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Increase your Blog popularity by Word of Mouth Marketing

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Word of Mouth marketing(WOMM) is not as simple as its name. Though Word of Mouth has been there with us forever, WOMM is a new specialty which can be planned, acted upon and tracked. If done efficiently, be sure to see high returns on your investment.

When it comes to WOMM, it involves various techniques within it- Viral Marketing, Blogs, Community building, and other ways to get people talking about you.

When it comes to getting attention to your blog WOMM can play a very dramatic role. A live example of it is Dosh Dosh. Maki got people talking about her so much that she is now in Technorati top 100 blogs at 28th place.

Putting up a blog may be as simple as getting hitched, but like the actual marriage the real work comes later. It is more than plug and play.

At many places Word of Mouth isn’t marketing at all. It is a fan following and a satisfied reader base, where your readers love to talk about you and your techniques, and how you have helped them. Just as important, WOM can never be deceptive. People only talk about you on two extremes, either they love you for being helpful or they hate you for being deceptive to them. As much as that WOM can really be helpful for branding of your blog but it can also take it all away. Be careful before opting in to follow this.

Word of Mouth Marketing is to be cultivated:

Building your business through word-of-mouth is about cultivating relationships with people who get to know you and trust you- Your Readers. People do business with people they have confidence in.

“All the thing being equal people will buy from a friend. All things being not quite so equal, people will still buy from a friend.”

So if people have already heard about you in a positive feedback, they will trust you more, and are more likely to be a part of your permanent reader-base. WOMM is not about how many you know, but how well you know them. Satisfied audience delivers far better results than any other form of marketing.

Go Out, Be Heard:

Our blogging lives get so busy after a while that we tend forget we are a part of the blogosphere and blogging has always been a two-way relationship.

What every blogger should know is, blogging is not just about writing posts, but the relationships you build through them. If you want to build your blog through word-of-mouth, you have to be visible and active in the community by participating in various networking groups. Well do not forget to give your valuable comments to other bloggers.

Develop your contact spheres:

Contact Spheres are blogs that are symbiotic and noncompetitive to you. You may like to consider ones from parallel niches which have the similar audience but cater to their different and related needs. They can all work with you and refer each other easily. Now consider a wedding planner’s blog. He can easily associate with a florist, a photographer, a traveling agent and a jeweler, each recommending others’ services. Start developing relationships with bloggers and you may never ever have to ask for a referral favor.

Have fun,
Enjoy Blogging,

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posted by Divya Uttam, 4:32 PM


WAP...What a post :)

Hey divya, happened to see your blog in mybloglog..seems like you got some informative posts..i liked it. Shall keep visiting..

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:14 AM  

I accidentally came across your blog while browsing across blogcatalog blogs dealing with philosophy. I am new to the blogosphere and was trying to read through similar blogs as mine and somehow came to your site. Excellent articles that you have here and it surprises me that you are a girl and only 23. Having read some of the articles on your site I have to change my notion from "No Indian woman is IT savvy" to "Some Indiam women are IT savvy" :)

commented by Blogger The Minking Than, 12:50 PM  

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:09 AM  

Hey, thanks :)

commented by Blogger Naufal, 11:04 PM  

Great points, I definitely agree with the concept of quality of viewership.

I can especially appreciate the reminder to leave the blogosphere, it's actually ironic because I just made a post on my page about the humorous nature of "Second Life" and how it takes over people's lives... I guess we need to look back on ourselves every once in a while as well.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:39 AM  

... by far this is the most cost effective of them all!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:52 AM  

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