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Ease Out With Fame Tech

Friday, January 12, 2007

These days were very tedious as Google was giving Page ranks and as expected many got their share. Oops this blog still stays in Google Sand Box, with a few internal pages getting page rank. For change and improvement I thought to add some technology posts here that would help readers to get some more fame to their blog till I wait for next Google Job. I will be getting cool technology updates under new category Fame Tech which would directly help you enhance your online presence and much more.

Here are three sites that can someday, be extremely useful, one is free, second is inexpensive and third a little hard on pocket:-

Animate the loading of your site with Ajaxload.info

You can create those ‘loading’ animated gifs you see when you are waiting for things to load on a web page… they don’t really do anything, but they give your visitors something to look at while the page is loading …

With Ajaxload.info Either create your own or use the one already created by other users, personalize the type of indicator you want by choosing foreground and background colour or choose from the different type of indicators available. The site itself is very attractive to look at and very usable. You can have any one of these 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. and many more, according to your Choice.

Make your Podcast Searchable with Casting Words

Though Podcasting can make your Blog popular and helps you to quickly distribute information, it won’t make you searchable. Podcasting lacks behind in one aspect and that is Search Engines cannot read them. The only ways to find podcasts is either by meta terms and other material encoded into an MP3 recording or the description provided at the podcast directories. Your Podcast can also be searched on the base of automated transcripts. AOL and PodScope use speech-to-text technology to convert podcast sound files into human readable scripts. But these are not fool proof. Speech-to-text systems still cause an unavoidable number of errors in every recording, with a condition that all podcast recordings should be clear enough for the servers to fully recognize each word.

You can provide your own Transcripts which is the most effective way to let your listeners search your podcasts. I hope you would not plan to do it yourself while recording, because it not only is a time consuming process, but will also deviate your attention onto two things. Even after recording you should be able to keep pace with yourself to do it, if you type slower than you speak.

You can also find willing professionals to transcribe, from sites like Elance, Freelance Work Exchange and RentACoder. Many transcript services can convert podcast speech to text for about two dollars per recorded minute. Not everybody will be able to afford it.

CastingWords service offer inexpensive transcripts, starting at 42 cents per recorded minute for URL Podcast Transcription and 75 cents per minute for Uploaded file transcription. CastingWords uses a unique system to create podcast transcripts cheaply, using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. It divides the file into smaller pieces and different independent workers of CastingWords transcript them at the same time, reducing turnaround time.

Now you can be anywhere with Adobe Ultra 2 while creating video

Now with the increasing Internet speeds and Videos capturing Internet, it is important for most Online business entrepreneurs to add Dramatic videos to their blogs or sites which get their viewers a total International appeal. The first thought that occurs at this is Lights, Camera and Location, before you know the Technology Better.

ULTRA 2 allows video producers to make powerful use of keying in the field, which can include any location you want to, your client’s office or in front of a Dinosaur. Well it will look as real as you are standing in the Jurassic Park. It is a Chroma Key Software.

Vector Keying™ Technology proves ideal when you are working with portable setups and compensates for keying nightmares, such as uneven lighting and wrinkled backdrops. ULTRA 2 can even achieve complex keys such as smoke, liquids and transparent objects with as little effort.

“[…]With Ultra 2's Master Sets Libraries, you don't need a huge green screen room to appear in large virtual environments. Ultra's Virtual Zoom feature lets you scale input video sources to match backgrounds. Full-body shots are dramatic, but it's also incredibly useful for head-and-shoulder shots and sit-down interviews where only a few feet of green backdrop are needed. Professional-looking talking head shots often contain a slow zoom in, which would be impossible to achieve with an ordinary chroma key. Ultra 2 lets you virtually zoom or pan any static camera shot in perfect sync with the keyed background.[…]"

Ultra also produces reflections where appropriate for extraordinary realism. Master Sets Libraries add high-end virtual set systems to Ultra® 2.It also helps you save thousands of dollars which you would invest in to rent specialized motion tracking cameras and 3D graphics workstations.

View Key features, Try it or Buy it. Students and Teachers can get an extra discount here.
Check out a video here.

Enjoy you date with Technology.

Till Then,
Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam

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posted by Divya Uttam, 1:43 PM


I already knew Ajaxload.info. It's quite useful to realize ajax-based wesites.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:04 PM  

Good suggestion but Adobe Ultra might be slightly out of reach for most vloggers. They have a product called vlogit that also has chroma key capabilities, not advanced as Ultra, but gets the job done.

commented by Blogger Amit Agarwal, 6:29 AM  

Tried out "Adobe Ultra 2" - I love it, thanks Divya. MarkH

commented by Blogger MarkH, 7:15 AM  

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