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Tagged to fame OR Am I!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well here I am talking to you in person about myself(Oh! How I love that). All this time as a blogger, I have been posting advices, tips and tricks and never talked anything about me (I thought my profile page was enough for it). Being tagged by Mr. Jim D Walton from Blackinbusiness.org took me by surprise.

Well its been a few days since, but I was waiting for somebody else to tag me:-) To my disappointment nobody did:-( So here I am following the ritual of being tagged and here are the five things which a few know about me:-

1. I am a total Foodie, still Vegetarian.
2. I love traveling, would make a great tourist, if you call me and bear my expenses.
3. I am fond of reading the comments I receive from my readers, Gimme More.
4. My Interests
  • Dancing(I cannot stop myself when I hear music)
  • Biking and Football(Not yet pursued, but will one day)
  • Hanging around with my friends(everyone does) and making new ones
  • Social work
5. I am hiding a secret from all of you, but would come out in open when the time comes.

I could have talked about my yet to come business ventures, but that needs a more serious post.

I am Tagging-
Lord Matt, so that he finds Jono soon and for all his help
Franciov, for not liking football, all his comments and his Spike
Dave White, for not being in contact from a long time
Coop, for monitoring my exercise from where he is
David Temple, Not for all his SEM and SEO Training
And Richelle, for the kind of person she is
Yes I am Tagging Six, Its my Blog I can if I want to, What say?

Life is like a cup of Tea, You sit by the window,
Lift the cup and take a careless Sip,
Only to realize Somebody forgot to add sugar,
To lazy to Go for it, Struggle through the sugarless tea,
Till you Discover Sugar Crystals lying at the bottom.
That is life Shaken but not Stirred. Go ahead and Stir your Happiness.
(Non drinkers of Tea like me, can read it as Coffee, or milk or whatever)

Happy Blogging,
Divya Uttam.

Update: Ilker from "The Thinking Blog" ended my wait by tagging me again. He has a very interesting blog, you'll find something or the other that would amuse you. Go check it out.

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posted by Divya Uttam, 11:09 PM


Thanks for the tag Divya. Very interesting to read more about you. You definitely sound fun, wish you could join us on the tour. I was already tagged so I'll pass but I will comment more on your blog.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:06 AM  

Nice job, you do sound fun, having been to India, I love the meatless meals there also. The people that were my tour guides, loved to eat in groups , The chicken, lamb and seafood was also special. I played football in high school and college, although you may be speaking of a different football. You do one of the best jobs in blogging. Happy New Year.

commented by Blogger JD, 7:31 AM  

Anonymous I did not understand why you wanted to be so because you have to be either of the six. Its OK if you are tagged previously, I tagged you because I wanted to.

James its great that you like football, well do inform me when you visit I India next time. I hope to be your host.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 12:15 PM  

Hey, is that american football or "soccer"? I love getting to know more about the people behind the blogs. I am now curious to see what you are hiding. :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:22 PM  

Hey, was that American Football, or "Soccer"? Thanks for sharing? I love getting to know the personalities behind the blogs. Now I am curious to see what you your secret is. OOOOhhh I love secrets. Keep it up.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:24 PM  

Life is like a cup of *italian* coffee... I have just discovered sugar crystals in this post :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:46 PM  

Thanks for the tag Divya.
That is a very unique kind of post that I have read since long. Not because I'm tagged but it does make one think about you and your personality as well as it forces you to remember those golden days of High school when I used to play a lot of games like Football( I played at center forward)cricket,basketball, long distance running as well as cycling 15-20kms during weekends.
Those were the days of having optimal fun.As you grow up your responsibilities grow and the fun stars evaporating slowly.
I still somehow manage to go regularly for swimming and an hour for my workouts in the Gym.
Anyways enough of my Rant.
Well I'll add to my New Years resolution to be regular on this blog.
My friends are planning to visit the famous Titupati Balaji Temple in India and hopefully I'll be Joining them on a Four day Journey
something around 25th Jan 07. Is Kanpur somewhat near from there or it is Far away?

commented by Blogger Unknown, 1:09 AM  

It’s been great to meet and got to know you all.
I never knew that Football is so near to our hearts. I basically enjoy watching the game like World cup and Soccer leagues.
Strange Franciov don’t like it.

commented by Blogger Divya Uttam, 1:53 AM  

hmm.. that secret.... you are not a girl :D? just kidding.. you comming to the Delhi SEO Meet??

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:07 AM  

Hey.. thanks Divya! But wait a minute, this is not your 5 reasons why you blog.. Its 5 things we didn't know about you! ;)

commented by Blogger ilker, 6:00 AM  

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