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Tired Of Blogging- Stop it then...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Technorati tracks around 86 million blogs, and according to an online survey by only 1% of them are active. Now that is a matter to be worried. I understand it takes an extra effort to put together information, reading, writing, churning it to produce a piece of literally genius,(your readers deserve none the less). Meaty posts, are harder to write, that gives your reader an insight into the unique way you see and understand issues.

Bloggers who are extremely passionate often tend to lose track of time, reading, writing and updating their blogs. More serious business bloggers have 2-3 blogs and they update them simultaneously. But if you are blogging addict and are burning out the hours that are needed by the rest of your life, you need to set your priorities right.

Bloggers love the fruit of their labor they put in their blogs in terms of traffic, comments, and other attraction it brings along. Blogging also brings in some side income and lets you stay corporately active. It increases your knowledge in the subject you love and blog about.

When you should give it up entirely?

Answer the following questions- Why do you blog? Is it just a hobby or is it going to achieve personal or business objectives for you? When you are clear with the reasons of why you started or about to start blogging it will never become a tedious job. Do not ever Blog just for the sake of it. It Reflects in your writing.

Are some of your blogs dieing a silent death? Do not try to give extra time to them. Instead maintain those who are hail and hearty(I read a few medical journals lately). Giving time to blogs that do not receive traffic anymore or was about a time sensitive topic which is no more hot(Like Cricket World Cup 2007). The time you are giving to such blogs may be deserved by a blog that people love to read. Give them a silent burial.

If your blog is not serving a purpose that it meant to be, you should really look for a cause. Do not follow the blogging trend. There may be more profitable ways that can enhance and promote your business. Stop wasting your time. Lots of blogs are abandoned everyday because they stopped serving their purpose, or more often, because the bloggers just grew up and moved to greener pastures.

posted by Divya Uttam, 4:02 AM


Divya,this is good article..Sometimes blogging can be very tedious.

commented by Blogger Rony John, 6:20 PM  

been following this blog for sometime now.

just to share my exp, i hv 2 blogs - one a personal blog which i really enjoy updating & another blog meant to share nutrition knowledge as i am a nutritionist. i cant seem to find the reason to blog on the 2nd blog! feel its such a waste. but my personal blog is being updated at least thrice a week and i hv to complaints or what so ever about it.


commented by Blogger tulipspeaks, 10:09 PM  

86 million? I had no idea it was that high.
I've been blogging since 2004 and in some form of online journal since high school. I have seen many blogs come and go, some disappear forever and come back again. The ones I liked originally for their content are still here though. I think if what you write is good, and you do it as much for yourself as you do it for others you have a better chance of staying. It isn't easy though but for some it has become a part of life.

Blog must evolve as you evolve though or their is not point.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:05 PM  

This is a great post! Thanks for the information. I had no idea at the number of blogs just hanging out there! Your post encourages me to keep up with mine and get an inactive one off of blog lists! Thanks!

commented by Blogger Petula, 8:51 PM  

I try to blog daily... However, there are some days when my blogging mind is empty or I am not near a computer. But I strive to be a member of the blogging world

commented by Blogger The All Seeing Eye, 9:21 AM  

Hey, I just started blogging. But yes, I agree with you. There is only 24 hours a day, and if you devote more time on your blogs than sleeping, then you need to rest or rest your blog. :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:51 AM  

I find it hard to make time to write in the blog. I love to write but I have many other obligations that come first. I have found it helps my online business to have the blog. Therefore I have decided to plan to write not so much daily but 2-3 times a week with better articles. I hope it helps me develope a better blog!

commented by Blogger Starr Financial, 2:28 PM  

Hey it was so good to see all those comments, and so much nice to read about each other. I have been blogging so less, myself, since I got my hands in Blogging to Fame. I love my blog and my readers as everyone else. I will try to increase my frequency, in the coming time.

I have so many experiences to share, and so much to inform. Happy Blogging- Rony, Ammu, Cooper, Petula, all the, Bloggingprofits and Starr.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 2:12 PM  

I've experienced it. My old blog was failed because of the topic I blog about is not enjoyable. I did it only by money oriented motive. Can't enjoy my blogging, that was why I stop blog on business topic.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:02 AM  

This entry is so true. I have seen many stale blogs and have wondered why they are kept up. I have also seen that they have no or maybe one comment, and have wondered who they were written for? The blog writer? And if this is true, why would he/she want to write if nobody was reading? Just pondering.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:16 PM  

I have over ten blogs and I love blogging. I also am a freelance writer so between this and that, my personal life is set for hours after five in the evening. I try to keep all my blogs up to date with posting at least every other day.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:40 AM  

"..or more often, because the bloggers just grew up and moved to greener pastures."

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "grow up?" Are you saying that bloggers are an immature bunch?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:03 AM  

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