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Business Blogging: Marketing Through Blogs

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Are you still searching for the reasons for marketing through blogs? Studies reveal that not only the blogs have mass appeal but they provide a powerful medium for marketers. Marketing is not about selling your products, its about spreading your idea to the people and making them glad that you did it. With amount of traffic received by the internet only a 3% of them can make you successful.

Internet is becoming a leading source of information, research and development and not to forget, revenue. Online Marketing and Advertising is taking up around 12-15% of the World’s budget. It is becoming popular on the basis of reduced sales force and can help local businesses to expand nationally as well as internationally. Your website/blog have equal opportunities to grow as business giants like Apple, Dell, and Coca Cola.

In today's market, there is a broad range of online marketing opportunities. Successful online marketing depends largely on your ability to identify those that provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience in a scalable and cost effective manner. Here comes the role of Business Blogs.

Why Business Blogs are a must for any Business Oriented Website

Business blogging gives you ever more opportunity than what Business Websites used to provide. It would be harder for the website to achieve the same objectives that a blog can. There is a reason for it.

Even if a Website is updated frequently, gets good quality incoming links, and is a very good resource of information, has search engines visiting it frequently and generates lots of traffic, it lacks behind in maintaining relationship with the customers and prospects, and it is hard for it to achieve constant feedback. This is where Blogs win.

With Business blogs it is easier to update and generate good links, which obviously means more Search engine visits and higher traffic. It also builds a rapport and keeps up a conversation with the readers and you will often find them retuning back to get more information and updates. Your fan following will eventually link to your blog for its tips. The good part is that you can integrate your business blog into your already existent business model i.e. is your site.

You can target those audiences through your business blog which otherwise you couldn’t through your website. Let your Blog generate traffic, leads and Search engine Optimization for you and your website handle the business. This is what we call an automated system. Making systems which work most effectively. It's depends on how good you integrate the system, which makes you enjoy blogging, and yes this can do wonders to your business.

Don’t Blog for traffic

Though an online marketing through blogs depends on the amount of the traffic it gets, but blogging solely for the reason would spoil the effort. I have been always telling you about the passion your blog should represent for the subject you are blogging about. This is because your reader will always be able to tell the difference. Your posts should serve your audience because many a times your blog will be the reason they are able to find you.

Difference between Marketing and Selling

Its kind of same as Hard-sell and Soft-Sell. You do not sell your product when you are Marketing, but create an image for you and your company, so that people buy form you.

You are not blogging to be a salesperson. This would beat the purpose of your business blog. Be an expert in your field and give useful advice to your visitors. You call help them buy but never sell to them. This may sound abstract but there is a subtle difference. “Hard-Sell” and “Upfront Selling” is strictly forbidden. Your blog is not a sales-letter. You sure can discuss what your product does and how other people benefited by using it, and you can also give tips about using it and different useful and less known ways of using it.

Don’t let your blog yell at the reader-“This is MY blog, I am selling MY product, Here”, this may make them leave and never return. Instead let the reader give your product a thought, and he should be tempted to buy it.

Points to Remember

1. Your Blog should have great content to help your readers.
2. Your Blog should tell the visitor about your expertise in that field
3. Put in that extra little effort to Optimize your blog, to pull in more traffic.
4. Market your product not sell it(worth a repetition).
5. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by adding that magical personal touch to your Blog.

Marketing through your blog will give a leverage to your existent business or will provide a way if you are a newbie. Create a buzz with your strategies and soon you will be able to see the results.

Till then,
Happy Blogging.
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 12:27 PM


Nice post. I would add, developing customers to maintaining them. You may get that same interaction from a prospect as well as a customer. Now if only more businesses would pay attention.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:11 PM  

This post is of value to any senior level leader. The feature benfit advantage is short lived, great service can be duplicated, but a relationship build on trust and respect can stand the test of time. The soft sell and expert advice given through a blog can build a community along with enhance trust and respect.

commented by Blogger JD, 7:38 AM  

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