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Catch Hold of the 2007 Blogging Trends

Monday, January 01, 2007

Blogging set its new records in 2006, but this New Year will see it rising to its peek. With almost everybody who is inhaling oxygen and on the web with a blog is telling the world about it.

A few analysts reported that there will be a 100 million blogs by the mid of this year. According to Technorati a 100,000 new blogs are created everyday and 1.3 million posts are written. Out of 57 million blogs which are being tracked, more than 55% are active and updating atleast every three months.

With so much to write and so much to talk about 2007 will witness many trends that will be followed:-

1. Staying Ranked- From being ranked to staying ranked, the newer bloggers who want to get noticed will have to work harder. They will have to visit established blogs, comment regularly, write good content and let other bloggers know about that content. They will have to participate in as many blog directories as they can find and participate in legitimate traffic generating initiatives such as BlogExplosion.

2. Social bookmarking sites will maintain their importance and more- With sites like Digg, Del.icio.us, Newsvine, Reddit, Blinklist and others where the list is endless, Social Bookmarking gave blogs a new meaning. Submitting stories to make them more popular and to make the best out of your social circle on internet, these sites have revolutionized the outlook. With room for plenty of growth, this trendsetter is there to stay and tighten its grip.

3. Link building and Link exchange is beneficial will remain a paradox- Linking has been important aspect over time both for web visibility and better Search Engine ranking, but there has been an ongoing debate over link exchange issue. Technorati ranks a blog on the number of links you receive from other blogs and does not mind link exchange, which justifies it, is much contradictory to Google that discounts reciprocal linking(and not always though). The Debate Continues…

4. Niche Blogs Rule- Blogs dedicated to a targeted consumers and market are getting more and more popular and would continue to reign the Blogosphere. Trends show an increased number of themed blogs and they would be regarded as the extension of public relations department of every company. More corporations, businesses and private institutions will get into blogging. Corporate blogging seems like a good idea if you want to get your message across without the "hardsell."

5.RSS would go mainstream- With sites like Feedburner and Feedster getting into the business it had made it easier for the not so geeky to implement the technology and made them love it all the more. It brings every information on to the one place and made it easier to skim through more and more information. For the bloggers it is necessary to syndicate their feeds as to get more traffic as well as popularity.

6. Cost Effective marketing- Its all about what Blogs are best at, and that is spreading information through developing user generated content and advertising. Viral and Referral marketing which are based on it will be booming. Viral and Referral marketing is the art of getting people, who may not even be your customers, to refer your product or service to other people, typically their friends or acquaintances. Read Viral Marketing Vs. Search Engine Optimization to know more.

7.Group Blogging is on the high- Everybody is not well equipped in every field and obviously not an expert. Bigger blogs have started taking in more authors and had made it a group effort with everyone handling of what they are master of, providing a class apart content and better information. You are sure to see a rise in it in the coming year.

With the onset of 2007, Blogging to Fame will emerge as a popular blog around, picking important topics and providing more useful information, guiding on how to Blog your way to fame.

Happy Blogging through a Prosperous year ahead,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:49 AM


Is 'group blogging' the same as the 'team' blogs you see around?

commented by Blogger Maddy, 12:50 PM  

Fantastic post, I think your predictions are right on. I would like to add one more 07 topic. Payperpost. It is my opinion, that user content, (blogs) is about authenticity, a clear and tight connection between the content and its owner. Understanding this, with the rise in paid postings, authenticity is compromised. Payperpost is only going to blow-up in 07. This WILL impact the blogoshpere, now the question is how?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:17 PM  

I think 2007 will separate the hard core credible bloggers from the junk spam bloggers.

People are naturally attracted to relationships and visiting with people of like interests.

I've decided to spend the better part of 2007 learning the fundamentals of link building, including the psychology of link building.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:23 PM  

Precisely group blogging and team blogging are the same, but it can be done in many ways, which can make it more effective. This is for sure, that its full year up and we will see many new trends and methods, as blogsphere is yet to mature to the fullest.

And definitely, Linking would be Hot as always, very complex, very rewarding at times but if not done logically, can hurt badly this year.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:24 AM  

Team blogging is my vision for blackinbusiness.org. I envision a series of blackin;ie, blackinschool,blackinpolitics,blackineurope, etc.Each topic would have a different author and fall under blackinbusiness. My target is the everyday black but I am finding interested people of all races. Thanks for another excellent post.

commented by Blogger JD, 7:47 AM  

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