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Forums can earn you traffic you have always wanted-

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Forums can add that extra mileage to your blog and help you get targeted traffic, but then you would require a little patience and a good knowledge about your subject, a little more research and lots of energy. If you are equipped with these go for it.

Earning requires efforts and forums need your equivalent attention. Remember, it is one place you get what you actually deserve. It wont be as simple as- Join a forum and leave a little signature. I am not making this hide behind a veil of comfort and easily to acquire process, because it is simply not. As in real world it takes time to get reputed, it is same in the blogosphere, and traffic is the most required commodity to survive. To get that edge you have to put in the hard work it requires, and I promise you would be satisfied with the results.

Choosing the right forum to participate-

The first step needs research but it can define your blog destiny. Join forums that are popular, have more than 500 members online at a time and most obviously related to your field. Dominating your niche means being it not around it. There are forums out there that cover your niche. Here are some good ones-

You can here more at DoshDosh’s Blog.

Building your reputation and positioning yourself-

This would need a little foresight here. How much will you trust a newbie or a person who keeps on getting into troubles and asking about it. It is better to use a second account for using others help. Be professional and do not make any guesswork while answering questions. It is good to assign yourself a slogan or a direction, or an image that you want to build on. Start with an end in mind. The little signature and the link below it is going to bring you all the traffic. People participating in forums normally are searching for information and love to explore links. Remember to make their visit worthwhile.
Don’t Sell your blog but market it-

The point itself is clear. Never ask anyone to visit your blog, or project in anyway that you are there to gain traffic. Helping people with their queries will soon earn you fans and they would always look forward to your advise. That is exactly the difference between selling and marketing same as manipulating and influencing. Those out there can easily make out the difference.

Reply to every message promptly-

Replying should always be started by replying to new and fresh threads. After posing a question, everybody is eager to find an answer soon. Every answer of yours is a permanent source of traffic for you, and do not forget to answer all those personal messages you receive. Remember there is an reputation to build.

Establish that Expertise-

Keep up with latest developments that happen on daily basis in the virtual world. You need to establish your voice in every forum you participate, so participate only those you can manage. I agree it will take a little time, so start working towards it from the day you make your profile page. Try answering as many threads as possible. Give good explanations and explain in details wherever needed. Your help will tempt them to visit you and make you establish yourself.

To Summarize tips-

TIP 1: Contribute helpful information often to the forums.
TIP 2: Include links to your sites or references to helpful sites.
TIP 3: Join multiple forums to increase your referral links and page ranking.
TIP 4: Get involved in the communities within the forum and become a trusted and respected member.
TIP 5: Answer questions and help fellow forum members with their problems.


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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:10 AM


Do links in forums add any Google juice or count as inbound links?

commented by Blogger Patrix, 1:51 PM  

Yes it does and infact Google gives preference to them.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 11:20 AM  

Well said.
forum participation takes time though - so you must be careful not to let it stop you from posting on your owm blog! :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:58 AM  

It is good idea to get traffic in our site or blog. I generally do this in my insurance site I am quite famous there as Mac but my blog is not related to insurance is there any way to get traffic from there.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:49 AM  

It is all over the blogging world now. Just now dosh dosh did a similar post. I am glad that you are informing your audience about this. Right now, I am collecting the links to forums which allow lnks and pics in the signature, will let you know if you want.

commented by Blogger Basketer, 7:42 AM  

I registered with Digital Point and every since I started posting there I have seen my site traffic increase. I think Digital Point is good for links also.

commented by Blogger No Police State Girl, 5:30 AM  

Very true.. if you just ask people to visit your blog, they immediately label your post as spam and sometimes even delete it. You have to be subtle.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:37 AM  

great post and certainly one need to work, work & work, there is not short cut.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:55 PM  

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