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Exact mindset for Better Blogging.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blogging strategies graphic

Blogging Strategy should be more than just Great Content!

As we are basically focused on fame and fortune we should always develop a clear mindset for us as well as for readers for exact desired results. So when you are blogging you should have clear strategies for how to improve your blog readership as well as how you will monetize it. You should develop clear intentions of what you want from your readers and what your Blog readers will get in return. Clear intentions will take your word fast; make your blog more focused and result oriented.

Developing focused Mindset while blogging will Benefit you in many ways:

• Gets your blog away from unfocused unclear blogs.
• Helps you in developing your own fan club.
• Create vision for your project and your dream.
• More targeted visitors.
• Get more repeat visitors.
• Makes your business look more professional.
• Set yourself as an expert in your field.
• Get yourself separated from rest, set your rules play the Game.
• Lots more when you get your ideas into action.

So know we are getting closer to the lesson:

As we are always heard never make an isolated website. It’s same for your blog. What exactly should be done is to Integrate your Blog into your complete marketing plan of you organization or with your website. Though blogs has its lots of benefits. But design your blogs in a way to make it result oriented.

Can we say a Double Edged Sword?

A better blog will incorporate new strategies with focused motive can do lot more to your business than just web conversation but your most important Marketing Tool.
Leaving Technological aspects, you should know how to take most of your hard earned visitors. Your Blog should be able to direct them to your desired WebPages and make them take actions.
Until you are doing this most of your efforts would go in vain.
This is the most important factor which most important for any blogger to attain success as well as fame and fortune.

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam


posted by Divya Uttam, 1:17 AM


That's a good article. I can't believe this is the same blog. It's so good. I can't imagine that there is much I could clearly be said to be able to teach you. What else can I say, you have the knack. I'll be sure to link to you again soon. BTW think about that forum idea.

commented by Anonymous Lord Matt, 1:46 PM  

Thanks for all appreciation. Definitely I would consider being part of your forum.
As my websites are under construction so I am there basically.

commented by Blogger divyasaurabh, 12:12 PM  

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