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Get noticed by an A-Lister: for Traffic and for Fame

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Now that’s a post everybody is waiting for. I have two questions for you before you start reading.

Q1. Do you want to get noticed by an A-Lister? I know it is why you are spending your time to read about it, so that hardly is an question.

But then reply to this:-

Q2. Why do you want to be noticed by an A-List Blogger? Think Hard.

The answer would be one amongst the following, choose yours:-

1. To gain popularity because they have a voice and 1000s of visitors listen to it.
2. To funnel the traffic they are getting to your own blog, either to earn more revenue or increasing Feed Subscribers.
3. Get a link from their High Page blog or to increase your Google Juice..
4. To rub shoulders with the other famous bloggers.
5. To create awareness or gain attention to work or services
6. Creating a Buzz.
7. Becoming an A-List Blogger gradually.

You can also consider these to be the end results of getting noticed by an celebrity bloggers.

What Not to Do?

Forgetting about their business for getting Famous

People are often so passionate in getting noticed for their work and spend so much efforts running after being famous that they have no energies left for their actual work.

Linking A-List Bloggers just for the sake of Reciprocal Linking

Some bloggers are under impression that linking A-Listers might get them in notice and a link back. A-List Bloggers get 100 people linking to them on daily basis, which makes it practically impossible for them to go through each and every post which is written about them.

What Will actually get you Noted by an A-List Blogger?

What will bring you Real Fame?

I can answer that question in just two words- Your Business. But that won’t satisfy your reading urge neither my point. We have already talked a lot about being different, building relationship with others by commenting on their posts, being an expert in your niche, writing passionately and stuff. These are all very important but will it get you noticed by an A-Lister lets say after an year or two, because all of this is a long-term strategy and a continuous process. Another thing you can go for is Viral Marketing and Linkbaiting, where with a click of an idea you can have everybody talking about you. Remember our recent favorite 2000 bloggers project. It has done wonders, and that Z-List has increased everybody’s Technorati ranking. Yes, they created a Buzz in the blogosphere and gathered lots of fame for their inventors. As they say an Idea can make the difference.

There is another option though which may take lots of initial hard work, an innovative approach and a business strategy, but may prove worthy enough to let your generations may live on it. When you think about having your name mentioned in a 8 page rank blog, you are going the wrong way. Renowned entrepreneurs do not work for getting noticed but for the Success.

Have you heard about Go2Web2.0. You must have. The first review that Techcrunch did on it was on its launch in September 2006 and after they upgraded there was another. Why? Because Go2Web2.0 has an innovative and structured idea. They have an attractive product. They did not have to struggle for 2 years to get it done. They even have 2K+ subscribers in exactly one year of their blogspot blog.

My point is if you are the best in your business and have put thoughts into your product and marketing, if it helps others and is attractive enough, A-Listers would automatically love to talk about you. Even if you are a whole sole blogger, and do not own a company, another website or a product. This should not give you a reason to lack behind. Don’t forget the Z-list and 2000 bloggers project I mentioned above. They did not have a service, product or a company to support them, but they still got famous.

Get Thinking, be innovative and Break the Rules. Remember its only You who is stopping You. Get Aggressive.

Best of Luck,
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 4:14 AM


Hi Divya!

It wasn't until right at the end of the article that you began to talk in terms of business 'bloggers, or precisely, people with businesses who also run a 'blog and want to get their product(s) noticed.

What was missing (helpful for the uninitiated new 'blogger) is that they should focus on the 'blogs that are relevant to their industry or product area.

I know this seems obvious, but a lot people won't act this way when promoting their product or service.

The thinking might be that any old A-list 'blogger will do!

The guy over on ProBlogger is a bit of a camera enthusiast, so he's a natural fit for anyone producing software or services for cameras.

Hope that helps?

commented by Blogger Wayne Smallman, 5:05 AM  

Great post. It's kinda bothered me when new bloggers write their first 8 posts about John Chow's great website, or Shoe Money's amazing blog posts...

Great content can never be sacrificed when looking for a linkback. I hope everyone reads this.

commented by Blogger Bryan Baker, 6:57 AM  

Great post..and gud info...

commented by Blogger Nirmal T V, 8:47 AM  

Excellent post and even better information:)

It's my opionion that putting out good content should be number 1, and if you keep doing this people will notice you eventually.

Bryan good point about the whole John Chow thing, I love his blog and read it daily, but seeing a bunch of reviews from a new blog on John is getting old.

commented by Anonymous James, 11:56 AM  

I do agree that content is the king but I did not want to repeat as always. My point is to stop running after being famous, its your work that brings you fame, whether that be content, an idea or your service or product.

Wayne thanks for the input, being a celebrity in your niche is the first step to online success, and I totally agree that blogs should concentrate on their or parallel niche and watch what others are doing. That actually helped. Thank you.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 12:14 PM  

I once had a hit on Kineda.com with a feature called: "Are you an A-list blogger?" Which featured me because (at the time) I was listed as a notable D-list 'blogger (which has changed since then, I must stress!)

This hit did bring traffic, most of which didn't really stick (in terms of people subscribing to my news feed, or even from a revenue point of view) largely because of the audience coming from Kineda.

So sometimes a hit can be a near miss...

commented by Blogger Wayne Smallman, 2:00 PM  

Informative post Divya.. to answer your questions:

Q1. Yes. Where is this A-list anyway?

Q2. No. 1 - in return to get my voice heard and have other people's voice heard...etc etc.

commented by Blogger ilker, 10:53 AM  

I love your blog, Divya.

I always click on it from the email and come here to read good stuff.

Well put,

commented by Blogger Paula Neal Mooney, 4:09 PM  

Hey there Divya -

I just ran across your blog for the first time. I appreciate the article and its point of view.

Bottom line - I am going through those beginning growing pains. I have been focusing on affiliate marketing recently and not focusing on working my "real world" business.

It is exciting to see the promise, but original QUALITY content is hard to pump out regularly.

I'll look forward to hearing more from you soon!
My first one on your blog and I must admit -I'm hooked ;-)

Well written.

Have a nice day!

commented by Anonymous Alpesh Nakar, 7:01 PM  

Excellent post. I look at blogging as a business, but first I look at it as a chance to connect with others. Blogging has been a great experience and I've met some fantastic people I couldn't have met otherwise.

commented by Blogger Christy Zutautas, 7:37 AM  

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