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Keep it Simple, make it user-friendly-

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No heavy introduction or description about the post, because keeping your blog simple yet innovative is itself a heavy task. It will help you build an online community, gain and retain readership and ultimately create a memorable brand for yourself and your business.

So let us take the first few basic elements to start-

Blog URL and name: Should define your goal. Do not make a mistake I made, with such a big URL. People hardly remember it. Blog.yourcompanyname.com does work fine if you are planning to integrate it with the site. In addition, the name of your blog should be attractive and memorable and something that should relate to the topic of the blog. The name is going to carry the blog's brand forward.

Blog loading time: At times when most of us go for shared hosting, we may not get speed for our blogs what we really wish. Websites on new technologies based on SSI (server side include). Lower the quality of graphics a little bit sometimes effects your loading time.

Blog content: People start real blogs because they think about something a lot. Blogging is about writing engaging and compelling content. It about encouraging people to think about the subject you are writing. What you should remember, is writing good content does not finish the deal. Good content and regular content should be posted. You may not find lots of time to come up with long and very informative posts. Keep them short, crisp with adequate amount of information, and your readers will even love you for that. (I promise to write more often from now onwards :) ).

Blog navigation: Navigation is obviously one of the most critical aspects of usability, especially for blogs where there is frequent addition of content. In order to improve the navigation of your blog you will need to address several key issues, like ability to find older content in an effective way. This will need a whole post to go in detail, but remember to make decisions according to what will help visitors find what they are looking for, and what will allow you to maintain efficiency with managing the blog.

Contact information: Keeping a form between your visitors and you is annoying. Give them some direct contact number or at least your email id if not your direct postal address. It builds trust and a proof of your existence. Contact forms make people go away many times before they could contact you.

HTML Hassles: Even a blog on wordpress, blogspot etc you might have problems, if you have tweaked with templates and inserted ads in columns. You should check if the website is loading perfectly on all browsers. This is important to keep your visitors away from any problems while they browse their blog.

To be continued... in details.


posted by Divya Uttam, 1:54 PM



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