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Ten Quotes for Bloggers about blogging…

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why should bloggers lack behind? Here are a few nice quotes, enjoy them, take them as advice and have fun… You can also put in yours if you wish.

1). "Link to your enemies. Link to your competitors. Link to everyone. Instead of being sticky, be linky." - Scoble, Israel, Naked Conversations

2).This notion of self-publishing, which is what Blogger and blogging are really about, is the next big wave of human communication. The last big wave was Web activity. Before that one it was e-mail. Instant messaging was an extension of e-mail.
Eric Schmidt

3)“If an organization isn’t already in place where openness and transparency in communication exists and is practiced, then using tools like blogs will be unlikely to do anything positive for the organization. If your openness/transparency foundation isn’t there, don’t blog.” Neville Hobson - Scoble, Israel, Naked Conversations

4)"Fame is the Spur that the clear spirt doth raise
To scorn delights, and live laborious days"

5)Spend the hour blogging, and you will discover many more free hours during the day.
Mickey Kaus

6)Blogging was another important way of solving the freedom of expression and flow of information I was after and there was Six Apart.
Joichi Ito

7)I sincerely believe blogging can save America.
John Jay Hooker

8)Our passionate advice is that the time to join the conversation is now. The barriers to entry are miniscule, the benefits great, and blogging just happens to be fun." - Scoble, Israel, Naked Conversations

9) Is it a book you would even wish your wife or your servants to read?
Griffith Jones, Mervyn
Same goes with your blog.

Last one from me-
10)100s of Bloggers would spend 1000 of hours to be famous and millionaire, but not even one hour which would make their blog a million dollar worth.-Divya Uttam, Blogging to Fame

I hope you enjoyed...
Happy Blogging.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 12:25 PM


What a great article!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading both your tips and your wisdom!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:56 AM  

I came accross a Vince Lombardi Quote, "People try to make football something it is not, football is blocking and tackling!"
This was the football of the 60's,Today Coach Lombardi may have added, speed and passing. The game has changed, the running game is not as valuable, witness the trades of top running backs this off season, that would have been unheard of in Lombardi's day. In business a non interactive web site, with few changes is blocking and tackling, Web 2.0 is speed and passing, The game has changed!

commented by Blogger JD, 8:02 AM  

Vince Lombardi also once said, "There's only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything."

Is there anything truer in the blogosphere?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:11 AM  

Loved the quotes.

I didn't visit your blog for a long time, I need to dig your recent articles.

My Real Blog

commented by Blogger Franck Silvestre, 4:49 AM  

Nice blog Divya.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:40 PM  

I really like your own quote...something so true in that :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:52 AM  

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commented by Blogger Jean-Marie Gall, 7:01 AM  

Le dauphin et la vache, ça me plait bien, la photo est superbe...:)

commented by Blogger Jean-Marie Gall, 7:02 AM  

Hiya Divya

your deep girl~
you are such a smart lil "cookie cutter" a little harleyism, wink

have a beautiful day!!

commented by Blogger Unknown, 1:56 PM  

hey divya well said..!!
"100s of Bloggers would spend 1000 of hours to be famous and millionaire, but not even one hour which would make their blog a million dollar worth".


commented by Blogger Unknown, 11:47 AM  

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