Your blog Page rank should be really good. It should be at least 6. You need to already have a big fan club or big community and you have already build reputation among all your readers and even among new visitors. You need to know how you should write your content so that readers should read it and hypnotically vote it or bookmark it.This is pure Blogging, as an opportunity, and cashing it to its max without any core business behind it. After all we are part of Information Revolution and where you can actually resell or even Upsell information.To get here you have an obvious solution, which do require about 6 months time.It’s your blog design, SEO and usability of your blog.
  2. Building a circle of bloggers that votes for your blog. You vote for their blog and they return the favor, this will put you in top of your niche keyword and tags. Many people oppose this idea and take this as spamming. Though it cant be regarded as purely illegal as everybody has a right to bookmark and vote for their desired posts. It effects that lot who don’t use it or who cant build these kind of circles.
  3. Technorati doesn’t discount reciprocal links. So you can very easily exchange links from as many blogs as possible and get your blog to the top position for your technorati tags. This may not be very valuable from search engine point of view. But it does benefit being at top of technorati as it give your blog a much needed exposure.
So if you find these methods ethical, go forward and use them. A point I would like to mention here is that people use them and it also helps them to make them popular. If you totally believe in being an Authority Blog, it is sure to increase your reach, But I would still mention DON’T COMPROMIZE THE QUALITY OF YOUR BLOG, and try being a long term player. Use these methods if you wish to apart from your quality blogging to increase your visibility but don’t just use these forgetting about what information you provide to the world. Your blog is meant for other people to benefit from. Don’t give them crap. It would degrade your blogs appeal and then you can forget about returning visitors.

To your Success,
Divya Uttam
Happy Blogging to Fame

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