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Making it Big with Opportunities

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A famous Saying- “Opportunity knocks on your door only once.” Successful are those people who shirk of their inhibitions and grab it. Does being an Opportunist- the key to Success? A friend of mine popularly known as the Antman, has written a well thought article on being The True Opportunist. He has made us notice what a opportunist is like and what it takes to be one. In short are the following points he took up:-

1. Be open to thoughts, changes and opportunities. Remember the single knock on your door.
2. Being accessible to people, you would only get a knock when you have a door, better still keep your doors open to let opportunities walk right in.
3. When you think you know it all, you are out of the game, because this attitude makes you immune towards learning new developments.
4. Do not be in a defensive position, but take an attacking edge. People who play the game with an attitude of not loosing, never win.

A well written post but it kept me wondering about what kind of and how many opportunities should one grab. It is not possible to go for each and everyone of them, and then giving your full metal to it. Opportunities have to be worked upon to create business out of them. Grabbing every by neck wont help you solve anything or get anywhere. Being accessible and open will help you stay update with the daily happenings near you and you will always gain a piece of knowledge added to you after every such circumstance.

Opportunities come and go but going forward with the right ones, is where you need to expertise in and making it a success is your responsibility. Being an opportunist also brings in the habit of jumping from one to another without fulfill the destiny of first one.

Consider a scenario where you own an advertising company and are working on an assignment, but while doing so you receive a call from Adobe. They want you to make an ad for their printers. You should actually go forward and say yes to it. If you take time to think about it, it will go away. Your reaction should be instant. But before you start working on it, make sure you have completed and wound up the job you had at hand.

Now in case you gain popularity, and new doors keep on opening up for you, it is upon you to decide where to set a line. Seeking opportunities also mean lots of work and lots of new responsibilities. You have to decide how much you and your company can handle at one time. Its not always about taking opportunities when they come, but changing them into Business. What you cannot do is leaving the present one for the next one, its about taking up a project and shaping it into your future.

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:05 PM


Very insightful. I run a small business incubator here in Cincinnati OH. I've seen many emerging businesses go bust because they took on new contracts (opportunities) without have sufficient capacity to deliver quality product/service. It is sad to see. Making it big with opportunities is good ... but being PREPARED for opportunities is probably just as important.

peace, Villager

commented by Blogger Villager, 5:44 AM  

All very good points,can I also add dont let being afraid of failing stop you, the fear of failure is just an illusion in your mind trying to protect. In most cases it is not real.
Opportunities are like members of the opposite sex, they're everywhere. However, not every opportunity is right for everyone. I once had a bandleader beg me to be the lead singer for his band, which made no sense at all. If he had ever heard me sing, he would have known I have a voice like a ruptured bull frog.

commented by Anonymous Edward Wolf, 7:24 AM  

I'm a self-employed artist and I often turn down jobs. Most artists I know, especially the struggling/starving sort, cannot fathom how I do such a thing. However, I understand the importance of choosing the right opportunities for myself so that my career may grow as a business. Opportunities seized must not only fall into one's competencies but also one's focused core vision.

commented by Anonymous Steve Lowtwait, 9:55 PM  

Well since You dont wish to be hosted :P I would hope that when my network premieres you would consider joining it since I am such a huge fan!

commented by Anonymous Amanda, 1:04 PM  

Hey Girl,

Thanks for the mad props and givin the Antman a little love. Nice addition on the post! Deciding on which opportunities to take on is a huge part of it all.

Peace girl,

The Antman

commented by Anonymous Antman, 9:25 PM  

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