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Blogging- The wrong perspective…

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogging for several years have seen a high growth and now over 90 million blogs are registered with Technorati, but what is so depressing is that about 83% of these blogs are dying a slow death, or are already in their graves (not updated in past 90 days). A more astonishing number is projected by Gartner which estimated that there are more than 200 million former bloggers who have ceased posting to their online diaries, creating an exponential rise in the amount of "dotsam" and "netsam" — that is to say, unwanted objects on the Web.

Why is blogging in such a pitiful state? Because bloggers who stop wearing this honourable tag, have got it all wrong since the beginning or got entangled in the middle. They started blogging with a wrong perspective or developed one somewhere in between...

The Broken Myths:

• I will earn enough to leave my Day job (Not every one gets lucky)
• I will get as famous as Problogger on Day One or even on Day 100.
• Just because it is easy setting up your own blog, everybody should blog.
• Posting does not take more than 10 minutes.
• Everybody will read my blog and leave a comment.
• It is the best way to pass time.
• My neighbours will improve if I rant about them on internet.

My one and only sugesstion: ONLY BLOG IF YOU REALLY LOVE TO BLOG and blog only about the thing you love in life. No one can keep on reproducing what has already been written.

Get your reason in place...

Well, the good news is that Blog readers continue to rise, this classic tech cycle of hype and maturity is good news for the remaining blogs. Those left standing are the influencers that attract audiences and advertisers.

And remember almost every blog goes through a bleak period, like this one right now, but then the author eventually picks up. A blog needs a constant push from the blogger to survive. So if you are in a position where you are procastinating whether you should or shouldn’t leave blogging- Relax, give yourself time to think. The answer will come to you...


posted by Divya Uttam, 6:20 AM


What's wrong with a bit of dotsam? There is lot of junk on the net - but it can handle it.

Its my opinion that everyone should try blogging - stay with it if you love it - and if you don't give it up.

commented by Blogger Binny V A, 9:48 AM  

i like ur perspective on today's blogging scene, and i do share ur sentiments here. i guess its time for 'bloggers' to do a post-mortem of their real intention of blogging.

btwn, i'm blog rolling u.


commented by Blogger tulipspeaks, 8:41 PM  

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