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Is Digg just for traffic?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A smart way to use digg traffic and how a regular use of it can help you gain tremendous results

Why use Digg to get traffic?

If you get on the first page of Digg, it can bring you a huge amount of traffic. It was in olden times when we heard Digg traffic is not useful and temporary, but it is now when people realize that kind of traffic is not useless. It is you and your website which decides its worth, and how to make it useful. If you get these visitors impressed, they may link to you and which in turn will get you more traffic(How about that?), and as such link is a link building tool.

When you submit your story in digg and other similar sites like Reddit, Netscape and Delicious its more about bringing exposure to your blog and its content, giving you a better opportunity of being linked. All the traffic will get wasted if they just visit read your article and leave. It would be a tremendous waste of bandwidth. A proper funneling of Digg traffic is good for overall positioning of your site.

How to convert it?

Check out Sicc's profile at Digg. He signed up on the 15th of December that's just a little over a month ago. In that remarkably short space of time he has dugg 7,114 stories, submitted 840, and had 104 of those go to the front page. He now ranks 61! So when such a new member can do this it's always worth to work for Diggs if you are prepared to get most out of your chance in Digg.

Lets suppose your story reaches the front page, what then? Your Traffic will instantaneously and tremendously shoot up. Since this traffic is focus on a single post, article or a story, there are much chances for people to leave after that. Now your site has to be smart enough to convert them. Here are some points on how to do it:-

1. Make your articles useful for the reader. It does not only create interest but also makes the visitor want to read you more and link back.

2. Link other posts to your story. This will make the content apart from the story accessible and consumable.

3. Use a prominent Subscribe Feeds button. If your visitor finds your article good, he might want to hear more from you.

4. Give more reasons to your visitor to Link back to you. You can read a post on link baiting for more help on this.[I hope you know what am I trying to do here ;)]

5. Make your optimized Post titles attractive. Attractive because it would be the first thing that will be read before getting dugg and optimized because they are easily picked up by Search engines.

6. Take care of the comments with utmost care. It helps in building relationship. Sometimes it can be difficult to individually answer each comment as most dugg articles receive upwards of fifty comments, but you should at least try to answer those that include direct questions or concerns. There would always be a few who may be harsh to you. Don’t react on such comments. If you are successful in making a fan following for yourself, they would tackle the rowdies.

All of this will help you convert your digg visitors to returning ones and surely would help you getting more diggs in future. Its much worth to put your energy and develop a digg worthy story so that you can get incoming links rather than asking for link exchange.

Tips on getting to the Front Page of Digg-

Online success does not go alone. For your business ideas online or offline to be successful you need to make friends. This would be an important aspect for you in Digg as the first 10 minutes are crucial for your article. Aim at 10-25 diggs in that period, according to the category you are submitting it in.

Not only for digg but for every social bookmarking site, you will only get popular once you have a good set of friends. When they vote for your story at an initial stage, it sets up a momentum, and makes sure to get your story on top.

By heart this rule. If you get atleast 25-60 diggs in the first hour depending on the category you have bright chances to land up on the front page, otherwise your story would be fast come fast gone.

One way to make sure to get more diggs is by using the ‘Add friend’s’ feature. If you can get few co-workers and friends relatives or other people you know to sign up. If your story is able to get 5-10 diggs right off the start its goes a long way to establishing the momentum you’ll need to get your story in the front page. You can also add other diggers to your friends list. Its best to add diggers who have similar interests.

Apart from this the general tips would include-
● Use attractive Titles
● Give interesting Description
● Once you get an experience it would be easy
● Be fast in posting, otherwise you’ll have no chance
● Be a repetitive digger

One of the good reason for using Digg is it digg’s explosion and popularity. Participating in as many social networking sites brings you traffic, links and fame. If you have your things set fine and your blog carry Blogging Buzz you will be able to convert the hence received Traffic and emerge as a winner.

Its worth giving time to learn the system and create a presence within the community and learn to create stories that appeal to other members, as social media continues its rapid growth. The skills you learn with can be re-applied to other community sites like Netscape and others to garner links and exposure. Truly Incredible! So go ahead and Digg in!

Till Then,
Divya Uttam.
Happy Digging!

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:20 PM


Good blog...like the content...good analysis..keep up the good work !!

commented by Blogger sJ, 9:21 PM  

Hello Divya,
Your blog will be very usefull for me. If you thing that I am new on blogging and having hard time to figure out, what is what. I'll be your regular visitor. Cheers from Istanbul. Oya

commented by Blogger Oya, 11:51 PM  

Well those tips are really very useful for all those who have just signed up for Digg or any other social networking site.I also agree to the fact that you can generate huge traffic from such sites.But getting targeted traffic for your site or blog is totally a different story.
As I have a hosting blog and by getting loads of traffic will not serve my purpose as I 'm looking for conversions or atlest regular visitors who benefit from the various articles in my blog.unnecessary increase the load on my server without any quality outcome is a foolish thing to do.
Again I believe that quality is more important than quantity.I will prefer 100 unique and regular visitors to my blog rather than 100,000's non productive and irregular visitors.
This does not mean that I hate the concept of Digg. It can be a used as a handy tool to launch your new sites to get instant popularity.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:08 AM  

its easy to say that one can make it to the top of digg by simply writing good useful blogs but the truth is digg is controlled by some very powerful groups and thus using digg is not all that useful,better use netscape,its quite high ranking and doesn't allow manipulators to have a free run.


commented by Blogger akshay, 10:01 AM  

I'm not fully agree with akshay. Digg is quite useful to drive traffic if you have a good story.

Good article though.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:05 PM  

Could you recommend a place where one can submit adult advice for lesbians? I found that digg is not probably not the best place and that there may be similar outfits that focus more on rated subjects. Thank you.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:57 PM  

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