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If you wonder what to blog...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is it one of those days when you do not have anything to write atall in your blog? Don’t hit yourself on the wall. It is inevitable. Whether your blog is about some niche or about yourself you’ll find days or even weeks when you do not have something to talk about with your readers.

Don’t give it up, here is what you can do-
1. Surf the web and find what others are talking about- It might give you some really exciting new idea. Friendly debates are good, go ahead and present your views, on the topic. If the blog has track back enabled, you and the other blogger will have exchange of visitors, bringing you new ones. This will not only bring traffic to your blog, but attention from people who would like to read the comments from both sides.
2. Newsletters help- If you are like me, you would have subscribed to newsletters, but have never opened them to read. Go to your inbox and find something insightful. Newsletters often bring lots of articles in them. You just hit a jackpot. Do not plagiarize, borrow the idea. Its like the dish you will need to re-cook to it your own. Spice it up with your special dash of lemon.
3. Favorite articles- There might be articles that have helped you with solutions for your problems, help your readers with them. Link to a few of these, write a little summary and how they helped you. You are ready with a very good post of your own.
4. Pick again the topics you already talked about- Now you can either add some more information to what you already have talked about or play the devil’s advocate. Talk about the same thing from the ‘other’ angle. There are many ways to talk about the same thing. Prooving it by a different angle may give your reader clearer picture and you a definitely thought-provoking article.
5. Feature a Site, review a blog- Once a week or a month, you can feature a site or a blog related to your niche. Review a tool that is helpful, your readers will love you for introducing it to them.
6. Invite a guest blogger- Let someone, whose writing style, you like take the charge. You can also post an article that offers free reprint rights. You can let the guest to promote their site, and leave the resource box intact. If you have problems like “I cannot give away visitors” or “I don’t want anybody else to take the credit”, I would like to make you realize something that you consciously or unconsciously know- readers leave your site anyways. They either shut down their computer or take some other steps to leave. So why not give them a reason to return. And that one reason is quality. They will always return back for it- if you give them quality.

Happy Blogging!

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posted by Divya Uttam, 10:33 AM


These are great ideas. When you're surfing other blogs remember to make comments as often as you can. You'll be remembered by the blogger and they might return the favor.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:26 AM  

Hello Divya, I like the ideas. Yes, you are correct sometimes we are just blank and do not know what to write. Your ideas help a lot.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:08 PM  

How is my favorite blogger? your suggestions about how to pick topics are very good. There are many things here I can use. I haven't used news feeds or news letters, I have used newspapers as a reader and sometimes come across things I want to share with friends. There are times when I also share post from other bloggers and comment on them as a post.I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!!!

commented by Blogger JD, 12:20 PM  

This is a great idea. I think you should join to the blogadda to publish in a easy way.I think you should add your blog at BlogAdda and let more people discover your blog. It's a great place for Indian bloggers to be in and I am sure it would do wonders for your blog.

commented by Blogger deepanjali, 5:22 AM  

I agreed with your suggest, however making connected and share between bloggers is good way. These great ideas

commented by Blogger Imhar, 10:26 AM  

I really liked ur post, thanx for sharing. Keep writing. I discovered a good site for bloggers check out this www.blogadda.com, you can submit your blog there, you can get more auidence.

commented by Blogger deepanjali, 5:13 AM  

I'm stuggling with my 2 blogs. I find my topics are too broad. Thanks for the learning experience from you.

commented by Blogger JesieBlogJourney, 9:56 AM  

Love those ideas, really help me out since im just starting as a blogger and been struggling lately in what to write about.

commented by Blogger blpgirl, 11:18 PM  

I really liked your suggestion. Sometimes I go blank and can't think of anything to add to my blog. Generally I stumble or read my favorite feeds in search of finding something new and interesting. Most of the time, it is just a view you differ with someone in the comment...and here you go, you get a new post for your blog...
I appreciate the way you wrote..

commented by Blogger Anurag Bansal, 9:20 AM  

Hi Divya, your articles inspire me. I have learned many things from your posts. In the last two month since I started learning the abc of blogging, I have been implementing various suggestions and techniques on a blog (of course two months old and has a few thousand visitors).
Can you review my blog and suggest how I can improve it or suggest some one who can give constructive criticism about my blog. I have not thought of this till I read the fifth point on your post.

Kudos, again your article caught my attention.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:03 AM  

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