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What’s The Buzz in your Blog?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

IN the crowd of blogs, setting apart your blog is more important than doing SEO and being a part of it. Before anything, your Blog Buzz makes read your Blog. Get more readers to your blog than just visitors. This makes your visitor instantly connected to the blog, the first time they come to your blog. For most making visitor staying at your blog, its more than just a great content.

Now even I am tired of mentioning how much unique and innovative your blog should be. Your blog should have its own orignal way. Most of your headlines should speak for themselves. It’s Buzz of your blog and not the present trend on Internet. It’s good to be able to connect your own buzz with the current hype or voice of Internet, and be able to mold traffic at your blog. But if you lack the very own Buzz of your blog, you are tending towards failure.

Why the reader should stay at your blog when everybody is so much stuck in their own world? Answer this question for your own self. Give reason to get them there and consume the content of it. If you have online business, you could understand how important it’s to hold every visitor. It is like creating a USP for your product. For most people, time is short and if you expect they spend it at your blog, you should provide more than the worth of your visitors time. A blog with buzz and more credibility gets most repeat visitors, and hence leads to a better overall blogging.

In an average, more than 50% of blog visitor don’t stay in blog for more than 10 seconds. And to worse for most upcoming blogs, which are just building traffic, the visitors staying in blog for more than 30 seconds can just be 1-2%. So all the labor for creating great articles, and tedious job of maintaining blog may just go in vain, or wont be able to give the best which otherwise could have been possible.

SO what Buzz in a blog is about?

The unique Buzz of your blog will be an identity builder of blog, for the author of the blog, recognition to the services and products. It helps in building reputation that no one can easily pass your blog without reading the information you intend to provide. Don’t go into the egoistic way of marketing or relying on nos.

Here are a few case studies.


According to Mike Sansone, the author of this blog says that coverstations is all about building community and using Business blogs as a platform for conversation among bloggers. Updated almost twice daily, the blog will provide you with what is happening in the blogosphere, a little tweak of this and that with blogger’s own insight of making it easier to grasp. What you are almost certain to find in every post of his are a number of useful links to other blogs or services.

The special Itinerary section will help you navigate different posts under different sections of his blog. A cool addition and very presentable indeed. He also has an interesting about me page. You would like what he has done to his RSS button. His 1566 feed readers say it all.


Green Design is good design Good design is green design. Say it which pictures is their motto. More of designs less of words fetched the popularity. As you get into the blog, it with really well designed template, and its Buzz line Just under the logo of the site says green design is good design - good design is green design. With over 4800 feed subscribers. Just get to site you will know how purposefully blog have been maintained, need I say more.


An Ant that will take your heart away. Mr. Jim Keenan is the Antman. He will shout out loud enough to make you famous. A very page turning and personalized writing style which is so unique to him. He has truly created Buzz, for himself and for others. He is on a mission to level the playing field for exposure. He believes there are millions of people with great ideas, talents, and skills that far too often go unnoticed. So he is there to bring out the best in them showering all the love he could and pointing the spotlight right at you.


"Team blogging is my vision for blackinbusiness.org. I envision a series of blackin; i.e., BlackinSchool, BlackinPolitics, BlackinEurope, etc. Each topic would have a different author and fall under BlackinBusiness. My target is the everyday black but I am finding interested people of all races."
This was what he mentioned in one of his comments, and his blog proves his statement. Mr. Walton is the founder, President and managing Partner of Global Recruiters Oak Park. Previously Mr. Walton has been a part of some of the best sales forces in the United States. The strategies and a keen insight which he shares in his blog makes it one of its kind.

So What’s the Buzz in your blog. Do tell about your Blog's Buzz. Insightful methods, strategies would be taken for future references.

Order the Buzz for your Blog,
Divya Uttam,
Happy Blogging

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posted by Divya Uttam, 2:32 PM


BAM! You got me. Thank you very much for highlighting us in your blog. I feel privileged. You got it going on girl. I thank you for giving us some love, but more importantly, the more love we get the more love our shout outs get. And that my friend is what it is all about! Here is to keepin it real. Keep it comin baby!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:32 PM  

Divya:-) Thanks for including ConverStations as part of a great study. You're constantly providing great insight and value to your audience.

Every coach needs a coach that will make them better. I count on your words to make me a better business blogger (you can invoice me later:-))

Stay contagious!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:30 PM  

You are my hero, I have so much respect for your insights and business understanding. It make me proud to be mention in the same post with some of the true stars of blogging.The world of business is about to change it's communication methods and blogging will allow better understanding of customer needs, along with customers developing a better understanding of companies

commented by Blogger JD, 9:22 AM  

Hey Divya, joined your MyBlogLog community last week,but cudn't introduce myself personally due to some exams. Blogging to Fame-awesome blog and that too at such a young age. The Indian Mind is truly marvellous-must say. I'd like to feature your blog next week in the iFrame 'Shout out' at my blog Cyber-Holidays. It's just something i do to work along with Antman to promote noteworthy blogs on this diverse Blogosphere. Hope u don't mind-Have a nice day!!And yes "Namaste"(lessons from my Indian classmate.hehe)

commented by Blogger Casey Galatos, 11:13 PM  

Hello Divya,

I saw you at MyBlogLog today, so I stopped by. It was interesting to read your thoughts on blogging. I'm new at blogging and have two. I'm very interested in finding a way to put my own (audio only) music and and poetry on my blogs. Not sure where to go to get the information.
Known as, ilovemylife

commented by Blogger ilovemylife, 7:28 PM  

Hi Divya,

I have read two of your posts today and I really think your insights adn thoughts are very deep and show through understanding of your work.

Keep up the good work.

commented by Blogger Vikas, 1:54 PM  

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