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Google is still the BIG Boss

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is it a new algorithm or is Google playing a new game? I have nothing to blame, as our blog goes from Page Rank 4 to Page Rank 5. But many authority sites like Search Engine Journal, WashingtonPost, Forbes got a shock on 24th October.

Others that face the same plight includes problogger.net, copyblogger, engadget and many more. With such an outcome should A-List bloggers be forced to worry about their position on internet? In my earlier posts, I had written about page rank not being the criteria to judge the trust of a search engine on a site. The sites suffering from lowering of page rank have seen increase of traffic sent to them through search engines. The line between Page Rank and the quality of sites is very thin.

For people who think Page Rank is the end of it all better tune themselves to a wider perspective of search engines and Google. Getting paid links for your site will no longer pay back. PageRank has undergone a lot of change since first published. As suggested the algorithm might now be addressing the growth of internet.

So some google algorithm ranks the quality of your blog- not your readers/subscribers and your fans. With all the frenzy of what happened last week due to Google Dance and the new assigned authority(read page rank), Google still seems to boss around the blogs/sites and their quality. Stop worrying about what google thinks of you, instead go ahead and do everything to make your blog a better place for your readers.


posted by Divya Uttam, 11:55 AM


I don't want to think that page rank means nothing ... I want to think that my rank went up because I'm fabulous! ;^D

commented by Blogger juliemarg, 8:27 PM  

"go ahead and make your blog a better place for your readers" could easily be a misleading sentence.. :)

I still don't agree having too many paid links at your blog. Paid reviews once in million days could be fine.

Agreed that one should forget Google but one should not forget that we are part of that same Internet. We are the ones who will make this a better place. Paid links will always hurt the search results. And search results are soo important in todays life..

go ahead and make your blog a better place for your readers by providing them good content, not by providing them links which you wouldn't have provided them if you were not given the bucks..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:15 PM  

Hey Compuworld - Giving credit where credit is due, Divya never encouraged bloggers to put paid links on their blog.. All she mentioned was two facts:
a) It's no longer advantageous to put paid links on your blog from "being in the good books of Google perspective"
b) Forget the Google Dance and make your blog a better place for your readers

I don't see how you link these two facts to arrive at an erroneous conclusion. I think Divya is trying to tell us that if you don't focus on your blog quality but focus instead on what matters to Google; then the next Google Dance will disrupt your "Google dependent" strategies of promoting yourself.. Which is what you are telling us too - so we are all thinking alike :)

I too have always believed in creating quality posts (though very infrequent of late) which attract a steady audience albeit of a very very niche variety - not more than 100 hits per month..and guess what, most of them come through Google searches.. :)

My 2c.. Cheers, Rajas.

commented by Blogger Rajas, 3:14 PM  

Rajas you are still there. Long time no see, and yes you get my point, it has been there always in my posts. I think Compuworld got it a bit wrong...

Irishlass I am happy for you and Bet me everybody knows you sure are Fabulous. But my point is even Blogging to Fame's PR went up... even though I never cared about it. I am fine as long as Google sends me traffic and my readers like what info I provide them with.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 5:24 AM  

I just don't know what to say, All my blogs have been bitch slapped by google and it's affecting my online income. I've been full-time blogging for a year now and now this happen..

I should have diversified earlier.. imagine google holds 90% of world search engine searches..

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:27 AM  

I do alot of paid advertising on my blogs, but I don't do it just for the money, I am very picky about what I put on there. It must be something that I like or fits in with the blog.

I agree that bloggers need to stop worrying about google, PR is just there opinion and now it will mean even less. Focus on your content and and traffic. Remember there are other search engines out there, remember yahoo?

commented by Blogger Hollymb, 3:30 PM  

Yes you're right. Forget about page rank. I just do my thing, most of the time for my own satisfaction and very opinionated ideas that are directed at many things that suck in this world. Maybe I will write about Google soon. Ha, ha, ha! --Durano, done!
Yahoo.com does a very good job also.
Many times what can't be found on Google is on yahoo.
Yahoo seems to have 10 times the web pages that google has.
Also if you want to know your link popularity.... type in LinkDomain:Your_Web Site.com
such as LinkDomain:Microsoft.com
and you'll pull up every link to that web page.
Anyways...you have a great site here, keep up the good work.
Thanks Blues Guitarist GW Willimas
stop by and say hi at my blog sometime...if you have the time.
The Rock & Blues Guitar Blog

commented by Blogger No Web Site, 11:58 AM  

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