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5 ways to Monetize your blog

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogging may be a primary source of income for a few but a secondary source of income for many. Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to making money from their blogs. If you think commercializing your blog is unethical, greedy, obnoxious, or anything along those lines, then don’t commercialize it.

If you want to succeed, you must be congruent. Generating income from your blog is challenging enough. If you want to make money from your blog and you have a reasonable amount of traffic then the methods of advertising you use will quickly become an important topic to you. There are a lot of different ways to monetize a blog, and it would be damaging of me to try and tell you exactly what method will work without knowing at least a little about your blog. However, there are some things we will willingly share.

However one of these tips will surely help you to have a better productivity and results

Advertising- is easily the most popular blog monetization tactic, easy to implement and still well paid. The ads you place in your blog can either be contextual ads, or display ads.
Contextual ads are provided by various services, the most common one being Google Adsense. The other options are Yahoo Publisher Network, Clicksor, Adsonar and Chitika. My sincere advice is not to limit your blog to a particular type of ad network. Though most of the bloggers think Adsense is best for them, it may not gel well with every niche topic, and it’s not easy to manually test all these. Using a ad network management tool like RMX Direct can help you manage, evaluate, and control your various ad networks.

Don't Sell Out – Services like Pay per Post and Sponsored Reviews may sound appealing for earning a few dollars, but my only suggestion can be summed up in one or two words- “Don’t” or “Do Not”. There's a temptation for those with more mature blogs to write a post and review an item, website, or service and get paid for doing so. You might have the best intentions and might think that you can write a genuinely informative piece and be completely unbiased, open and honest without your readers ever realizing what you are doing but it is highly unlikely that this is the case.

Sponsorship – Getting sponsorship for your blog, is a great way of monetizing them. If you own a niche sensitive blog, more focused to a topic, it will be likely that you bag sponsored ads as it will be a viable advertising solution for advertisers.

Affiliate Links – If you cover a particular niche in your blog, there is a large chance of finding products which are interesting and helpful to your users. You can recommend the products you think will do well for your users after becoming the product’s affiliate member. Providing them affiliate links will earn you some nice income recommending or linking to those products.

Merchandising- If you're a well-loved blogger, there's a good chance that your readers would like to show their support. Give them what they want and make money by taking advantage of merchandising opportunities. Cafepress allows you to write innovative quotes and makes it easy for you to put your blog's logo on shirts, bags, coasters and other items. Companies like Goodstorm, Lulu, and others make it easy by creating the products based on your design and letting you set up a shop. There is no risk to bloggers, which makes it a great opportunity.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 5:04 AM


Well said Divya, keep up good work, thanks


commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:14 AM  

have you stopped blogging. I am hopping this blogs update often.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:16 AM  

Thanks Jag, and dear anonymous i have not stopped blogging, but yes I will post more frequently now, as I used to. Will be back with more information. Stay tuned ;)

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 10:55 PM  

Yes this is what I have been looking for. straight forward info. thanks...

commented by Anonymous larry, 3:12 AM  

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