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5 basic rules of Blogging

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blogging is not just about writing posts it also involves driving targeted audience (people who are interested in what you write), to your blog. This traffic then has to be guided through the blogging funnel i.e. it has to be engaged, well informed and more than satisfied, only then it becomes your lifetime fan following.

Traffic + Blogging Funnel= Fan following

Keeping this formula in your mind will help you in your blogging because you will realize that you not only have to generate traffic, but also turn those visitors into fans.

Furthermore, here are 5 basic rules to follow when aplying this formula. These rules are relevant to all forms of blogging but are especially important for the new bloggers who can put in lots of effort without moving in the right direction and can become easily discouraged.

1. All Blogging involves RISK.

I expect all your eyes fixed on this one. This may not be a direct financial or physical risk, but will be equivalent if you’re a serious blogger. Its obvious if you blog, you will attract attention and for good. Whatever you write and how you potray stuff, defines your online character.

Apart from the risk of forming a negative public image, or losing your job because you said something that annoyed your boss, you may also risk your private life to strangers. Think twice before you write your heart out.

2. Start with default templates first.

If you have just entered blogging field or looking forward to(without much HTML knowledge), my sincere advice is to start with a default template provided by the blogging, you are using. This will help in getting your blog more organised and you will be able to concentrate on the writing part of it.

Once you get accustomed to the blogging world, customize your template. Your blog should look personalized and not like everyone else’s.

3. Be Consistent.

Successful bloggers write something in their each post that takes them a little forward in the relationship with their readers. And do not do a vanishing act like I did- being out of scene for two months without informing your readers- sorry for it :(. Being consistent in writing good posts and then writing at all will always help you gain more popularity and yes, ofcourse traffic.

4. Diversify

Writing about one topic may soon leave you with nothing to write at the end. Spread yourself over your niche- If you write about golf playing tips, talk about golf accessories and recent golf events or try to get interview of some local golf stars.

5. Learn how to write effective copy.

The skill that will make or break in you in your blogging. It is really important learn how to write effective headlines. There is a ton of good information online that is free regarding copywriting, just do a google search.

I have seen very simple changes that increase the productivity of blogs. It’s not only amazing, but also a lot of fun! Blogging takes work. You simply cannot get something for nothing. So take action and do not be afraid to change.
posted by Divya Uttam, 12:07 PM


I must admit, I've ignorantly trodden all over some of your points in my attempt at blogging *sighs* I won't be quittin' my day job anytime soon I suppose. :)

Nice post.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:07 PM  

points that are always in my mind when I'm blogging.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:07 AM  

Great post on things all bloggers should know and practice. Point #5 is most important (in my humble opinion). You can be a blogging maniac and spend hours everyday devoted to it, but if the content isn't effective, then it's a fruitless effort.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:57 AM  

Great tips.... I really think it is important for people to realize that the blog is closely associated with your identity these days. Thanks a lot

commented by Blogger Sherer, 12:50 PM  

great tips for newbies!


commented by Blogger tulipspeaks, 11:09 PM  

Great tips.. Blogging is fun but can be frustrating as well.. Thanks for sharing

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:06 PM  

Hi Divya,

Welcome Back! That was a long absence and for a while there I thought you got fired or something. LOL! :-)

The tips are good. I believe I have done something along those lines since I last read your post in December.

Thanks and I look forward to more posts from you. I'm a fan that waited patiently for your reappearance. :-)-- Durano, done!
HI there,
I couldn't agree with your points more! But unfortunately so many bloggers don't keep them in mind.

I am wondering what has happened to the Blogging to Fame Contest? The new dates have not been announced and it all seems to have lost momentum. Some bloggers think that this is all a big hoax:(

commented by Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh, 9:07 AM  

For Blogging To Fame,
I thank blogsphere for being with us, and understanding our things.
Atmost I can comment right now is that promises will be kept and event would be there, but after new BTF is done.
I am expecting that BTF will again start happening and with regular updates as soon our new office gets up and running.

I have been to your Blog Marrakesh
it's always a nice read.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 1:13 PM  

Its indeed a cool blog ; I saw a many others .....But you are out of the league...

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:05 AM  

hi divvya uttam ,
friend what is all this, whatb has happenned to the site .
I am worried .

commented by Blogger adavait, 9:54 AM  

Do not worry Blogging to Fame is very much there... Just undergoing turbulence. The site will go offline next week... Will soon come up with changes and updates right here...

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:14 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

commented by Blogger Haider Khan, 4:12 PM  

I like this blog. I really appreciate this post and the information.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:13 AM  

Thanks for this valuable tips on blogging, especially for a newbie like me.
Hope to learn from you more.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:19 AM  

This post is very usefull.. as many of the newbies they think that all that is requierd is writing some post and you will be making 6 figure income a year well thigns are not that simple ...

Blogging require intesnse research and no everyone is making 6 figure income ...


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:06 AM  

All rules for making money were on the mark. I find I make the most money with adsense and affiliate sales.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:04 AM  

yeah I agree the Point #5 and i like it.. you rock

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:28 PM  

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