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Is your Blog Obsolete

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Simple ways can save your blog being getting lost in the crowd of over 60 million blogs

Blog is an extension to your online marketing efforts, a tool to bring in life to your static website and maintaining relationships with your customers. Blog is also for individual bloggers those wish to make their blogs as their online income source monetizing them either by using Adsense or by affiliate marketing. As Technorati has been telling us that there are over 55 million blogs and have been increasing on every passing second. It has been recommended by every blogging guru, companies big or small will come up with one soon. Can you imagine the amount of user generated content available on net. With such an abundance of the facilities available on net to come up with a free blog it will be soon equivalent to having an email account.

So where as a Blogger you are going to Stand?

Have you made you space in the Blogosphere?

Have you ever thought that there can be a Time when it can start a dinosaur era, where survival of the fittest will be the only policy.

Blogs aren’t going to go anywhere. They are here to stay, anyways. But their abundance can abandon you as a blogger, if you do not wake up to the realization of giving quality to your blog. It is only quality can win over quantity.

Have you ever noticed that amongst a billion humans roaming around, its still hard to find good leaders whom you love to follow. Survival of your blog depends on how fit you are to lead people to something useful and of help to them.

Building trust and earning credibility would get more difficult soon. I have read a few articles which said that blogging has no future, it wont benefit anyone. Don’t get angry fellow bloggers, it has a bright future but if you promise to yourself to blog for a reason and that reason is not just earning money. This is a very short post but if you are able to understand the point I have raised here, you may as well appreciate it.

It’s a time to take your blog to the next level.

What do you predict about Blogging Future? What’s your say about saving your blog? So what are you doing about it?

Safe Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:16 AM


your blog post are very inspiring. Thnks for providing good insight. Please check my blog and suggest things so that my blog gets into limelight yours
Thanks Vijanathan

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:02 AM  

I love your blog a lot I wish you would let me host it!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:14 AM  

All of the blogs I read daily have one thing in common. I perceive that the authors love their subject matter and they enjoy writing about it. The result is outstanding content.

commented by Blogger Brian, 1:55 PM  

Nice post Divya. Short and to the point!

commented by Blogger ilker, 3:58 PM  

There are no two ways about it: Blogs are here to stay. They will be the major force in blogosphere (cyberspace, too) because websites may end up playing secondary role as static repositories of info and other content. Whereas blogs are dynamic but only quality ones with meaningful content will last the pace and eventually get recognized by readers. Those with dross and other frivolous content will be judged accordingly in time to come. I foresee a kind of blogging evolution taking place. Most of us may not perceive it yet but it will come.

commented by Blogger MK, 5:00 AM  

Markk You are so right about the Blogging evolution. Quality matters and will matter till the end.

Keeping it Short and sweet Ilker, just for you.Amanda and Vijaynathan thanks for your appreciation. Come back for more.

I could find the same in your blog Brian. All the best.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 12:49 PM  

This is a nice, helpful post. I'm thinking a blog with a clear focus is probably a blog that will attract regulars. I have been blogging for a few months and have a few fellow bloggers who visit on a weekly basis, but I still feel as if I'm lacking something.

commented by Blogger awannabe, 10:01 AM  

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